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Economics Tuition

What we teach in our Economics Tuition?

Economics Tuition Singapore
Term 2 Study Programme

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For Term 2 2018, EconomicsFocus features an exam-driven economics tuition programme for JC1 and JC2 students that will cover knowledge enrichment for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, as well as skills application for both essay writing and case study questions.

For JC2 students, the programme will cover Aims of Government and Macroeconomic Policies, Conflicting Aims and International Economics (such as International Trade). For JC1 students, our programme will feature Theory of Demand and Supply, Price Elasticity of Demand and Supply, Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand. For each topic, you will receive a combined set of revision notes, essays and case study questions.

Class Schedule for Economics and GP Tuition

Find out the dates and timing for these programmes

You can refer to the class schedule listed below to learn more about the economics tuition for JC1 and JC2 students. We also provide GP tuition programmes that will guide students through the study of various GP issues and its application on comprehension and essay questions. If you need further clarification, please contact JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng at 96890510.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC 1 Economics Tuition Schedule

J1 Economics Tuition

The JC1 Economics Tuition programme will ensure that students establish a strong foundation in this A Level subject as they examine different chapters and prepare for the Promotional examination.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC 1 Economics Tuition Schedule

J2 Economics Tuition

Our JC2 Economics Tuition programme is organised into individual terms to prepare students for the common tests, mid-year, preliminary and A Level examinations. View the schedule to find out more.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - GP Tuition Schedule

GP Tuition

Develop effective reading and writing skills with our GP tuition for JC1 and JC2 students. Analyse comprehension passages and extract important information to answer short questions, summary and AQ.

What’s New at EconomicsFocus?

How our latest economics tuition features prepare you for grade A

In this section, find out more about what we will teach in our Term 2 2018 Economics and GP Tuition programmes. In addition to our regular tuition class activities, we provide many economics-related articles, educational videos and discussion boards to help you to understand Economics and GP matters effectively. Besides, EconomicsFocus offers a unique ‘Study with Simon’ Practice Programme that is FREE for students who have enrolled in our regular tuition to hone writing techniques and clarification of questions.

Term 1 2018 - Economics Tuition

What we are teaching in Term 2 2018

During the Term 2 2018, we will cover the following chapters for JC1 and JC2 students at our economics tuition programme. For JC2 students, the programme will cover Aims of Government and Macroeconomic Policies, Conflicting Aims and International Economics (such as International Trade). For JC1 students, our programme will feature Theory of Demand and Supply, Price Elasticity of Demand and Supply, Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand. To facilitate the ease of discussion for each topic, we will provide revision notes, online videos and article resources for self-reading, essay and case study questions.

Enrich yourself with these materials:

J1 Learning Materials
Our J1 Learning Materials emphasise on streamlining the flow of Economics concepts to our students due to it being a new subject for many. We cover the each chapter comprehensively, touching on all areas such as Essay Writing, Case Studies, E-Learning Videos and Notes.

1.1) JC Economics Essay on Demand and Supply
Selected from our vast essay bank, our JC economics essays on Theory of Demand and Supply combine the concepts of demand and supply and weave into prose writing for students to understand how a proper essay should be written.

Essay – How demand and supply factors affect property prices

1.2) Case Study on Demand and Supply
Apart from Essays, students can also benefit from our Case Studies Questions, from which they are expected to derive analytical skills and active reading skills through an attempt of our questions within time constraints.

CSQ – Durian frenzy spreads to China
Related News – Cheaper durians due to hot weather

1.3) E-Learning Video on Demand and Supply
In addition, we offer students E-Learning videos on a variety of concepts that they can tap into at any place and at any time. This is aimed at making learning a conducive experience for our students who wish to understand the Demand and Supply.

Video – Discuss the impacts of a volcanic eruption and oil spill on the airline industry and its related markets

J2 Learning Materials
As students progress to the J2 Level, they start moving into the complexities of Macroeconomics, learning how Economics function on different countries’ level. Our Learning Materials will engage students in an extensive education to serve their academic needs with Articles, Case Studies and E-Learning Videos.

2.1) JC Economics Essay on Aims of Government and Macroeconomic Policies
To aid our students’ writing, we are exposing them with a spectrum of articles and in turn, up-to-date content knowledge. The following essay examines how the aims of a government affect the policies that are implemented by the government to achieve desirable economic outcomes.

