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As a JC GP Tutor, Simon Ng of Generalpaper.com.sg has guided many students to achieve academic success in their studies for GCE A Level General Paper. Find more about the teaching approaches of our JC GP Tutor to understand why students are eager to study this A Level subject at Generalpaper.com.sg.

Teaching Approach

Simon adopts an exam-oriented teaching approach, whereby students are required to engage in active class discussions to approach diverse real world issues.

Thematic Content

GP Tutor Simon Ng provides thematic content enrichment to enhance the knowledge of students towards various issues that have been and are likely to be covered at the GCE A Level General Paper examinations. He will provide online learning resources, like notes and videos to raise the productivity of revision.

GP Comprehension Answering Skills Development

One of the primary areas of focus involves the development of GP Comprehension answering techniques. GP Tutor Simon Ng will guide students through the process of understanding key techniques, like information extraction, method of inference, irony, paraphrasing and use of parentheses.

GP Essay Writing Skills Development

Another critical area of study is the refinement of GP essay writing skills. GP Tutor Simon Ng will impart students with the knowledge and techniques to improve the quality of answers. For instance, the GP tuition classes feature outline writing, paragraph development and the use of rebuttal.

GP Tuition by GP Tutor Simon Ng

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Sign up for the JC1 and JC2 GP tuition programmes conducted by JC GP Tutor Simon Ng to get a head-start in your examination preparation. You will learn how to approach a wide range of essay and comprehension questions. Also, class practices are conducted as well, such that your answers are reviewed. By doing so, GP Tutor Simon Ng will be instrumental in instilling the confidence and competence that you need to be ready for the examinations.

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Students of GP Tutor Simon Ng are proud to share their achievements and experiences at Generalpaper.com.sg. No doubt, Simon’s GP Tuition classes have helped to prepare students for the demands of the GCE A Level General Paper examinations thoroughly. Read more and be inspired to study this subject in a meaningful and productive way.