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Economics Tuition Intensive Revision

Our Economics Tuition gives you the answers for GCE A Level Examination for JC Economics

Gearing up for the exams

The following questions that we have discussed in our economics tuition will shed some lights on how the GCE A Level examination will be testing students for the essay writing paper. These essay writing questions will provide them greater understanding on the spectrum of topical content that will be tested. Some of these questions are based on 25 marks and some of them are divided into two sections. We suggest that JC students should not focus on too many questions for discussion as it will spread out the concentration and lose focus on the preparation.

What we focus on our final intensive preparation for GCE A Level examination

If you want to be more prepared for this year GCE A level examination, join our intensive final preparation for GCE A level examination. During this revision, our economics tuition will enrich and improve JC students’ knowledge on the respective chapters and its application into case study questions and essay writing.

All JC students will also be trained on how to improve their essay writing skills and case study answering techniques. Students will be nurtured to know how to develop their structural development, economic causation and graphical illustration which are essential techniques required to do well for their essay writing and CSQ papers for GCE A Level examination. In this course of intensive preparation for the final year examination, we are also enriching the empirical content of the students in industries to enhance their application of economic principles for Microeconomics and the knowledge of economies like BRICS, United states, Singapore and others to enrich your knowledge into application of economic principles for Macroeconomics.

Join now and we will work towards Grade A for GCE A level Examination for Economics in 2017.

List of JC Economics Model Essays for GCE A level examination 2017

Read these JC Economics Model Essays and learn how to prepare for this year GCE A level examination for JC Economics.

Features of the Intensive Revision

Practice certainly makes Perfect

Our Intensive Revision Programme follows the format of school exams and tests to suit the needs of our students, which breaks down into essay writing, case studies and content analysis. This helps our students to find help in any field that they may face difficulty in, with dedicated support from our tutors. The programme splits into 2 major parts – content revision and skills refinement, where students go through their content once through before putting it into practice, hence drilling the essential skills and techniques

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Essay Writing Skills Training

Essay Writing Skills

The Intensive Revision serves to expose students to the different writing mannerisms and techniques to make their thinking more flexible. This gives them a clear idea of expectations when they learn to write a complex Economics essay. Our tutors will provide the necessary guidance for the students to navigate the diverse essay writing techniques and drill them during the class practices. These regular practices, thus, enforce strong fundamentals in writing essays which greatly aids students in answering essay questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - SBQ Answering Techniques

Case Study Answering Techniques

Our students are also put through a series of CSQ tutorials where they learn/revise important short answer techniques. They will find themselves tackling various complex CSQ questions which helps them to refine their learnt techniques. Furthermore, our students also learn specialised skills such as data and trend analysis which are core skills in CSQ. Our tutors will guide and stretch the analytical mind of our students and help them understand the complexities of data in case studies

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Topical Teaching

In-depth study of Topical Content

Beyond what schools teach in curriculum, our Intensive Revision also teaches our students the applicability of Economics concepts and a further depth of learning to enhance their understanding of Economics. We feel that this is necessary as students need to see the full picture in order to appreciate Economics as a subject. Additionally, after each topic, our classes guide our students in a thorough analysis of the content so that they develop full understanding of what they learnt.

Programme Benefits

How our intensive revision will prepare students well for the economics examinations?

In consideration of the significant shifts in the examination trends, Economics Focus has introduced the intensive revision programme to aid students in their efforts to ace the tests. The lessons offer useful features that will nurture the right attitudes and exam strategies, like methods of observation and writing precision, so that students can overcome the challenges of the subject. It is through persistence and the willingness to try that students emerge resilient and competent in the push for academic success at the Economics examinations.

Be observant in approaching Economics issues
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Be Observant of Economics Issues

The revision programme is beneficial to students as they will learn to break down the question and economic information given in CSQs and essays and then extract out the important points. Our lessons will nurture students to pay attention to the details and annotate the key points in the extracts, so that they develop these exam strategies and apply the skills independently. Tutors will pose questions to students and encourage active participation as such methods promote opinionated thinking.
Be precise in explaining the economic concepts and diagram illustrations
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Precise in explaining concepts

In addition to the interpretation of economics issues, it is essential for students to derive the meaning of economic concepts and demonstrate its applicability by using economic diagrams. During the revision classes, students will learn to draw various diagrams, like sustainable economic growth and cost-push inflation, to support their answers in the essays and CSQs. Tutors will guide students through the step-by-step process of diagram drawing, so as to nurture the right methods.
Be productive in your revision by analysing examination trends
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEductors Intensive Revision Classes - Understanding examination trends

Our intensive revision programmes will feature the study of past examination questions that are useful in identifying the areas of assessment and the prediction of possible test questions. By understanding the directions set by the latest syllabus set by the SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board), students can streamline their revision efforts and focus on the pertinent aspects of Economics productively.