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We complement your study of GCE A Level Economics by providing an online set of JC Economics Essays for your reference. These essays are organised into the respective chapters to facilitate the ease of search and reading. These sample essays will serve as useful references for you to learn and emulate from the answering methods and writing styles.

How to refer to these JC Economics Essays?

Basic Guide

Before you get started in the browsing of the JC Economics Essays, we encourage you to follow these instructions so that it will be more effective in the search process.

1. Search for

Start by looking for a topic, such as Demand and Supply.

2. Search for essay question

Then, browse the topic to find the list of essays that are relevant.

3. Read and

View the essay and re-write the answer for self-review.

4. Repeat and practise again!

Revision is productive only if you write regularly. Avoid reading only!


Examining A Level Economics with a micro-perspective

Microeconomics is defined as the study of individuals and firms in making decisions to optimise resource allocation, given the fundamental problem of scarcity. This theme covers well-known concepts such as demand and supply analysis and price mechanism in a market. Such knowledge focus on decision-making at the individual, household and firm levels which reflects the happenings in our personal life. You will develop a keen understanding of the micro-world around you as you become aware of the rationale behind certain economic decisions.


Decision-making of governments at the national and international levels

In Macroeconomics, you learn to analyse economic performance of small and large countries before transiting to government policies. These areas of study helps you to understand the significance of different macroeconomic objectives, such as low inflation, economic growth and low unemployment rate. In addition, Macroeconomics covers the study of international Economics, such as the introduction of trade and foreign exchange in affecting the economic stability of countries. Governments, in turn, act as economic agents to resolve economic issues and ensure social welfare in the country.

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