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At EconomicsFocus, the learning problems faced by students are addressed with our uniquely prepared learning materials that improve the critical thinking, essay writing and case study answering techniques. We also make learning interesting and meaningful as we enrich your knowledge to be a competent decision-maker in your career.

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Attend our Trial Class, browse our Economicsfocus Magazine, knwo how other students has benefited from tuition, read our Micro and Macro Essays and Educational articles and you will understand why our Economics and GP tuition halps you to get grade A.

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In this Trial Class, you get to know how JC Economics Essays are structured and written and how we teach our students with our quick notes, essay writing skills and CSQ answering techniques. Just pay $75 for this lesson and we issue a free Economicsfocus Magazine worth $120 @ PLAYstore and APPstore which highlights many learning areas in the studying of Economics for A Level. Browse our page for trial class and Economicsfocus magazine to find out more.


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Looking for relevant information to enrich your study for A Level Economics? Download our EconomicsFocus Magazine app to get started right away. In this app, you can browse thematic economics matters, such as the significance of oil, smartphone technology and the sharing economy.

Our Education Story: Economics Focus

Rational Thinking: The Essence of Economics

Over the years, Economics Focus has guided and tutored thousands of JC students to attain A’s or B’s in their A Level Economics examination through our well-prepared and systematically-organized Economics tuition.

Under the guidance of the founder and principal JC Economics tutor Simon Ng, students are nurtured with the effective thinking and application skills to better apply their Economics knowledge towards their A Level Economics examination questions. Students become prolific writers who can articulate better in their essays, in areas like economic causation, graphical explanation and evaluation analysis of related issues under examination conditions.

It is also heartwarming and encouraging for Economics Focus to hear how our students relate their learning experiences with us and how we have helped in motivating them to be more resilient and determined to attain acceptance to the top local universities. We are glad to hear what they have complimented about our economics tuition and the guidance given by our JC economics tutor Simon Ng.

Nurture your Study Skills

Articles on Microeconomics

The study of decision-making for individuals and firms

In view of the fundamental economic problem of scarcity, we will delve into the overarching theme of Microeconomics to understand how both individuals and firms make decisions. The topics covered in this theme include Theory of Demand and Supply, Elasticity concepts, Market Failure and Market Structures.

Articles on Macroeconomics

Economic assessment at the national and international levels

For the Macroeconomics theme, you will learn how to measure and compare the economic performance of developing and developed economies. Then, find out how governments introduce various policies to improve the economic performance. Topics covered include AD-AS analysis, National Income Accounting, International Trade and Balance of Payment.

Articles on Economics Issues

Comprehend case studies for conceptual application

In preparation for the GCE A Level Economics examinations, it is vital that you cover a broad range of topics to understand how various economics concepts are applied in actual scenarios. These articles feature issues, such as the advent of technology in affecting the employment level.


The learning videos are designed for students in our economics tuition to help them improve their essay writing skills for economics essays. Please watch these videos and try writing out the economics essays. For students of EconomicsFoucs, you may want to get full written economics essays from JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng once you have done the essay writing.


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Why you can get Grade A for this year GCE A level examination. If you join our GP and Economics tuition, you are on path for academic excellence. Our tuition is the most structured and prepared programme to get you effectively from your disarray and back to the track for academic excellence. We know how you can prepare this examination and we offer the following:

What you learn from our H2 Economics:

  1. Our exclusive modal essays we spot for the GCE A level examination for each topic listed (A complete coverage of the questions you need for your exam)

  2. Extensive numbers of CSQs, based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge.

  3. In-house designed and exam-oriented Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve understanding.

  4. Answering techniques to better answer the Essay questions or CSQs and score well for tests.

  5. Free practice sessions to ensure that you are exam ready. (It is after all a written paper)

What you learn from our H1 Economics:

  1. An extensive variant of CSQs based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge.

  2. Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve explanation and demonstration of diagrams.

  3. CSQ Answering techniques to answer more effectively and correctly.

  4. Free practice sessions to ensure you are exam ready. (It is after all a written paper)

What you learn from our GP Tuition:

  1. A variant of GP Modal Essays with references to writing techniques and examples to cover spectrum of examination.

  2. Free GP Study Magazine and GP tuition online learning system to widen scope of learning and enrich degree of content Knowledge.

  3. A large bank of comprehension Practices and discussion (tutor will work out the answers with you in the class).

  4. Essay Writing Skills and Comprehension Answering Techniques to correctly answer the requirements of the question.

  5. Free Writing and Comprehension Extra Class Practices to improve your adaption to examination.

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