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Our Education Story

Since 2000, Economicsfocus has helped thousands of JC students attained A’s or B’s in their A Level Economics examination through their well-prepared and systematically-organized Economics tuition.

Under the guidance of the founder and principal JC Economics tutor Simon Ng, students are nurtured with the effective thinking and application skills to better apply their Economics knowledge towards their A Level Economics examination questions. Students become prolific writers who can articulate better in their essays, in areas like economic causation, graphical explanation and evaluation analysis of related issues under examination conditions.

It is also encouraging for Economicsfocus to hear how our students relate their learning experiences with us and how we have helped in motivating them to be more resilient and determined to attain acceptance to the top local universities. We are glad to hear what they have complimented about our economics tuition and the guidance given by our Economics tutor Simon Ng.

Reasons why you should join Economicsfocus

1) Simon Ng is a very effective JC Economics tutor who has guided 90% of all his students from his Economics tuition to attain grade A or B in A Level Economics Examination.

2) The notes and materials prepared and developed by Economicsfocus are effective in helping students to acquire the content of JC Economics through an organized and systematic way that will ensure their competency in comprehension.

3) Besides content enrichment and comprehension, thinking and application skills are also taught to make students more effective in handling the complicated JC Economics Essays and Case study questions through our specially-designed Workshops.

4) Our lessons are also taught in an interesting and expounding manner to cultivate in students a passion towards the learning of Economics and raise their acumen for economics to raise their competency in the understanding of issues.

5) Our exam-oriented tuition structure emphasizes on consistent practices, review and evaluation to ensure our students are well-prepared for A Level Economics examination. Furthermore, Our Founder and Principal Tutor is extremely proficient in spotting questions for A level Economics Examination.

What our Economics tuition offers?

At Economicsfocus, we offer a comprehensive exam preparation programme for JC Economics students to learn, revise and excel in this subject.

At our Economics tuition Bishan and Bukit Timah centres, we offer the following:

  • Exclusive JC Economics notes prepared by our own JC Economics tutor that are concise and revised on a regular basis to remain relevant to the latest SEAB A Level Economics syllabus
  • Wide-ranging types of JC Economics essays and case study questions with in-house prepared solutions for revision and practice
  • March, June and September school holidays intensive revision programme that will make revision effective and efficient. Students will not have to worry about wasting precious time doing self-revision after attending our revision classes
  • JC Economics essays and case study questions skills development workshop conducted at Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • JC1 Promotional Examination Preparation and JC2 A Level Preparation classes are conducted to refine the writing techniques and cultivate exam-smart strategies

We are committed to ensure that every student can cope with the pace of learning. We believe that all students should achieve their potential in order to achieve success in their study of this subject.

June Intensive Revision for JC Economics and General Paper

Click to view or download a PDF copy of the schedule displayed below.

Who is JC Economics tutor Simon Ng?

Simon Ng is one of the most sought-after JC Economics tutor in Singapore. Since 2003, Mr. Ng has taught numerous students and helped them unlock their learning potential during their study of A Level Economics. Under his guidance, students are motivated to surmount various setbacks and become more confident and competent.

While studying Economics may appear like a daunting task, JC Economics tutor Simon Ng will make seemingly-complex Economics concepts easy to understand.
With his 20 years’ tutoring experience, Simon can identify the different kinds of obstacles students may face and develop the appropriate solutions to overcome them.

Besides, JC Economics tutor Simon Ng can answer 100% of all questions that you need to answer for A Level Economics. He is approachable and ready to help.

Ready to excel? Join us now.

Call Simon at 96890510 if you need further clarifications.