Overcoming Difficulties in Case Study Questions at Economics Focus – Kai Jie

Simon Ng    Sep 28, 2017

Teo Kai Jie

Millennia Institute

Economics by Economics Focus

January 1, 2017

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I enjoyed the lessons that featured case studies on Economics issues that took place around the world. I learnt how to relate the impacts of these economic issues to Singapore. These case studies have helped me to understand the significance of Economics concepts better. Besides, the tuition programmes were enjoyable as Simon incorporated humour and personal insights while covering the required content.

What were the study-related challenges that you encountered during your A Level studies? How did Economics Focus aid you in overcoming these challenges?

Initially, I encountered problems in attaining higher markets for the case study questions as I was unsure on the right ways to elaborate on the answers. The lessons at Economics Focus were beneficial as I learnt to identify the specific requirements of essays and case study questions, before answering them by applying different writing techniques. Also, I learnt how to comprehend case study extracts and retrieve the meaningful and essential information to answer the questions.

How has Simon inspired you?

Simon has inspired me to read widely as the accumulation of knowledge is important to understand the relevance of Economics. Also, Simon has taught me to apply Economics concepts to make rational decisions in my daily life.