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Consolidate your learning during this June School Holidays. Join our Economics Tuition and embarks on a comprehensive structural revision that will build your foundation of knowledge and nurture your skills to prepare you for the mid-year and GCE A level examination. This will be the turning point of your preparation for JC Economics as our programmes will assure that you are more competent in the understanding and application of economics knowledge, proficient in essay writing development,and effective CSQ techniques.

How we prepare you for your Mid-Year Exam

Get started in your intensive revision programme this June as you gear up for the mid-year examinations and other Term 3 tests. What you learn from us, will help you to attain the examination-smart techniques and the required content to tackle your academic obstacles!

For JC1 students

The month of June will be a crucial period to identify areas of improvement and consolidate your understanding of basic economics concepts. In view of what you have learnt at schools for Term 1 and 2, our revision programmes will cover chapters that are based on the syllabus content taught at schools to help students to cope with the pace of learning.

For JC2 students

June serves as a time for refinement of writing skills and development of content mastery. Revisions of Micro and Macro sections of the syllabus will be conducted for students who require strengthening while confident students will go through a series of intense essay writing and critical thinking CSQ questions, shaping them to be more exam-oriented.

1. Enrich your content knowledge

Our topical revision will help you to learn and understand economics concepts better. The JC Economics tutor will provide step-by-step explanations of the meaning and significance of concepts. Also, students will learn how to apply the content to essays and CSQs during the class practices.

2. Improve your essay writing skills

Our essay discussions will guide you to understand the complex requirement of the essay questions, thereby developing a broad and robust structure of your answers. Students will also emphasise on creating economic causations that are fundamental to an economics essay and link them to economic diagrams which is heavily illustrated in our lessons. Lastly, we impart critical thinking so that you can fine-tune your essays with insightful evaluation and analysis.

3. Answer CSQ Effectively

Our CSQ tutorials aim to help you to adopt critical short-answer techniques with quick reading and fast inferences. These will help you to understand key terms in passages and read texts, diagrams and trend analysis efficiently. We will steer you to learn and apply various economic principles to question contexts and tackle CSQ with an accurate explanation. Evaluation and analysis will also be emphasised to help you to answer thinking questions smartly.

4. Be exam-oriented

More essentially, Economics Focus wants to make you exam-smart and effectively tackle your school’s paper. We follow a structural development in Economics so that you realise the trend of examinations in both schools and ‘A’ Levels and adapt to the latest question requirements. The prevalent Class Discussions and Practices with us, will broaden your economics understanding with a curated list of intricate questions from various schools as well as Economics Focus.

JC1 Economics Tuition

For JC1 students that have embarked on their A Level education with the inclusion of Economics is one of the core subjects, we invite you to join our tuition programmes to get a good grasp of the economics concepts. Our classes are structured and organised in ways to enable students to learn and apply their knowledge to exam questions.

H1 Economics Tuition (New Syllabus)

For JC1 students taking H1 Economics (8823), it is important to bear in mind of the major changes to the syllabus content, where there will be no essay writing. Instead, students will learn how to analyse economics-related data and conduct trend analysis to answer two case study questions. During our economics tuition for H1 syllabus, we focus extensively on the technical skills, like reading case study extracts, answer data response questions and higher order questions that require evaluation and analysis.

H2 Economics Tuition

For JC1 students taking H2 Economics (9757), the tuition programme will introduce to students the basics of Economics, such as Demand and Supply. The lessons feature the study of real world examples and case studies to facilitate the comprehension of abstract economics terms and issues, like the Great Recession and advent of trade protectionism. During our economics tuition for H2 syllabus, we help students to build up their answering methods and integration of content between chapters.

JC2 Economics Tuition

For JC2 students, we offer economics tuition classes to support your revision efforts that are exam-driven, seen in terms of the cultivation of effective application techniques. Under the guidance of our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, students will overcome their obstacles and become resilient and competent learners.

H1 Economics Tuition

For JC2 students taking H1 Economics, the lessons will feature topical re-teaching to facilitate the understanding of concepts and issues in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The conduct of practice classes are useful to assess the level of competency, whilst addressing the areas of improvement.

H2 Economics Tuition

For JC2 students taking H2 Economics, the classes are focused on the development of essay writing and CSQ answering techniques. The lessons will feature content development, which broadens their scope of learning and depth of knowledge. Furthermore, students will attempt practices in class to improve their application and thinking abilities.

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Content of Teaching for respective chapters in JC Economics

Our Academic Team of Economics Focus have displayed what we will cover in our lessons for the respective chapters and it will be a productive way for JC students to understand what they need to prepare for examination. However, the content of teaching just covers a minimum spectrum of study. Being dedicated and professional, we pride to do more for our students and thus, we do cover a wider range of preparation in our regular Economics Tuition than what is listed here. However, this content of teaching will be helpful for JC students to do their revision and we hope to be of great help to all.

Except for chapters 1 and 2, all chapters have a listed content of teaching and stated questions for class activities. We have listed a commentary box for JC students to list their questions for clarification and commentary on economics issue we would like to share for discussion.

