An Enriching Experience for Economics & GP Student, Shawn Lim

Simon Ng    Aug 3, 2017

Shawn Lim Kang Yong

Economics and General Paper

January 1, 2017

Share your tuition experience at Economics Focus

It was a highly enriching experience with a structured approach to take on subjects, which are seemingly diverse. Essay reviews and topical recaps are helpful in learning from my past mistakes and revising topics taught in the earlier stage.

What were the study-related challenges that you encountered during your A Level studies? How did Economics Focus aid you in overcoming these challenges?

Without a structured mindset and logical thinking process, Economics and General Paper would be difficult subjects to grasp. After attending the tuition programmes at Economics Focus, the lessons have equipped me with the skills to excel in the subjects. For example, I have learnt to analyse the extracts given in the Case Study Questions (CSQs) to provide nuanced and logical answers.

How has Simon inspired you?

Simon has inspired me to be a logical thinker and take on different perspectives to obtain a better view on various issues, not restricted to the field of Economics.