Essay – Limitations of austerity measures

2.2) Educational Video on Aims of Government and Macroeconomics Policies
In this video, we will examine the meaning of ‘austerity’ as a government policy in response budget deficits. To understand this chapter on macroeconomics policies and aims of government, it is important to learn how austerity measures are implemented and its repercussions on the economy at the national, firm and individual levels.

Video – What is austerity?

2.3) E-Learning Video on Aims of Government and Macroeconomic Policies
Watch this e-Learning video to find out more about the economic consequences of austerity measures in the European Union (EU) on Singapore. By understanding the characteristics of the Singapore economy, you can develop a clearer understanding of the policy implications.

Essay Video – Impacts of EU austerity measures on Singapore economy

Study Practice Programme - Economics Tuition

Special Features of our Economics Tuition: Study Practice Programme with Simon

We believe in studying by writing out your learning through doing questions and not by reading the answers given by guidebooks and notes as one can never remember everything just by writing and regurgitating your answer from a model essay or CSQ answering paper. No questions from an examination like GCE A level will be repeated and the way of questioning will vary from year to year. With this learning concern in mind, we put forward this Study Practice Programme with Simon with the following areas of emphasis.

Practices make perfect. We believe in making our students understand and correct their errors with these practices as they will learn to reflect from the practices with the questions that we give and make comparison to their answers. In the process, learn to reflect and improve their competency and proficiency.

Progressive monitoring for development. The class practices are given to our students based on their learning pace and junior college pace of study as this will make them able to be more prepare for school examination. At the same time, we design class practices based on our students’ level of knowledge to ensure that they will progress at conducive level to be ready for GCE A level examination.

Adaption to examination. Our class practices are also designed to prepare our students more adaptive to examination as we time-trial the practices and set variants to make it exam-oriented. We make each practices a learning step to make them understand more about the examination in GCE A level and raise their proficiency in the answering and writing skills. Going through these practices will reduce their errors, improve their adaption to examination and raise their skills for examination.

What we do for our students?

Our Economics Tuition nurtures our students our examination skills and imbue in them the knowledge and proficiency in application of knowledge to the requirements and variants of questions of the school and actual GCE A level examination. We also guide our students by giving them extra class practices and the lessons are FREE OF CHARGE as we believe that these lessons will enable them to find out more about their writing errors and help our students to correct them improve their proficiency.

Our Economics tuition programmes have the best in-house designed materials, the experienced and dedicated tutor, the conducive and nurturing learning structure and environment and most of all, we have the heart to make teaching our students to make them better learners and excel in their academic development.

What We Focus

How we can prepare you for the Economics exam?

EconomicsFocus utilises a specialised teaching approach that covers five major areas that will enhance your thinking abilities to comprehend economics concepts and acquire economics acumen to apply the relevant knowledge to the essays and case study questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Skills Development Program - Topical Teaching

Topical Teaching

Develop sound economic fundamentals with our topical teaching classes to overcome knowledge gaps and idea fragmentation. Ever topical teaching class features a specific chapter, in which you will examine important economics definitions, factor analysis, impact assessment and policy evaluation.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Skills Development Program - Essay Writing Skills Training

Essay Writing Skills

Learn to apply economics knowledge effectively with our essay writing skills development lessons. Delve into the different aspects of essay writing, such as outline setting, introduction writing and paragraph development. Examine sample essays and outlines to observe the applicability of these writing techniques. You can acquire these skills through practice sessions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Skills Development Program - Economics Case Study

Case Study Skills

Analyse economics data with our case study skills development classes. Learn to interpret economic data and derive the implications of specific keywords mentioned in the extracts to answer different types, like trend analysis, economic evaluation and comparison.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Skills Development Program - Economics Diagram Drawing

Diagram Illustration

Demonstrate competency by learning to draw and describe economics diagrams to answer the essay and case study questions. During our economics tuition, observe how diagrams are drawn in a step-by-step approach. Apply what you have learnt by drawing and explaining diagrams to reinforce conceptual understanding.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Skills Development Program - Class Practices

Class Practices

Acquire knowledge and skills competency with our extra but FREE class practices that are organized fortnightly. Be exposed to a wide range of essay and case study questions to be familiar with the different types of exam questions.

