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Why you can get Grade A for this year GCE A level examination. If you join our GP and Economics tuition, you are on path for academic excellence. Our tuition is the most structured and prepared programme to get you effectively from your disarray and back to the track for academic excellence. We know how you can prepare this examination and we offer the following:

What you learn from our H2 Economics:

  1. Our exclusive modal essays we spot for the GCE A level examination for each topic listed (A complete coverage of the questions you need for your exam)

  2. Extensive numbers of CSQs, based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge.

  3. In-house designed and exam-oriented Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve understanding.

  4. Answering techniques to better answer the Essay questions or CSQs and score well for tests.

  5. Free practice sessions to ensure that you are exam ready. (It is after all a written paper)

What you learn from our H1 Economics:

  1. An extensive variant of CSQs based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge.

  2. Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve explanation and demonstration of diagrams.

  3. CSQ Answering techniques to answer more effectively and correctly.

  4. Free practice sessions to ensure you are exam ready. (It is after all a written paper)

What you learn from our GP Tuition:

  1. A variant of GP Modal Essays with references to writing techniques and examples to cover spectrum of examination.

  2. Free GP Study Magazine and GP tuition online learning system to widen scope of learning and enrich degree of content Knowledge.

  3. A large bank of comprehension Practices and discussion (tutor will work out the answers with you in the class).

  4. Essay Writing Skills and Comprehension Answering Techniques to correctly answer the requirements of the question.

  5. Free Writing and Comprehension Extra Class Practices to improve your adaption to examination.

Economics Tuition

Excel in your Economics examination

Why Join Our Tuition

Get your Grade A for Economics

Our Intensive Revision programme prepares students for their promotional examination (J1 students), Prelims and A level examination (J2 students). Our two step revision programme begins with content teaching to build up a strong foundation in Economics. The programme is conducted in a physical classroom which allows for content discussion and sharing between students and the tutor. Afterwards, your fundamentals will be strengthened through the review, class practice and discussion of essay questions and CSQs.

Content Revision

For content revision, we will cover the teaching of microeconomics and macroeconomics according to the school syllabus. You will learn the fundamentals of how to elaborate your points in writing, apply economic principles to application questions and illustrate with well-drawn diagrams.

Make Learning Productive with Good Notes

With many content heavy A level subjects, students are often overwhelmed with the amount of information to memorise. With good economic notes, you save time on writing your own notes and are able to understand the concepts faster. More time can then be dedicated to attempting practice questions for revision.

Good Analysis and Application of Knowledge

Students face the common difficulty in applying their economic theories learnt in school to real-world applications. To tackle this issue, we teach using an exam-oriented approach to guide you towards an effective way to think, write and answer fast on the questions given.

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How our Tuition Works

Develop Economics Acumen effectively

Economics Tuition is a comprehensive programme that helps students to learn Economics productively through content prepared by our experienced tutor and the conducting of lessons in a physical classroom space.

Physical classroom lessons

Lessons will be conducted face to face in a physical setting. Having a physical lesson allows for frequent interaction and easier engagement in discussion between the students and teachers. Students will be given printed notes and practices organised according to topics, allowing for easy collation of work for revision.

Review Essay questions and CSQ

Students will be exposed to extensive numbers of Essay types and Case-Study Questions (CSQ), based on different industries and different economic issues to improve abilities to contextualise your knowledge. This helps students to develop the essential exam-oriented skills such as identifying question types and interpreting graphs and extracts.

Question and Answer (ask Simon 24/7)

Get your doubts clarified and queries answered by Simon outside of class. Students can do so via whatsapp.

Effective Quick Notes for revision

Get our in-house designed and exam-oriented Quick Notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve understanding. Notes will be reviewed during class to enforce understanding of the important economic concepts and learn how to apply this newfound knowledge to the examination.

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The learning videos are designed for students in our economics tuition to help them improve their essay writing skills for economics essays. Please watch these videos and try writing out the economics essays. For students of EconomicsFoucs, you may want to get full written economics essays from JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng once you have done the essay writing.

Get Grade A with our exam-oriented economics tuition in Singapore

Join a well-structured tuition programme that emphasizing on building your knowledge, writing, thinking and answering skills

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In this economics tuition, we prepare you with the critical knowledge for application, trains your thinking skills to derive answering structure for the questions and nurture you answering techniques and writing skills to fulfill the requirements of the question.

To make your preparation better and more ready for GCE A Level examination for Economics, we have also made free class practice as critical part or your training and an elearning structure a big part of your study. We believe that our studying system gives the best guidance, materials and studying to get you grade A.

Thus, access our notes through our Apps, enrich your knowledge through our multimedia and structured exam-oriented online and offline practices and discussion and raise your acumen for reflection, analysis and evaluation through our skill-and-content-oriented lessons. We make learning more structured and systematic and accessible to you anytime and anywhere, preparing you to excel in your school and GCE A Level Examination.

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What we teach in our economics tuition

Benefits of the June Revision

Throughout our June Revision programme, you will benefit from the enriching and exam-focused content revision, development of thinking and writing skills for essays and case study questions and access to summary notes and model essays. Furthermore, you can join our Free Question Analysis Workshop to be familiar with the question requirements.

1. Content Knowledge

This comprehensive teaching on content knowledge covers how to write out the process of economic concepts, apply to questions and develop analysis, evaluation and comments. (We teach you how to understand and use your knowledge)

2. Contextual knowledge of industries and economic issues

For Micro chapters, the focus will be on how economics concepts are applied in different industries and implemented by the government. For Macro chapters, the coverage will be on economics issues that occur in different countries and how policies are introduced to solve these issues. (We made your learning more real and enhance your application)

3. Reflective and Thinking Skills for Essay Writing

Learn how to reflect on your examination and derive a structure for answering based on the unique Rational Thinking Skills. (We raise your thinking and intellectual acumen)

4. Answering techniques for Essays and Case Study Questions

Acquire the essential writing skills and answering techniques to improve your answer and excel to attain Grade A. Write and answer in a logical manner that is fast, direct and effective under examination condition. (We make writing and answering the question as easy as ABC)

5. Provision of Quick Notes and Model Essays

Make your learning easy and organised with our productive set of materials. (We reduce your pain and frictions)

6. Free Question Analysis Workshop

Understand the GCE A level examination and reduce your apprehension towards the examination. (We teach you how to spot the right questions to study)

We know what it takes to get grade A

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At EconomicsFocus, the learning problems faced by students are addressed with our uniquely prepared learning materials that improve the critical thinking, essay writing and case study answering techniques. We also make learning interesting and meaningful as we enrich your knowledge to be a competent decision-maker in your career.

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A Level Economics Exam Review Workshop

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Sign up for the June Intensive Revision Economics Tuition programmes, available for JC1 and JC2 students, and you can join a FREE workshop! During this workshop, you will review past year A Level examination questions to understand the requirements. Then, there are class practices to develop the skills to prepare thoroughly.

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See from the viewpoints of former students who have realised their aspirations. We believe that you can do the same. Join us to find out how you can pursue your education aspirations.

We would like to express our appreciation towards students who have improved their abilities to think and write well at our Economics Tuition. Throughout the journey, these students have demonstrated their determination and will to learn and improve their conceptual understanding and writing techniques. As such, the students’ efforts have paid off, seen in terms of the significant improvements in their exam results. Likewise, we hope that you will be inspired by their individual stories and seek to achieve greatness in your studies.

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