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Secondary Tuition

Nurturing inquisitive learners

The secondary tuition programmes, like Economics and English, will teach students to process information effectively by using proven study methods. The lessons feature class activities that broaden the students’ knowledge of what they have learnt at school and demonstrate the applicability of information to exam-type questions. Also, references to industrial applications in various professions and real world examples will prove useful in bridging the gap between ‘textbook-based’ knowledge and actual uses.

Sec Tuition Programmes

What we offer for secondary students who aspire to ace the O Level examinations

Students enrolling in our tuition programmes will find themselves in an advantageous standing amongst their peers as they have exclusive content access and specialised tutors to nurture their academic minds. Our classes train our students to stretch their thinking and sharpen their critical thinking skills. In both Economics and English, we place special emphasis on analysing and writing skills as we believe both skills are crucial for current exam standards, which helps many students go beyond their academic limits and ace the O Level examinations.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Tuition - O Level Economics Tuition

O Level or IGCSE Economics Tuition

The GCE O Level Economics (2281/2286) or IGCSE Economics (0455) tuition programmes will help students in Singapore and international schools to prepare for the examinations. The lessons feature topical enrichment and class practices for MCQs, Data Response Questions (DRQs) and Essay Questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Tuition - O Level English Tuition

O Level English Tuition

The O Level English (1128) tuition will improve the student’s ability to process information from various types of visual and written text and express ideas in clear and appropriate styles of writing. Students will learn how to tackle different question types, like situational writing, visual text comprehension and continuous writing.

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