A Tutor, A Friend, A Mentor – Tuition Testimonial by Lester

Simon Ng    Sep 22, 2017


Temasek Junior College

Economics and General Paper by Economics Focus

January 1, 2017

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I enjoyed the elaborate discussions by Mr Simon relating to the applications of Economics. For example, he explained how we can understand the policies used by different big and small countries based on the shifting comparative advantage in this Age of Globalization.

What were the study-related challenges that you encountered during your A Level studies? How did Economics Focus aid you in overcoming these challenges?

During my studies, time, or rather lack thereof, has been a major obstacle for me. I spent too little time on studying. Instead, I used most of my free time on sports and other recreational activities. Having joined Economics Focus, I have learnt to organize and compartmentalise each activity in manageable blocks across the day. As such, Mr Simon has taught me to develop effective time management skills that enabled me to find time for both studies and leisure.

How has Simon inspired you?

Simon helps to broaden my knowledge beyond what schools can offer in class.
As a friend, Simon is keen to understand any personal challenges or issues that we have. He shares his life experiences to show me that these problems are manageable as long as we try our best.
As a mentor, Simon shares his wealth of knowledge, be it in the humanities or general matters. By doing so, Simon helps to broaden my knowledge beyond what schools can offer in class. Hence, his guidance has helped to prepare me for what the working world has to offer in the near future.