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Rest assured, Simon can answer 100% of all your questions you will encounter in your study of JC Economics.

At Economics Focus, we offer JC economics tuition for H1/H2 Economics syllabus for JC Economics students. This JC economics tuition centre was set up by the Founder and Principal Tutor of Economics Focus, Mr Simon Ng and his dedicated team of JC Economics tutors, who has successfully and consistently helped 90% of the JC students who has taken GCE A Level Economics examination attained grade A or B for examinations in the past 20 years.

Our Economics tuition classes at our Economics Focus tuition centre consist of in-house designed materials and exam-oriented JC Economics notes, class practices and reviews on JC economics essays and CSQs. Our classes on Economics are taught with emphasis on thinking and application skills and effective writing techniques that will well-prepared them for examination which require quick thinking and fast writing with specially developed JC Economics Case Study and Essay Writing Skills Workshops. We also offer JC economics e-learning programme to support our students’ studies to make learning mobile and convenient. Our students can be reassured that their queries and doubts are answered and they are guided to excel in their studies by our JC Economics tutor.

We share the view that studying for Economics is about the cultivation of the rational thinking that will poise our students to analyse, evaluate and apply their knowledge and skills to better understand the economic issues and perspectives that will affect the world and not just for the studying for examination. Our students will be equipped to make better analysis of the economic environment to better develop their career.

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