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At Economics Focus, we adopt a multi-faceted learning approach that enriches the comprehension and application process during the study of A Level Economics. One of these learning methods is E-Learning, in which students who join our Economics tuition will view the learning videos and acquire the JC Economics essay writing and case study questions application skills.

Video Lessons Features

How do I use these videos to learn well?

Before you get started and watch the videos, it is imperative that you consider the following factors to maximise your time spent on the study of Economics issues, via the videos. These factors have been taken into consideration by our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, as he understands that there is a need for guidance on the use of videos to learn productively.

Browse through your revision notes

Get a basic understanding of the economics concepts that you will need to apply in your practice questions for JC Economics Essays and JC Economics CSQs. This is ensure that you can comprehend the keywords and concepts mentioned in the videos and apply them during practice.

Watch the videos

Once you have understood the main points that are covered in the chapters, you can start watching the videos to understand the flow of argument in the model essays. There are diagrammatical illustrations for students to understand how they can draw and interpret them well.

Apply your knowledge

Then, use what you have learnt from the videos by attempting practice questions. We strongly encourage all students to write full essays within the given timeframe determined by the examinations so as to develop good time management skills.

H2 - Economics Tuition - JC ECONOMICS ESSAYS

The learning videos are designed for students in our economics tuition to help them improve their essay writing skills for economics essays. Please watch these videos and try writing out the economics essays. For students of EconomicsFoucs, you may want to get full written economics essays from JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng once you have done the essay writing.