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Our 12-lessons GP and Economics Tuition Preparation Programme focuses on preparing students for the upcoming GCE A Level examination. This Economics and GP Tuition Programme is based an Apps-based approach with extensive GP materials, quick notes revision, apps-based essay outline, GP video learning and GP Model essays to make their preparation for GP examination easy, convenient and effective.

Our tuition focuses on reinforcing the students’ content knowledge and awareness, honing their thinking and application skills, developing their answering techniques and improving their essay writing skills. Our programme is well-structured and organized, guiding students to prepare for examination in a systematic approach, which will provide them with extensive concise notes for studying and a well-arranged set of questions to practise and improve their adaptation to the difficulties and complexities of the examination questions.

As expressed by our students, our tuition has made them feel less apprehensive about the examination and it is manageable despite the high degree of difficulty and complexity of the examination. We are confident our tuition programmes will prepare student to excel for GCE A Level examination for Economics and General Paper.

Economics Tuition E-learning Videos by Economics Focus

Broaden your knowledge of Economics Issues

These economics videos were developed by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. As part of the economics tuition programme, these videos will be beneficial to JC students in preparing for their GCE A Level examinations. We hope that the visually-enhanced educational resources will improve your revision efforts and help you to get grade A for the J1 Promotional and J2 GCE A Level Economics examinations. We would like to hear from you with reference to these videos by commenting in each video separately so that we can create the best possible learning experience for all.

What our students learn in these 12 lessons Economics Tuition

What will they learn?

In preparation for the A Level H2 and H1 Economics examinations, our comprehensive classes feature topical-reteaching and tutorials. For topical re-teaching, the classes are productive revision sessions as you will study the essential areas of learning for each topic, thereby reducing the time spent on self-study for content revision. As for tutorials, you will receive practice questions, namely essays and case study questions, to demonstrate how the relevant economics concepts can be applied effectively. More importantly, we provide a broad range of questions to improve your familiarity to the possible ways that examination questions can be set, thereby instilling the confidence and raising your proficiency in handling the complexities of the questions.

Lessons start with the topical teaching on key economic principles and how they are tested in examination and this is followed by discussion on essay or CSQ question (for H1 students only long questions and CSQ will be done). Well, we do a lot of questions as we believe that we need to prepare well (5 essay questions and 2 CSQs). Students will also be taught on how to make diagrammatical illustration which is a key part of explanation. There will also be extensive focus on essay writing skills development, with the teaching intent to nurture students’ capacity to develop structures for essay writing, write our economic causation and provide evaluation and analysis for the essay questions. Another critical area of preparation for students will be on the development of CSQ Answering Techniques which covers the comprehensive understanding of the extracts and tables, extraction of data and information and developing answers based on causation, evaluation and analysis. Lastly, we will provide extensive class discussion and practice to ensure that our students are able to adapt to variant, complexity and difficulty of examination. We are prepared and committed to ensure that our students excel for their examination.

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J2 Economics H2 Final Intensive Revision 2018

Join our J2 Economics H2 Final Intensive Revision 2018 to gear up for the A Level examinations. We prepare you thoroughly by covering Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts, like Inflation and International Trade.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC 1 Economics Tuition Schedule

J2 Economics H1 Final Intensive Revision 2018

Sign up for our J2 Economics H1 Final Intensive Revision 2018 to ace your upcoming A Level examination. Learn more about economics issues and apply to concepts, like Theory of Demand and Supply and Macroeconomic Policies.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - GP Tuition Schedule

J2 GP Final Revision 2018

Join our A Level Final GP Tuition Revision Programme for JC2 students to become more aware of the current issues at the local and international levels. We cover thematic discussion, like Environment, Culture and Science and Technology.

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Ace your Economics with our Learning Video Essays

Broaden your knowledge on A Level Economics with our online video essays by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, as part of our economics tuition programme for JC1 and JC2 H1 and H2 Economics. Analyze essay questions carefully with our instructional videos that will guide you through the process of writing JC Economics Essays effectively. Furthermore, you can use our essay questions for self-practice to gear up for the examinations.

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Study Practice Programme - Economics Tuition

Main Characteristics of Singapore Economy

Singapore’s economy is truly of unique nature, encompassing peculiar characteristics of a small and open economy. These economic qualities range from her export-orientation and import-dependency to high-valued production and FDI-openness.

With constraints of natural resources and land, Singapore overcomes these problems by opening up to the global markets, relying heavily on the export and import markets for resource sustenance. Moreover, Singapore’s focus on resource refinement help her to achieve high-valued productions that raises profitability and comparative advantage in the high-value market, where demand is price-inelastic.

