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We are now conducting our h2 economics tuition online with live streaming and online practices. The focus of preparation for j1 and j2 economics tuition are on the understanding of economics concept, extraction of information and application of knowledge for CSQs while the practice of diverse types of essays are taught to raise our students' readiness for examinations. Class works are given every lessons and upon completion, they will be marked and reviewed by the tutor during personal review lessons and over the whatsapp SMS.

H2 Economics Syllabus

What are the key areas of assessment?

In this section, you can find out more about the areas of study that affect the assessment of the GCE A Level Economics (9757) for H2 Economics students. By knowing the examination format and topics of study, you will be more familiar and ready to tackle the challenges of the subject.

2 Areas: Microeconomics & Macroeconomics

Students are required to study two major areas, namely Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Within each area, there are sub-topics. For Microeconomics, students are required to study chapters, like Demand and Supply, Cost of Production and Market Structure. For Macroeconomics, students examine topics, like National Income Accounting, Aims of Government and International Trade.

Essay Writing Section

In contrast to the H1 Economics syllabus, students are required to answer an essay section. The examination requires students to answer at least one essay question from the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics sections respectively. However, the recent examination trends reveal that these essay questions can involve the integration of knowledge from both fields.

Case Study Questions (CSQs) Section

H2 Economics students are required to answer two CSQs: one for the Microeconomics; another for Macroeconomics. Students have to apply their economics knowledge and information extraction techniques to answer the short and structured questions effectively. It is imperative for students to have strong time management skills to complete the questions within the time constraints.

H2 Economics Tuition Classes

What we do during the H2 Economics Tuition?

Our H2 Economics Tuition classes serve to help students overcome the friction of learning of a new subject and empower them with critical thinking skills to understand Economic concepts in depth. As the recent A Level examinations are moving towards real world application and even policymaking considerations, we train students to think critically to meet these rigorous demands.

Regular Economics

Economics Focus conducts regular classes that are held on a weekly basis to develop a strong foundation in the Economics concepts. Our lessons feature topical re-teaching, such as Demand & Supply and Economic Indicators, and with a comprehensive list of Economic definitions to cater to their studying needs.

Case Study Question Answering Skills Development

Students of Economics Focus will learn to interpret economic data and conduct trend analysis based on given data. For example, students learn how to conduct trend analysis, factor identification and impact analysis. Through sample case study questions, these skills will be developed in a progressive way.

Essay Writing Techniques Development

Students will learn how to organise their essay writing in an effective way during the H2 Economics Tuition. For instance, we teach students how to set perspectives, outline writing and paragraph development. Also, there will be sample essay answers that serve as useful reference when doing self-review.

Diagram Illustration and

In contrast to other Humanities subjects, A Level Economics requires the use of diagrammatic illustrations to support the answers. Students learn how to draw economics diagrams to illustrate concepts such as sustainable economic growth and explain the changes within the diagrams systematically.

Exam Preparation

As the examination date approaches, Economics Focus will prepare students for these school- and national-level assessments. Our economics classes feature timed practices to impart students with the skills of fast-thinking and organised writing. Hence, students can adapt to the uncertainties of the

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What are the benefits of the H2 Economics Tuition?

As a student of Economics Focus, rest assured that you are in good hands. Under the guidance of JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, you will develop the thinking and writing abilities to tackle a wide range of essay and case study questions. Besides, you will realise that what we teach you will be applicable to other aspects in life, including tertiary education.

Understand economics issues and terms and apply your knowledge to exam questions

Students learn to examine economic issues by analysing underlying factors and elaborate on economics repercussions caused by a phenomenon or policy. Students are also introduced to multiple case studies to relate to their understanding of economic issues, thereby building onto their knowledge base.

Develop proficient writing skills to answer questions in the Economics context

Our students attain mastery in the application of Economics knowledge by honing their thinking and writing abilities which consists of extraction and interpretation of figures and data. These important skills are developed in students through drilling of practice essay and case study questions.

Clarify your doubts and rectify conceptual errors with experienced tutors

Students will receive close guidance and progress monitoring to overcome the learning setbacks in an effective way. Using our experience in the Economics field, we ensure an upkeep on academic standards in our students and allow a full grasp of Economics.

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We would like to express our appreciation towards students who have improved their abilities to think and write well at our H2 Economics Tuition. Throughout the journey, these students have demonstrated their determination and will to learn and improve their conceptual understanding and writing techniques. As such, the students’ efforts have paid off, seen in terms of the significant improvements in their results.

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