We hope that our efforts to provide a more structural content of learning will be of great help to JC students and tutors to help students to excel for A level examination. For further clarification, please call Simon at 9689 0510.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Economics

In this chapter, JC students will get an idea on what is Economics and this is helpful in giving them a start on the understanding on what Economics does for our society and areas of significance. We want students to explore more and see how Economics can be of great help to the individuals and our society.

Chapter 2.1 – Introduction to Microeconomics

In this chapter, we highlight a brief understanding of the main areas of concern and how the different economic entities in the economy conduct their economic activities to maximize their gains.

Chapter 2.2 – Central Problem of Economics

The coverage in this chapter is divided into three main sections, namely Economic Principles I and II and Three Economic Systems. For the past few years of GCE A level examination, the section of teaching on concept of opportunity cost and production possibility curve have been tested and it has become a stumbling block for some students due to their lack of preparation for this chapter. Other areas of teaching includes the problem of scarcity, resource allocation and three economic systems.

JC Economics Tuition Programmes and Schedule

Our tuition programmes are conducted in an integrated structure with Regular tuition, Intensive Revision and Skills Development Workshops throughout the year during the term of the school and school holidays. Lessons are conducted in different forms to helps students to adapt to the learning structure of our programmes so as to accommodate their pace of learning at the respective stages.

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Ready to embark on this meaningful and productive learning journey.

Nurture Skills, Enrich Knowledge

Our tuition programmes focus on the development of students’ application and writing skills and the enrichment of their economics knowledge with our teaching activities like topical teaching with focus on how to apply economics knowledge, class discussion on current economics issues and a variety of questions that are often tested in examinations, class practices of CSQs and essay writing to train the students’ capacity to adapt to the examination constraints. Besides knowledge enrichment, we focus on skills development with our in-house designed Case Study Skills Answering Techniques and Essay Writing Skills Development Workshops which are very apt in helping JC students reduce their loss of marks or get more marks in their answers as these are effective way in answering the questions.

1. Consistency and Persistence wins the day

During regular tuition, in-depth teaching content knowledge and application techniques on the use of knowledge will be taught along with extensive class practices and discussion. Students will be taught and tested on a great variety of questions which have proven to be effective for students to comprehend unusual questions as the actual GCE A level examination is now focusing on more obscure and commonly less significant sections of study.

2. Last minute preparation, Have no fear

For the intensive revision, there will be summary topical teachings and integrated questions that will be taught and discussed. Although class practices are conducted, it will be less extensive. Students who have attended regular tuition will be charged less than their regular tuition while those who have just joined the intensive revision. Skills Development lessons on essay writing and case study answering techniques are also taught to intensify the exam-oriented capacity of the students. These Intensive Revision Workshops have proven to be great help to students who have not prepared for the examination as our programme is structured and organized with extensive materials to ease the stress of the last minute preparation. However, it is my sincere advice to start preparation as early as possible.

3. The key to Success – A good set of notes

Having a good set of notes is important as it will make your learning journey easy and productive and the route to Grade A will be a fruitful path. Our set of notes encompasses Topical Teaching materials which consist of explanation of the economic principles and process of economic activities, evaluation points and graphical illustration and explanation. Sample and Model Essays for class discussion and practices (given as guided essay for students to reflect on their errors), Case Study Practices with answer given for every questions to help students understand their errors and Summarized Quick Notes for last minute recalling and revision (very effective pointers).

4. Be the independent and keen learner

On top of this, students will also be taught and guided on how to make extra notes on their own to help them improve their writings and diagram and description and adjustment to complexity and variation of questions. It is my belief that students must develop independent learning and thinking during this learning journey and my emphasis in our tuition programme to nurture their application skills in their thinking and improve their writing skills through personal reflection.

You may learn more on how to be the reflective thinker and prolific writer by reading on these articles we have written for JC students.

So, join Economics Focus? Five reasons why you must.

1) Simon Ng is a very effective JC Economics tutor who has guided 90% of all his students from his Economics tuition to attain grade A or B in A Level Economics Examination.

2) The notes and materials prepared and developed by Economics Focus are effective in helping students to acquire the content of JC Economics through an organized and systematic way that will ensure their competency in comprehension.

3) Besides content enrichment and comprehension, thinking and application skills are also taught to make students more effective in handling the complicated JC Economics Essays and Case study questions through our specially-designed Workshops.

4) Our lessons are also taught in an interesting and expounding manner to cultivate in students a passion towards the learning of Economics and raise their acumen for economics to raise their competency in the understanding of issues.

5) Our exam-oriented tuition structure emphasizes on consistent practices, review and evaluation to ensure our students are well-prepared for A Level Economics examination. Furthermore, Our Founder and Principal JC Economics Tutor is extremely proficient in spotting questions for A level Economics Examination.

Hear from our former students

Economics Focus was set up with the purpose of fulfilling the academic aspirations of students at the A Level. Over the past 20 years, JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has nurtured and inspired numerous students, who overcame the odds and triumphed in their educational journey. As such, we are glad to hear from those who have embarked in this enriching and meaningful journey with us. Find out how they have benefited from the economics tuition.

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