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O Level English Tuition

Master English in exam-driven ways

Economics Focus also features other tuition programmes for secondary students, particularly O Level English tuition. The tuition classes are oriented towards the development of writing techniques that match the varied situations and contexts given by the syllabus requirements, such as report and proposal writing. In preparation for the O Level English examination (1128), students will undergo extensive class practices and receive guidance from tutors to realise their academic aspirations.

About our Sec English Tuition Programme

What we do during O Level English tuition?

The O Level English tuition shapes the thinking of its students with class discussions of current affairs as well as various general issues. These activities nurture the maturity of thinking in students and equip them with essential information that is applicable to the school examinations. Our tutors also share multiple perspectives of certain issues, which teaches students that many issues are often complicated beyond the surface level.

For Paper 1: Writing

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary English Tuition - Editing Questions

Develop a keen sense of observation to tackle Editing questions

In the Editing section, students will learn to identify grammatical errors and propose the appropriate replacements to form complete sentences. Our English tuition will feature numerous practice questions to help students to develop their observation and writing skills, which are relevant in other complementary sections, like Comprehension Questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary English Tuition - Situational Writing Questions

Recognise and answer different types of Situational Writing questions

Situational Writing questions feature different settings that require various writing styles and formats. For example, a format letter will be devoid of personalized and emotive responses to set the tone of writing right. As such, our secondary English tuition will help students to distinguish the different elements of Situational Writing and build up their skills to express ideas appropriately.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary English Tuition - Continuous Writing Questions

Distinguish between narrative and argumentative types for Continuous Writing

Students will develop the necessary writing skills to tackle the Continuous Writing component. Given that there are two distinctive types of question, namely narrative and argumentative, our secondary English tuition will impart students with the knowledge and skills to express their ideas and arguments appropriately. For example, students will learn how to do write argumentatively through the skills development, like paragraph development, outline setting and persuasive tone of writing. We also provide sample exam questions and tutor explanations that will aid students in their skills-based development.

For Paper 2: Comprehension

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary English Tuition - Interprete Visual Text

Interpret unseen Visual Text and meet the stated question requirements

The Visual Text Comprehension Question tests the student’s ability to assess the diction and choice of visuals. Such visual text can take on many forms, like poster, banner or webpage where students will learn to identify and extract useful information to answer the questions. For example, our English tuition teaches students to find out the purpose of the visual text and target audience. The lessons will also feature real world examples that students can see in their daily lives.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary English Tuition - Argumentative Comprehension Questions

Refine answering skills for narrative and argumentative Comprehension Questions

Our secondary English tuition also guides students through the study of different Comprehension questions, namely the narrative and argumentative. Students will learn to apply active reading to the passage and pick out the important parts that will help them to answer the short questions.

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Narrative questions will require students to quote relevant parts of the passage and derive the underlying meaning of the expressions to the question. Such include interpretation of the thoughts, feelings and emotional responses described in the passage.

In contrast, argumentative questions involve the use of information extraction and inference skills to promote a literature understanding of the writer. Questions. For the Summary question, techniques such as word substitution and paraphrasing are utilised to congest appropriate ideas within the word limit.


Class Schedule

When are the Secondary English tuition classes?

For secondary students who have joined the English tuition, the lessons will feature a broad range of class practices, so that they are familiar and competent with the different types of questions. The lessons covers visual text and open-ended comprehension questions, situational writing, continuous writing, editing, and others. During the classes, students will learn how to write with specific purposes and adjust the style of expression to match the given requirements.

Why join our English Tuition?

Benefits of the English tuition

Our secondary English tuition will prepare you for the upcoming challenges in the O Level English examinations. We utilise a multi-faceted teaching approach to nurture the positive learning attributes, like the desire to practise the use of language in your daily life. Our tutors create a conducive environment to promote active class participation as you refine your language skills, in the written and spoken forms.

Build up and strengthen the basics of English Language application

Through multiple class practices, we will help you develop and strengthen your fundamentals in the English Language. The basics of language development can be seen in terms of grammar, vocabulary building and sentence formation. These basics are refined by attempting all sorts of questions. Tutors will review your answers and provide constructive feedback that enable you to take immediate action in rectifying the mistakes and knowing how to avoid them in the near future.

Acquire ability to articulate and communicate in spoken and written forms

Given that the O Level English examination involves the written assessment as well as Oral Communication, our secondary English tuition will teach you to express your ideas and arguments effectively and confidently. During the tuition classes, you will be given opportunities to articulate your ideas based on the given situations. For example, our lessons will promote opinion development for Continuous Writing.

Develop a positive habit for consistent language proficiency refinement

The development of effective language application skills depends on the attainment of a positive mindset (i.e. willingness to try and overcome the fear of failure). It is a natural process to make mistakes while learning to grasp the language skills. Therefore, what matters more is that you put in the effort to express the ideas regularly. Our English tuition helps you to develop this positive mindset by putting you through class discussions to raise your self confidence, an essential factor for success at the O Level English examinations.

O Level English Syllabus (1128)

What you should expect and focus on to ace the subject?

As O Level English is one of the compulsory subject for secondary students, it is critical for students to focus their efforts on the cultivation of concise and clear writing techniques. The mastery of English Language can be achieved by understanding the syllabus requirements and format of assessment as it promotes answers that are direct to the question requirements. This will help you stay focused in your answers and tackle the issue in question accurately.

Apply the fundamentals of English Language to maximise mark allocation

Our English tuition will build up your basics of English Language by featuring different question types and texts. As you practise these questions, our tutors emphasize on the important elements of language mastery to help you to minimise errors and in turn maximise mark attainment

Analyse examination trends for comprehensive and well-rounded learning

In view of the latest O Level English examinations, our tutors have identified the distinct factors that will help you to answer different questions. For example, the Continuous Writing section have placed greater emphasis on personal opinions of youths towards social issues. As such, the English tuition will feature such questions to build up your writing skills to excel in different questions.

Identify the different aspects of English Language proficiency assessment

It is strongly encouraged for students to be familiar with the latest examination structure, seen in in terms of the four different sections. By knowing the question requirements tested in the various papers, you can focus your efforts on sharpening the relevant skills. For example, the Comprehension Questions component features both narrative and non-narrative types. In this section, tutors will impart students with the necessary skills, like word substitution and paraphrasing. This appropriately prepares students with the right skills in light of upcoming school examinations.

Hear from our Students

Stories from our former students have done well at the examination

In addition to the success stories of students, who excelled at the O and A Level Economics examination, we also feature past experiences of students, who joined our secondary English tuition and overcame the odds. Our tutors are glad to share these positive examples as they continue to inspire you and others towards the pursuit of excellence. Read on to find out more about their humble beginnings as they prepared for the O Level English examination.

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