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Sign up for the JC Economics Tuition by Economics Focus to be prepared for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. We offer JC 1 and JC2 classes for students taking either H2 Economics or H1 Economics. The tuition features specific class activities to meet the rigorous demands of the examinations, such as regular topical re-teaching and essay writing skills workshops. These lessons are instructional as students are guided by tutors through the study of topics and practice sessions.

JC Tuition Programmes

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The JC tuition classes feature different subjects, like Economics and General Paper. In general, the ability to think, reflect, and write is of paramount importance for students to excel at the examinations. The lessons will cover the development of writing techniques to improve the students’ expression of points progressively.

H1 Economics Tuition

For students taking H1 Economics (8823), the tuition pinpoints the cultivation of proficient case study answering skills, such as trend analysis, factor comparison and discussion of economic impacts. These skills are to be applied in the context of economics issues discussed in the given extracts and data.

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H2 Economics Tuition

As for students who are taking H2 Economics (9757), the lessons will cover both the essay writing and case study answering techniques, which are crucial factors for the attainment of academic success at the examinations. Students will undergo topical re-teaching and knowledge application during class practices.

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GP Tuition

The A Level General Paper (8807) examination will assess a student’s ability to reflect on real world issues, like the social and economic impacts of technological advancement, and express arguments in cogent and clear ways. Students will engage in discussions with the tutors to apply their knowledge to exam questions.

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