Distinctive Features of the Economics Tuition

What will you learn in our programmes?

Our Economics Tuition is very effective in preparing JC students for their examinations as we know what the areas of teaching we need to teach and nurture and understand the kind of errors that students will make in their learning and studying process. We take pride in integrating online and offline learning to immerse JC students in this FLIP education strategy that modern educators are promoting in many pre-tertiary and tertiary education institutions. You can understand how we help our students to be better from skills development programme and the materials that we have prepared to help JC students as seen from our JC Economics Essays, JC Economics Notes, E-learning videos, articles and publications in this subject of JC Economics.

In our skills development programme, we aims to nurture students’ case study techniques, essay writing skills and capacity to illustrate graphical demonstration to prepare for our students to handle the complexity and variants of the examination.

We also develop the efficient learning frame work that will encompass the extensive class practices with reviews and correction of errors for improvement. We strive to cultivate students’ interests in this subject with a series monthly discussion on economic issues that make learning more empirical and interesting.

Lastly, our materials that we have prepared in areas of JC Economics Essays and JC Economics Notes at our website will be great help and this is also fostered with E-learning videos that will make studying and preparation easier and effective.

Most of all, our class teaching will integrate all these learning tools and experiences to ensure that JC students are interested, motivated, trained, nurtured and built to ace for GCE O and A level examination.

Understanding and application of Economics knowledge
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Application of Economics Concepts
Many students face much difficulties understanding Economics due to the subject being relatively new to them. Over here at Economics Focus, we simplify the knowledge of Economics and help students understand the subject efficiently.
Case Study Answering Techniques
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Economics Case Study
Case Studies may appear to be easy to many because of the range of sources and contexts provided that help support a student’s writing. However, such thinking is greatly discouraged due to the evolution of case studies. Case studies, now, requires in-depth analysis and evaluation which can be challenging to grasp. Students in Economics Focus will learn to hone their analysis and evaluation skills with our specialised tutors who will guide the students throughout.
Spontaneous and Reflective Thinking and Writing Skills
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Reflective Thinking and Writing Skills
Reflective thinking and writing skills are imperative because it is still a required skill in the thinking questions (usually last few) of case studies. Our students will learn to think beyond the boundaries of questions and seek to support their answers with insightful ideas and solutions. Moreover, they will also learn to write in an efficient and concise manner that is easy to digest for readers. This is to ensure that our students can pen down their ideas fast and well under examination conditions.

What are the challenges in Economics?

Be prepared for your study of A Level Economics

Given the understanding of the H2 and H1 Economics examination format and areas of learning, it is evident that students will encounter obstacles during the study of the Economics subject, like time management and data interpretation. Therefore, you should consider the following questions to determine whether you are ready to tackle the examinations.

Do you have the economics acumen?
In order to answer economics case study questions, students are expected to understand the context of discussion in the given extracts and form logical judgments within the short timeframe at the examinations. Students can assess their competency level by reading economics-related news and attempt to derive the underlying implications.
Can you relate economics knowledge to the question?
Another potential learning setback is about the ability of students to apply their knowledge of Economics to the stated case study questions. While students can simply undergo rote learning and memorisation, it is inadequate to regurgitate the content without paying heed to the specific question requirements. Therefore, it is imperative for students to hone their thinking and writing skills to exhibit their proficiency in analysing economics issues.
Can you develop the economics explanation and evaluation?
Students who aspire to ace the A Level Economics examinations must possess the capability of forming clear and coherent economics explanation to answer the case study questions. During the answering process, students must may encounter the problem of having idea fragmentation, which leads to a disorganized answer structure. Furthermore, students may have the tendency to miss out on the evaluation part due to inadequate practice.

Hear from our Students

See from the viewpoints of former students who have realised their aspirations. We believe that you can do the same. Join us to find out how you can pursue your education aspirations.

We would like to express our appreciation towards students who have improved their abilities to think and write well at our Economics Tuition. Throughout the journey, these students have demonstrated their determination and will to learn and improve their conceptual understanding and writing techniques. As such, the students’ efforts have paid off, seen in terms of the significant improvements in their exam results. Likewise, we hope that you will be inspired by their individual stories and seek to achieve greatness in your studies.