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Economics Tuition Bishan

Economics Tuition at Bishan Centre

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Struggling with Economics? Come join our effective and affordable Economics programme, which has helped thousands of JC students achieve grade A for their GCE A Level Economics Examinations. We instill in our students with critical essay writing skills and exam-focused answering techniques that are not only beneficial for Economics but also for other writing-oriented subjects. Furthermore, with our new learning apps, JC Economics Study and GP Study available for download at the AppStore and PlayStore, they complement the students’ learning in class since learning becomes more organised, skill-oriented and content-rich, which assure you of grade A for your examination.

What we teach

Our Economics tuition aims to strengthen and further develop the content knowledge of JC students to ensure that they have a well-established Economics foundation. JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng will then demonstrate to the students how to apply economic concepts effectively by inculcating them with Essay Answering Skills and Case Study Answering Techniques.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC 1 Economics Tuition Schedule

Content Application

Our in-depth and exam-oriented content application tutorials focus on what is necessary for the Economics Examination, such as references to real world case studies, which provide a more relevant and effective way of learning.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC 1 Economics Tuition Schedule

Essay Answering Skills

Attain proficiency in your essay-writing as our tutors teach you valuable skills on diagram illustration, outline settings, and factor evaluation. What’s more, our regular timed practices ensure that students are always ready for exams.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - GP Tuition Schedule

Case Study Answering Techniques

Engage in our case study tutorials and develop data-analytic techniques as we teach you to conduct trend analysis, factor comparison, key information extraction. Be enthralled in our industry-specific class discussion today.

Class Schedule

The schedule for our Economics classes can be viewed from the links provided below. On top of Economics, we also offer JC General Paper tuition to supplement your education needs. The schedule for the GP classes are also provided from the link below.

J1/J2 Economics Tuition for June

The effective use of the June Holiday period for the A Level examination preparation will be critical in providing students with the time for conceptual revision and knowledge application. Join our Economics Tuition June Intensive Revision as we help you to undertake a more productive study plan.

J1/J2 GP Tuition for June

Our General Paper Tuition has proven to help countless of students achieve their desired results during their GP A Levels Examination. Please refer to the link below to view the GP Tuition schedule.

Take GP and Economics Tuitions for $560 ONLY

Enjoy our promotional offer of $560 when you enrol in both GP and Economics Tuition. Our tutors aims to integrate the skill development of both subjects in order to produce a more practical skill set for students that goes beyond the syllabus requirements.

Why Join Our Tuition

At EconomicsFocus, we cultivate an interactive learning environment for our students and at the same time follow closely the demands of the A Level examination. Furthermore, we will aid in the development of the necessary skills that give our students the edge in the A Level Examination through our carefully-planned curriculum system and detailed questions database.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Be Observant of Economics Issues
Our exam-oriented teaching structure ensures that our students are equipped with the necessary knowledge needed to tackle any type of questions that they are likely face in the A Level Examination.
Expansive Education Database
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Precise in explaining concepts
Our Tuition Centre offers a wide array of contents, which will be constantly refined to ensure that our students are exposed to the knowledge and information thoroughly, thereby preparing them to solve any questions in the A Level Examination.
Skill Development
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Understanding examination trends
Our tutors emphasise on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills for our students, which will ensure that they are always one step ahead of their peers in Junior Colleges.

Other JC subjects

Besides our Economics programme, we offer specialised tuition service, such as JC History and General Paper. Similarly for these subjects, the tutors will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are tailored to the relevant subject requirements.

History Tuitione

Our JC History Tuition Programme helps students to master the History content necessary for the A Level Examination. Moreover, our students will learn how to organize their ideas effectively and develop proficient writing skills. Hence, our students can form convincing and well-analyzed arguments during the A Level History Examination.

GP Tuition

Our GP tuition provides a unique but effective tuition programme where it incorporates our conventional classes with our GP Study mobile apps and digital GP educational magazine to value-add the learning. We aim to nurture the essay writing, comprehension answering and reflective writing skills to ensure that our students develop into proficient and prolific writers.

Achieve academic excellence

Let us help you achieve the results you dream to attain for the A Level Examination. Call 96890510 to find out more.

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