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Understand economics issues through engaging way

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Economics Focus also features, which is a tuition centre that specialises in the conduct of secondary Economics tuition programmes. Students who are taking either GCE O Level Economics (2281/2286) or IGCSE Economics (0455) can attend our lessons to establish a firm and steady foundation and hone their answering skills to excel in the examinations.

In contrast to A Level Economics, the study of O Level Economics is inclined towards the conceptual understanding of basic Economics knowledge. Our tuition programmes will guide students through the review of various concepts in organized ways, such that they can remember and apply what they have learnt at the tests.

Programme Features

How we prepare your for the Economics examination

What sets our economics tuition classes apart from other centres is the exam-driven and meaningful class activities held at the centre. As you explore the wonderful field of Economics, the Economics tutors will help you to draw relevance of theoretical knowledge to real world examples.

The rationale behind the emphasis on going beyond the discussion of Economics theories and concepts stems from the observation that students may lack the experience to process and integrate what they know for revision purposes. Hence, our classes will bridge the gap for students through various interactive class activities.

Explore the field of Economics through case studies and examples

The study of O Level Economics begins with the exploration of various Economics concepts and theories. Students will learn to identify and explain the necessary key terms and definitions to obtain the highest possible marks for each question. As some of these Economics theories may appear abstract and complex for students, our tuition will feature case studies and short discussion of economics issues to help students to comprehend these topics in manageable ways.

Cultivate exam-smart answering skills for Multiple Choice

As the O Level Economics examination comprises of two parts, namely the Multiple Choice and Structured Questions, students must be competent in both parts. For Multiple Choice, the primary focus is the development of familiarity towards question variations. Therefore, our economics tuition will provide students with numerous practice questions to hone their answering techniques, like method of elimination. Students will also learn to manage their time well by doing timed practices.

Learn to process economic information for Data Response Questions

As for the Structured Questions paper, there are two parts, namely the Data response Questions (DRQs) and Essay Questions. The DRQs feature an unseen economic extract and some economic data for students to process and then they are required to answer a series of short answer questions. As such, our secondary Economics tuition will impart students with the skills to search for the essential parts of the given information and derive the implications, so as to answer the questions.

Analyse issues critically and organize your points for the Structured Essay Questions

The second sub-part of the paper involves the Structured Essay Questions, which feature six questions. Each question has two to three parts that carry different weightage of marks. More importantly, these essay questions will assess the students’ knowledge of different chapters, which can be integrated or independent. Hence, our economics tuition classes will provide students with practice sessions to consolidate their knowledge and improve their comprehension of economics issues.

Our Tuition

What we offer at

While Economics Focus specializes in the conduct of A Level Economics, this centre delves into the study of O Level Economics. Our tuition programmes have been developed and refined through multiple revisions to ensure that students acquire the relevant knowledge and skillsets to prepare for the examinations based on the latest syllabus requirements.

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GCE O Level / IGCSE Economics Tuition

Although there are three different subject codes for secondary Economics, seen in terms of GCE and IGCSE Economics (2281/2286/0455), the content of study and format of assessment are identical. As such, our economics tuition classes will help students to build up their knowledge of Economics and refine their answering techniques progressively. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, students can clarify their doubts and improve their quality of answers through feedback and practices.