Singapore has also attracted tremendous foreign-direct investment, serving as the top FDI destination globally. Her reputation as a reliable wealth management and trade hub seeds confidence in market investors, encouraging them to park their funds in the Singapore market.

Study Practice Programme - Economics Tuition

Economic Challenges that Singapore will Face

However, a small and open economy, such as Singapore’s, is prone to vulnerabilities from the external market, often experiencing the full blunt of economic shocks due to her higher Trade-to-GDP ratio. These economic challenges can be categorised internally and externally, with external factors such as trade protectionism, regional competition and global recession and internal factors in the form of low multiplier effect, rising cost of living and increasing skill disparity.

External economic challenges hold significant impact towards Singapore as Singapore is unable to fend off global economic shocks, lending to the fact that a major portion of her GDP is married to export trade. Also, as neighbouring ASEAN nations develop, Singapore’s share of the global market falls inevitably, resulting in a loss of comparative advantage.

Internal challenges include low multiplier effect, rising cost of living and increasing skill disparity, which is often hard for Singapore to contain as a low multiplier stems from a small population size, while rising cost of living attributes to cost-push inflation, which is caused by higher import costs.

Increasing skill disparity has been a challenge to curb as Singapore’s economy is constantly under industry restructuring in light of diminishing comparative advantage in the global market.

Study Practice Programme - Economics Tuition

Which Economic Policies Can We Adopt?

In response to our economic challenges, Singapore implements various economic policies to reduce the negative impacts of these global economic problems.

Combating the ill-effects of trade protectionism from foreign nations, Singapore adopts FTAs with notable economic blocs and partnerships, namely AFTA, APEC and CPTPP, thereby reducing tariffs costs on foreign imports.

Singapore also adopts a strategy of a high-valued manufacturing sector, where demand is price-inelastic. This enables Singapore to continue compete in the international markets, despite regional competition, global recession and resource constraints, as Singapore is aided by its comparative advantage of exporting high-value products.

In managing rising cost of living, Singapore administers her unique exchange-rate management policy to curb inflation. This is possible as inflation in Singapore is largely due to higher import cost. Therefore, by keeping the cost of foreign imports low through the appreciation of SGD, Singapore is able to manage her imported inflation.

Lastly, to resolve the widening skill disparity, Singapore employs a series of supply-side policies in her effort to raise skill levels and improve labour productivity levels. Manpower Development in the likes of SkillsFuture and WSQ has helped Singapore employees to identify their personal skill levels and attend training classes to enhance their skills.

Receive Quality Help in Economics

Why our economics tuition will help you to ace the exam?

In many ways, our economics tuition has been touted as one of the best in Singapore, according to students and parents. This is due to our effective teaching methodology that helps students improve their understanding and conceptualisation of economics knowledge. Every student that passes through our door will receive personalised lessons and materials that are tailored to suit their learning abilities so as to maximise their learning.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Comprehensive Learning Materials

Comprehensive learning materials developed by our very own tutors will help students in their journey towards academic distinction in economics. They encompass smart study notes, topical assessments as well as E-learning materials to enhance the learning abilities of students.
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Exam Oriented Teaching Approach

Economics tuition classes conducted are focused on preparing students for their examinations. This is done through constant focus on altering teaching methods to suit the syllabus requirements so students only receive relevant information that will be useful in helping them ace their examinations. Students are also put through regular timed practices that are modelled after examination conditions to raise their level of confidence.
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Dedicated and Professional Tutors

JC Economics tutors at Economics Focus are dedicated and professional, who have with them years of valuable experience. They have guided countless numbers of students towards academic distinction and are dedicated to unleashing every student’s maximum potential.

Economics Tuition Programmes

Know more about our economics tuition

Our economics tuition helps prepare students for A in the subject through a series of well thought out lessons and the provision of extensive learning materials. Our economics tuition stands out amongst the rest because it is helmed by dedicated and experienced economics tutors who will ensure that each student receives quality education in a professional manner. Our tutors also embark on a holistic learning strategy, focusing on both the development of student’s academics as well as their general well-being.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - H2 Economics Tuition

The H2 economics tuition aims to help every student achieve distinction in the subject. Through a combination of time tested teaching methods and reliable learning materials, students will be able to develop the relevant economic skills and experience quality economics tuition at an affordable rate.
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - H1 Economics Tuition

