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Benefits of our Economics Tuition Programmes

Economics Focus is committed to provide you with a meaningful and exam-oriented learning experience, such that you are well-versed and proficient in the study of Economics. In addition to the primary goal of attaining academic success at the A Level Economics examinations, we also believe that students should learn with the aim of developing critical thinking and problem solving skills that are highly valued in higher levels of education and in various specializations of work.

Benefits of our H2 Economics Tuition

How our H2 Economics tuition will prepare you for A?

The lessons will cover both the essay writing and case study answering techniques, which are crucial factors for the attainment of academic success at the examinations. Students will undergo topical re-teaching and knowledge application during class practices.

Apply economic principles with examples to questions

Students will learn to understand and apply the economics principles taught in class to practice questions. The use of examples based on the discussion of real world case studies and issues is instrumental in raising the quality of answers. Under the guidance of the JC Economics tutors, students will develop the ability to arrange their answers and provide logical and concise explanation to ace the questions.

Develop proficient writing and CSQs skills

In addition, students will also be able to gain mastery in writing. Students who have undergone our tuition classes will be able to develop coherent arguments that stand above that of their peers. On top of the development of writing abilities, students will also be taught to interpret, analyse and evaluate figures and data allowing them to reinforce their arguments.

Clarify your doubts and rectify any errors

The H2 Economics tuition classes are beneficial to students as they can clarify doubts and rectify writing errors. During the lessons, the students will learn to set causation writing, develop thinking skills and draw diagrams that are accompanied with explanations. Along the way, students can seek help from the tutors, who will review the answers and provide suggestions on how to improve the answering methods.

Benefits of our H1 Economics Tuition

How our H1 Economics Tuition will prepare you for the examinations?

The tuition pinpoints the cultivation of proficient case study answering skills, such as trend analysis, factor comparison and discussion of economic impacts. These skills are to be applied in the context of economics issues discussed in the given extracts and data.

Comprehensive notes and CSQs model answers

The H1 Economics tuition programme will feature the provision of comprehensive study notes and model answers for Case Study Questions (CSQs). These useful learning resources will serve as references for students to understand the context of economics questions and concepts. Our classes will also show students how they can use these materials to carry out productive learning sessions on their own.

Develop case study answering techniques

The H1 economics tuition will guide students through the development of CSQ answering skills, such as trend analysis, comparative study of economics, basic economics-related calculations, and policy evaluation. Given the vast differences and depth of knowledge required to apply these skills well, our tuition programme will feature class practices to provide consistent learning and improvement.

Active discourse and discussion to improve application skills and opinion development

Our H1 economics lessons are conducted in a fun and engaging manner that requires the active participation of students. Students will engage in meaningful discourse with the tutors so as to develop their oratory skills and well as their application skills to aid in opinion development. This way, students will be able to form cogent arguments that stand out from their peers.

Extensive Class Practice and Review

Free Class Practices are organized throughout the year to ensure that our students can think, write and answer fast and accurately under examination condition. Through these practices, we build our students’ application of knowledge and skills development and their understanding and correction of their errors. These lessons have proven to be the key factor to ensure our students get grade A as the examination still focuses on writing and answering.

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