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Being a JC Economics and GP tutor for the past twenty years, I am glad to say that I have guided many students to attain academic excellence in their GCE A level examination for Economics and General Paper. Our Economics tuition and General Paper tuition provided by this centre gives my students a very structural and efficient learning strategy that assures them Grade A as long as they put in efforts in their studies. More important than this, I am also glad that I have given valuable advices to further their careers and nurture their resilience towards learning difficulties which I feel proud to be the educator that nurture the intellectuals of the future.

Start the ball rolling with our June Intensive Revision – Join our Economics Tuition Now.

It is the time we consolidate our learning and begins the preparation for GCE A Level Examination for Economics and General Paper. At Economics Focus, we are ready for this leap forward to attain Grade A for you.

Join our Economics tuition this June where the focus is on intensive revision for mid-year exam and the consolidation of your Phase One preparation for GCE A Level. In this month of study, we will improve your understanding of the content and capabilities to apply your content knowledge, sharpen your technical skills to answer CSQ questions and nurture you to write effectively and quickly under examination constraints.

What We Teach in Our June Intensive Revision

We will be covering the essential areas of teaching that will prepare our students for the Mid-year examination and the final GCE A Level Examination:

1) Topical Teaching
2) Essay Writing Skills
3) Case Study Answering Techniques
4) Class Practices and Discussion

What students must know to score Grade A for JC Economics

Over the past years, GCE A level examination has become more difficult and complex as Junior colleges adopt a new learning approach by ‘Teaching Less, Learn More’ whereby the JCs will only teach the framework of the content but the depth of learning is to be explored and developed by the students. Furthermore, as questions tested are more complex and integrated, I understand why JC students are finding it difficult to study for JC Economics and achieve distinction for Economics. As this is a new subject to many JC students, a good understanding of the subject and what students need to pay attention to will be helpful in their studies towards this subject.

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June Intensive Revision for J2 Economics

Ready to embark on this meaningful and productive learning journey with Economics Focus. Please feel free to call Simon at 9689 0510 if you need more clarification about our June intensive revision programme for Jc2 Economics students.

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June Intensive Revision for J1 Economics

We enrich your knowledge, sharpen your thinking, improve your application and nurture your writing.

Find out more what we teach in the June intensive revision programme for JC1 Economics students.

June Intensive Revision for J1 and J2 General Paper

Be the GP student with the Sensible Mind who read comprehensively, think reflectively, debate logically and write proficiently.

Learn more about what we teach in our June Intensive Revision for JC1 and JC2 General Paper students.

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How should JC students study for this subject

It is not easy to get Grade A for Economics but it is possible and reasonably achievable task if JC students have a good study plan and embark on it diligently.

First, it is important for students to have a good set of notes that is explanatory and easy to remember such that students can use them to apply to the requirements of the questions for essay writings and case study. The study notes must have definitions, process explanation on economic concepts and policies, well-illustrated graphical illustrations, analytical and evaluation points on economic issues and impacts.

Second, JC students must create a list of essay practices and case study questions that will train their abilities to adapt to the variation of the questions tested in their school examination and the actual GCE A level examination. JC students must ensure that their sample essays and case study practices have evaluation remarks about the questions and the errors they have made and how they can improve on them.

Third, JC students must nurture their essay writing skills and case study answering techniques to enable them answer effectively under examination constraints. The proficiency of writing and thinking must be developed to the competent level where students are able to think reflectively, apply effectively, explain orderly and evaluate critically to the requirements of the context of the questions. This is the gist of Economics and students need to develop this skill in them.

Know more about our Economics Tuition

At Economics Focus, our tuition programme is different from many other tuition centres as we are not only exam-oriented in our approach of teaching, we are also enriching-focused because we believe in the cultivation of learners who are rational thinkers, capable of applying their economics knowledge and critical skills in their future work.

Skills-nurturing Approach of Learning

Being skill-oriented in our teachings, we expose students to real economic issues to stimulate their interests and passion towards this subject which we believe is of great importance to an individual in their future. Besides, the discussion of this issue through online learning will shape their capacity to think and write faster and effectively in their comprehension and answering of the questions in the examination.

Exam-oriented as we strive for A

Being exam-oriented in our teaching, we ensure that our students are exposed to a wide variety of questions which will cover a wide angle discussion of the chapters that are tested in the GCE A level examination for Economics. We provide a very structured and organized approach of study where quick notes on each chapters with clear and easy and memorized content are set, sample essays with thinking structures are given and answers on case study questions with thinking process listed are prepared for students to improve their adaptability to the complexity in studying Economics at JC level.

Competent Learners, Rational Thinkers, Prolific Writer

We also ensure that a variety of classroom discussion and practices are conducted during our lessons as these class activities will overcome the weaknesses of students in time management in examination and nurture their independent thinking and writing skills. Over the years, many students who are weak in their essay writing and case study answering have improved tremendously as they practise more, enabling them to think and write faster and more independently.

Our Education Story

Over the years, Economics Focus has guided and tutored thousands of JC students to attain A’s or B’s in their A Level Economics examination through our well-prepared and systematically-organized Economics tuition.

Under the guidance of the founder and principal JC Economics tutor Simon Ng, students are nurtured with the effective thinking and application skills to better apply their Economics knowledge towards their A Level Economics examination questions. Students become prolific writers who can articulate better in their essays, in areas like economic causation, graphical explanation and evaluation analysis of related issues under examination conditions.

It is also encouraging for Economics Focus to hear how our students relate their learning experiences with us and how we have helped in motivating them to be more resilient and determined to attain acceptance to the top local universities. We are glad to hear what they have complimented about our economics tuition and the guidance given by our Economics tutor Simon Ng.

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Who is JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng?

Simon Ng is one of the most sought-after JC Economics tutor in Singapore. Since 2003, Mr. Ng has taught numerous students and helped them unlock their learning potential during their study of A Level Economics. Under his guidance, students are motivated to surmount various setbacks and become more confident and competent.

While studying Economics may appear like a daunting task, Economics tutor Simon Ng will make seemingly-complex Economics concepts easy to understand. With his 20 years’ tutoring experience, Simon can identify the different kinds of obstacles students may face and develop the appropriate solutions to overcome them. Besides, Economics tutor Simon Ng can answer 100% of all questions that you need to answer for A Level Economics. He is approachable and ready to help.