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Economics Focus was established in the early 2000s with the main purpose of nurturing students to become competent thinkers and writers in the context of A Level Economics. The centre was set up by a passionate JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, whose dedication towards the pursuit of excellence has inspired many students to work hard and overcome the study-related setbacks. As such, our former students have realised their aims and excelled at the A Level Economics examinations.

Features of our Economics Tuition programmes

What we offer at Economics Focus?

Economics Focus offers a broad and diverse tuition programme to match the needs of the JC 1 and JC 2 students, who are taking either H2 Economics or H1 Economics. Under the guidance of our Principal and JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, students of Economics Focus have developed a strong acumen and inquisitive mindset to apply their newfound knowledge to examination questions.

The ‘Rational Thinking’ Methodology

Economics Focus adopts a unique teaching methodology, known as ‘Rational Thinking’. In short, this teaching approach will be instrumental in imparting students with the learning behaviour and answering approaches to become more competent in answering GCE A Level Economics examination questions.

Concise Learning Materials

Students of Economics Focus will gain access to exclusive learning resources that will value-add their learning experience. For instance, we provide concise summary topical notes, essay and case study question outlines. Besides, these materials are frequently revised to match the relevance to the latest exam trends.

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In addition to the Economics Tuition programmes offered at Economics Focus, you can join other complementary JC Tuition classes, such as the GP Tuition programme by Generalpaper.com.sg. Find out how these JC tuition classes are beneficial for your examination preparation.

GP Tuition by Generalpaper.com.sg

Examine various thematic issues during the GP Tuition classes to get a strong grasp of the key matters that are covered in comprehension and essay questions. JC GP Tutor Simon Ng will provide content discussion and class practices to nurture reflective thinking and develop effective writing skills.

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Our JC Tutors

Receive guidance from experienced tutors

Economics Focus is managed by a team of experienced tutors, led by Principal and JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. Be inspired to learn from these engaging tutors. Over time, you will develop the inquisitive mindset and passion that our tutors have, such that your preparation for the GCE A Level examination will be adequate.

JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng

TJC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has been involved in the teaching of GCE A Level Economics subjects for nearly two decades. Consult Simon to find out what are your areas of improvement and adopt an exam-efficient study approach to overcome these learning obstacles effectively.

JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

In addition to the Economics Tuition programmes, JC GP Tutor Simon Ng has also taught numerous JC students via his GP Tuition classes. Learn more about his teaching approaches and how they are beneficial in your preparation for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations.

Our Students

Get to know the success stories of our former students

Economics Focus is glad to share the success of students who have benefited from our economics tuition programmes. Just like any other students, they began their journey with many areas of improvement. Through their utmost determination, these students have unleashed their learning potential and excelled at the examinations.

Likewise, we believe that you can achieve stellar results at your Economics examinations. Enrol at Economics Focus to get started on this exciting journey with us. JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng will diagnose your current learning abilities and propose feasible measures to overcome your obstacles. We make learning enjoyable and effective.

Student Internship Programme

Preparing students for the future challenges

Following the completion of the A Level Economics examination, we invite our former students of Economics Focus to join our Student Internship Programme to gain exposure to the challenges in the working world. During the Programme, students will interact with professionals from various fields, like IT, Sales and Marketing.

Over time, the experience and knowledge accumulated from the internship will become essential reference points for students to comprehend the significance of industry-oriented knowledge and skills application, which is an important aspect that cannot be taught solely in classrooms.


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Clarify your doubts by browsing through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. We have factored in the consideration of pertinent matters, like the conduct of revision lessons during the holidays and replacement lessons for those who are unable to attend the regular programmes due to unforeseen circumstances.

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