The H1 economics subject is by no means an easy subject. Despite lesser content present in the H1 syllabus, students are still expected to wield the same set of skills, similar to their H2 counterparts. In view of this, our H1 economics tutors who also teach H2 economics, will equip and prepare students for the examination through focusing on the refinement of their economics skills.
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - O Level Economics Tuition

For secondary students taking Economics, we offer tuition classes that will broaden the knowledge and skillsets, such that they can tackle a wide variety of basic and challenging questions. The Economics tutors will provide students with concise revision notes and conduct class practices to refine the application techniques of students. Through our comprehensive and instructional teaching programmes, students will optimise their learning and excel in the subject.
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Intensive Revision Programme

For secondary and JC students studying O and A Level Economics respectively, we offer intensive revision classes that are held during the school holidays. Typically, these programmes are offered in the months of March, June, September, November, and December. Our revision classes will consolidate the study of many chapters and provide opportunities to synthesise knowledge for exam preparation. Hence, students can complete their revision within a set of lessons efficiently.

Skills Development Programme

What we teach

During our economics tuition, tutors will focus on the development of student’s economic skills. This is done through practice and careful guidance under the tutelage of our experienced tutors who will ensure each and every student undergoes a fulfilling educational journey.

Economics Focus SIngapore - Sgeducators Tuition Hub - Essay Writing Skills Training

The development of essay writing skills is essential because it is one of the main requirements of the economics paper. Tutors do so through the use of assessments to hone and train up student’s skills in essay writing.
Economics Focus SIngapore - Sgeducators Tuition Hub - SBQ Answering Techniques

Case study skills are also just as important to a student who wants to do well for their economics paper. Being able to understand, interpret, analyse and evaluate the different sources is a valuable skill which students will attain through our many class practices.
Economics Focus SIngapore - Sgeducators Tuition Hub - Data Response Questions

The ability to draw and illustrate examples as well as arguments in the form of diagrams is an important skill to have because it allows for a more convincing argument. During lessons students will be exposed to the various diagrams and will be taught how to present them correctly.
Economics Focus SIngapore - Sgeducators Tuition Hub - Topical Teaching

Tutors focus on topical teaching to build up the knowledge of students in a progressive manner. Students will also be able to learn at a comfortable pace allowing for better absorption and retention of knowledge.
Economics Focus SIngapore - Sgeducators Tuition Hub - Class Practices

Economics tuition classes are replete with class practices to ensure students are familiarised with their concepts under exam conditions. During this time, tutors will also assess students abilities, providing valuable feedback when necessary to aid in continual improvement.

JC Economics Essays

Learn From model Economics Essays

Model economics essays are also available to students. Students will find model essays especially helpful because it serves as a guide for them to learn and emulate from, allowing them to vastly improve their essay writing skills.

Economics Focus Singapore - Economics Essays - Singapore Ministry of Manpower

Economics Tuition: Why should the government focus on low rate of unemployment?

Why should the government focus on low rate of unemployment? Introduction Unemployment occurs when...
Economics Focus Singapore - Economics Essays - Price Stability and Government Investment

Economics Tuition: Explain why government tries to maintain price stability to maintain or enhance its level of investments

First, a high level of inflation introduces business uncertainty and hence reduces investors’...
Economics Focus Singapore - Economics Essays - Explain Comparative Advantage

Economics Tuition: Explain the theory of Comparative Advantage

Purpose of comparative advantage The concept of comparative advantage explains how countries which...

JC Economics CSQs

Be A CSQ Expert

During economics tuition, students will be exposed to a wide variety of CSQ questions that will test and develop their abilities in answering case study questions. Through the many CSQ practices, tutors will also be able to identify weak points in student’s answering techniques allowing them to improve upon it.

Economics Focus Singapore - Economics CSQs - Durian frenzy spreads to China

Economics Tuition Case Study Question: Durian frenzy spreads to China

In the recent months, the price of durian in Singapore has increased. Generally, the durians are...
Economics Tuition - JC Economics CSQ - Real GDP - Featured Image

Economics Tuition Case Study Question: Economic Indicators of USA and Japan

The following tables, Table 1 and Table 2, illustrate the economic indicators of two countries,...

JC Economics Syllabus

Understand The Syllabus Requirements

Understanding the economics syllabus is of vital importance because it explains in absolute detail, what is required of students. Knowing what is required during the economics examinations will allow students to better focus their time and energy on the right things paving the way for better time management and improvement in the subject.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - H2 Economics Syllabus

H2 Economics Syllabus

The H2 economics syllabus is extensive and it comprises of 2 papers, the CSQ paper as well as the Essay paper. For the CSQ paper, students will be given 2 sets of questions based on an economic issue or policy. For the essay paper, students will have to attempt 3 questions from a set of 6 essay questions covering microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - h1 Economics Syllabus

H1 Economics Syllabus

The H1 economics syllabus differs from that of its H2 counterpart. Students are only required to attempt 1 paper, which comprises of 2 sets of CSQ questions which students must work on with emphasis placed on three core themes, the central economic problem, markets and the national economy.

