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Economics Tuition Online Discussion

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On top of learning Economics in the conventional ways, notably reading notes and attempt written practices, Economics Focus has launched one of its online features to engage you to learn productively. Explore the Online Discussion module and unlock your writing potential!

Features of Economics Tuition OnlineDiscussion

Study Smart; Write Well

The Economics Tuition Online Discussion module has two main features, namely the thematic video and the student commentary options. By watching the educational videos, our objective is to pinpoint the crux of important economic issues, such that you are able to derive a better explanation to answer related questions for essays and case studies.

Thematic Video Illustration

We provide a broad range of thematic economics videos, such as the importance of oil in affecting the economy as well as the factors affecting the price fluctuations in the rice market. We hope that this visually-engaging approach will be helpful in enhancing economics conceptual knowledge retention.

Student Commentary Feature

After you have watched the video, we advise you to participate in the Commentary Discussion. Follow the instructions stated below and you can provide your opinions to answer the featured question. The purpose is to direct your knowledge to exam-oriented questions effectively.

How to take part in the Online Discussion?

A step-by-step guide for you!

Follow these simple steps and you can get started in this online learning feature, which is part of our Economics Tuition Online programme. We hope that you will continue to explore Economics-related matters in similar ways.

1. Download

Download the EconomicsFocus app, which is available on PlayStore & AppStore.

2. Sign Up

Register a student account and login by using your newly-registered account

3. Browse

Look for the ‘Online Discussion’ module and select the question to answer.

4. Post

You can now post your answer in the Commentary

5. Review

After you have posted your answer, you can view the tutor’s answer at ‘My Work’.

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Download the EconomicsFocus app right now to get started in this Economics Tuition Online Discussion! This app is available on the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.