JC Economics Tuition Skills Development Programme

Refine your answering techniques for A Level Economics

Our Skills Development Programme aims to provide students with an edge as they dive into the realms of Economics. As Economics is a relatively new subject to students, many may face difficulty in understanding the subject and simply do not know how to study for it. We introduce our programme to help our students to develop in them the right study methods as well as answering techniques to tackle Economics, such as essay writing and case study answering skills. Therefore, such a well-rounded teaching programme will prepare students extensively for the examinations.

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Features of Skills Development

How we can help students to improve their answering skills for economics?

Economics Focus emphasizes on the cultivation of effective answering techniques to handle the different challenges and rigours of the A Level Economics examination. During the tuition programmes, JC1 and JC2 students will pick up different skillsets to match the diverse requirements of the examination questions, such as essays and case study questions. For example, in the case of essay writing, students are taught to analyse the questions and organise their outlines before writing in full. Through such means, our comprehensive skills development lessons will enhance the students’ application techniques and ace the examinations.

Essay Writing Skills

In preparation for the Economics examination, students will be trained to develop important essay writing skills, such as paragraph development, outline planning, dialectical thinking, and analysis of factors. Sample essays are featured in class to demonstrate how these skills are applied in step-by-step ways.

Case Study Skills

CSQ application involves the understanding of economic data and extracts as well as the interpretation and analysis of information. As such, the revision programmes are oriented towards the use of specific skillsets, like trend analysis, to different question types, based on the mark allocation.

Diagram Illustration

In the context of O and A Level Economics, students must learn how to draw economic diagrams and interpret them accordingly to answer the questions. During the revision classes, students will attempt to draw various diagrams and receive feedback on ways to improve their illustration and process explanation

Topical Teaching

As students may have knowledge gaps and fragmentation of ideas, the topical re-teaching classes held during the revision phase are effective in addressing this setback. Every topical teaching class features a specific chapter, like International Trade, National Income Accounting, and Cost of Production.

Class Practices

Following the comprehensive coverage of content, students will attempt timed practices to assess their competency. These practices are emphasized extensively in our tuition programmes as many students do not allocate much time on individual practices to eradicate the frictions of knowledge application.

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