Other Tuition Programmes

What we offer for secondary and JC students

Economics Focus also features other complementary tuition programmes for secondary and JC students who are in preparation for the O and A Level examinations respectively. These programmes are planned and conducted by experienced tutors who are familiar with the examination requirements. By joining the classes, you will gain valuable insights on the past year exam trends and acquire knowledge and skills to answer a broad range of questions, thereby achieving excellence for your tests.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition ub - A Level GP Tuition

JC GP Tuition

For A Level General Paper (8807), students who attend the GP tuition classes will examine different issues that are mentioned in news and intellectual discussions. Students will learn how to organise their thoughts and present arguments in clear and persuasive ways, particularly in the written forms for essay and comprehension.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition ub - A Level History Tuition

JC History Tuition

For A Level History (8821 for H1 History and 9752 for H2 History), students will learn how to analyze unseen text and figures and extract out the underlying implications of the evidence to answer the source-based case study and essay questions. Topical-based content enrichment will broaden knowledge of historical issues.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition ub - O Level English Tuition

Sec English Tuition

For O Level English (1128), students taking the secondary English tuition will learn how to read and write for different situational texts, like formal letter and proposal. The English tutors will help students to understand the meaning of different texts, like the narrative and non-narrative comprehension passages, to prepare for tests.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition ub - O Level Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

GCE O Level and IGCSE Economics students (2281/2286/0455) can attend the tuition classes to improve their comprehension of economics concepts. The tuition programme features topical re-teaching, whereby students will examine each chapter in detail and attempt Multiple Choice, Data Response and Essay Questions.

Our Education Story: Economics Focus

Rational Thinking: The Essence of Economics

Over the years, Economics Focus has guided and tutored thousands of JC students to attain A’s or B’s in their A Level Economics examination through our well-prepared and systematically-organized Economics tuition.

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Under the guidance of the founder and principal JC Economics tutor Simon Ng, students are nurtured with the effective thinking and application skills to better apply their Economics knowledge towards their A Level Economics examination questions. Students become prolific writers who can articulate better in their essays, in areas like economic causation, graphical explanation and evaluation analysis of related issues under examination conditions.

It is also heartwarming and encouraging for Economics Focus to hear how our students relate their learning experiences with us and how we have helped in motivating them to be more resilient and determined to attain acceptance to the top local universities. We are glad to hear what they have complimented about our economics tuition and the guidance given by our JC economics tutor Simon Ng.


Excel in your Economics examinations

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eLearning Portals

Engage passionate learners an interconnected education network

Economics Focus is part of an integrated education hub, known as SGEducators, which was developed by like-minded educators to serve as a digital platform for students, parents and tutors to interact and learn effectively. Economics Focus is featured in these portals, which are organized by level, region and subject.

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Students and parents who are in search of tuition programmes, not restricted to the JC level, can tap on these online resources to access up-to-date information on the available tuition programmes, education-related news and academic advice. Through your interaction with our educators and fellow students, we hope that you will be inspired to do your best and recognise the value of education in your journey.


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eLearning Tools

For tech-savvy learners

Our economics tuition relies on the heavy use of eLearning to boost learning among students. E-learning has shown to provide students with the best chance of absorbing and retaining knowledge. This is due to the convenient, engaging and interactive manner of our programme which was developed in conjunction with Mobile Learners.

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Our elearning platform boasts features that were designed with the needs of students in mind. Our ever expanding list of eLearning tools will help students learn in an efficient and fun filled manner fuelling hunger and proficiency for the subject.


Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Education Videos

eLearning Videos

Our eLearning videos allow students to access information from their fingertips. These videos will provide students with valuable information and key concepts from each chapter so as to aid in the understanding and conceptualisation of information.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - ePublications and Books


Publications are also made available to users of our eLearning programme and they encompass news articles and other materials pertaining to economics. Such publications aim to expand the horizons of students allowing them to gain knowledge from multi-varied perspectives.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Mobile Apps_1

Mobile Apps

Our E-learning programme also includes mobile applications which are free to download on IOS and Android. The mobile application allows users to access all our eLearning materials with ease, aiding their revision process.

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