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We are now conducting our h1 economics tuition online with live streaming classes and online practices. The focus of preparation for j1 and j2 economics tuition are on the understanding of economics concept, extraction of information, application of knowledge and approaching the test of diverse types of questions. Extensive online practices are given, marked and reviewed.

What are the major changes?

H1 Economics Syllabus

Based on the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), there were some topics removed from the previous syllabus as well as the exclusion of the essay component of the examination. Read on to find out more about these updates to be more prepared for the new examination format.

Exclusion of International Economics

The topics not featured in the H1 Economics syllabus include International Trade, Balance of Payment, Foreign Exchange and Globalisation. This change signifies a renewed focus on local economics issues and the multitude of impacts on Singapore.

No Essay Section

The removal of the essay writing segment indicates that SEAB wants greater emphasis on data analysis and source examination. As such, students are required to answer two sets of case study questions (CSQs), which features more short answer and extended questions.

H1 Economics Tuition Classes

What we do during the H1 Economics Tuition?

Regular Economics Tuition

Our regular lessons conducted on a weekly basis. This is to ensure that they are prepared adequately in the understanding of economics concepts and theories. The lessons will be in topical format, meaning that the content taught in class will be organised into different chapters, like Demand and Supply, Market Failures, and Aims of

Skills-based Learning

As the H1 economics examination requires extensive application of answering skills, the lessons are oriented towards the study of economics issues. This means that the classes feature discussion of case studies via the use of various techniques, like trend analysis, use of comparative statements, and evaluation of economics-related

Intensive Revision for Exams

Economics Focus conducts intensive revision classes to consolidate the learning of different chapters, so that students are better prepared for their tests and examinations. For JC1 students, the revision classes are geared towards preparation for Promotional Examinations. For JC2 students, the lessons will develop their skill sets to be ready for the A Level Economics examinations.

Why join our H1 Economics Tuition?

What are the programme benefits for our H1 Economics Tuition?

Economics Focus offers comprehensive H1 Economics tuition programmes for JC1 and JC2 students to overcome them effectively. Students will broaden their knowledge of economics issues and acquire the skills to handle unseen economic data and answer different question types.

Elaborative notes and extensive questions for

Students will receive JC Economics notes that are arranged in topical format. Students can pick out the economics terms that should be used in the answers. Also, tutors conduct classes that value-add the revision sessions, seen in terms of the timed practice sessions that simulate examination conditions.

Supportive guidance from JC Economics Tutor
Simon Ng

As a student of Economics Focus, there is the availability of guidance from JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, who possesses vast teaching experience and knowledge in the Economics field. Students can review their answering approach with the tutor to identify areas of improvement to improve their quality of answers.

Active discourse and discussion to improve application skills and opinion development

Students can engage in class discussions to promote opinion development and reflective thinking. By featuring real world case studies, students are trained to apply their economics concepts to practice questions. Then, there will be class practices to ensure that knowledge application is reviewed in the written form.

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We are glad to share with you the positive learning experiences of students who have benefited from our H1 Economics Tuition. In addition to the utmost dedication of the tutors, we also like to express our appreciation to students who did not waver in the face of obstacles. Find out more about the opinions of students who have realised their goals.

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