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Our Intensive Revision programme prepares students for their promotional examination (J1 students), Prelims and A level examination (J2 students). Our two step revision programme begins with content teaching to build up a strong foundation in Economics. Afterwards, your fundamentals will be strengthened through the review, practice and discussion of essay questions and CSQs. All these ensure that you will have the sufficient practice and skills to tackle any type of questions that will appear in the exam.

Content Revision

For content revision, we will cover the teaching of microeconomics and macroeconomics according to the school syllabus. You will learn the fundamentals of how to elaborate your points in writing, apply economic principles to application questions and illustrate with well-drawn diagrams.

Make Learning Productive with Good Notes

With many content heavy A level subjects, students are often overwhelmed with the amount of information to memorise. With good economic notes, you save time on writing your own notes and are able to understand the concepts faster. More time can then be dedicated to attempting practice questions for revision.

Good Analysis and Application of Knowledge

Students face the common difficulty in applying their economic theories learnt in school to real-world applications. To tackle this issue, we teach using an exam-oriented approach to guide you towards an effective way to think, write and answer fast on the questions given.

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How our Tuition Online Works

Develop Economics Acumen effectively

Economics Tuition Online is a comprehensive e-Learning programme that helps students to learn Economics productively through specially designed digital tools and content prepared by our experienced tutor.

Live streaming classes and other digital tools.

Similar to physical classroom teaching, tutor and students will learn and teaching using a live streaming feature. A virtual whiteboard will be used for illustration of diagrams and explanation on concepts. Furthermore, students can organise their notes and marked exercises into MyWork folder, a private and digital folder, to ensure easy access to their personal notes for revision.

Review Essay questions and CSQ

Students will be exposed to extensive numbers of Essay types and Case-Study Questions (CSQ), based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge. This helps students to develop the essential exam-oriented skills such as identifying question types and interpreting graphs and extracts.

Question and Answer (ask Simon 24/7)

Get your doubts clarified and queries answered by Simon through our various communication platforms. Students can do so via the chat function in our online system or via whatsapp.

Effective Quick Notes for revision

Get our in-house designed and exam-oriented Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve understanding. Notes will be reviewed during class to enforce understanding of the important economic concepts and learn how to apply this newfound knowledge to the examination.

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