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Are you struggling with Economics? Join our Economics Tuition at the Bishan Tuition Centre to be ready for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. Under the guidance of JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, JC1 and JC2 students can learn to adopt a productive studying approach to condense their areas of study. By doing so, students will be more competent in the conceptual application for essay and case study questions.

What We Teach

Class Activities

Economics Tuition Bishan offers three major areas of classes to ensure that your learning is meaningful and enriching. The Economics Tuition programmes comprise of topical content application, essay and case study answering techniques development.

Content Application

To get a good head-start, all students must establish a firm foundation in the economics concepts. Therefore, conceptual revision is featured in the lessons. We provide topical re-teaching, which include a set of notes for each topic.

Essay Answering Skills

JC Economics Tutor will equip you with the skills to answer the A Level Economics essays. For instance, you will learn how to do outline setting, perspective development, diagrammatic illustration and point evaluation.

Case Study Answering Techniques

Our Economics Tuition classes feature a wide range of case study questions to ensure that you are familiar with various markets, like smartphones, airlines and oil. Also, we teach skills, like trend analysis and policy evaluation.

Class Schedule for Economics Tuition

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Economics Tuition Bishan offers a variety of time-slots to match your preferred days and times. JC Economics and GP Tutor Simon Ng also conduct GP Tuition classes. Refer to the PDF attachments to find out more. Alternatively, you can call Simon @ 9689 0510.


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Enjoy our promotional offer of $560 when you enrol in both GP and Economics Tuition. Economics Tuition Bishan strives to prepare JC students for the demands of the examinations through an exam-driven approach. Call 9689 0510 to learn more.

Why Join Our Economics Tuition?

Benefits of our Economics Tuition

At Economics Tuition Bishan, we cultivate an interactive learning environment for our students and at the same time follow closely the demands of the A Level examination. Additionally, we will aid in the development of the necessary skills that give our students the edge in the A Level Examination through our carefully-planned curriculum system and detailed questions database.

Exam-Oriented Lessons

Our exam-oriented teaching structure ensures that our students are equipped with the knowledge needed to tackle any type of questions that they are likely to face in the A Level Economics Examination.

Vast Questions Database

Students will be given access to our vast archive of questions based on the past year examinations. As such, they can attempt these questions to be more prepared for the variation of questions.

Skills-Based Development

Our Economics Tuition focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills for our students, which will ensure that they are always one step ahead of their peers in Junior Colleges.

Other JC subjects

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In addition to the Economics Tuition classes, we offer other related JC Tuition programmes, namely GP Tuition. Under the guidance of our JC GP Tutor Simon Ng, you will develop the thinking and writing skills to ace the examinations.

GP Tuition

We conduct GP Tuition classes that include an online-oriented approach, known as GP Tuition Online. Learn how to use smartphone applications and other online learning resources to enhance your revision. We complement these online resources with the conventional classes to ensure that you develop the knowledge and skills to answer GP essay and comprehension questions.

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