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JC History Tuition

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Sign up for our JC 1 and JC 2 June Intensive Revision History Tuition programmes to get ready for the upcoming examinations! For we will be covering thematic content re-teaching and skills-based tutorials for essay writing and source-based case study questions. Furthermore, these classes feature past year topics to recap on the key concepts and historical knowledge to be applied.

Our tuition programmes will inspire you think analytically, write prolifically and reflect critically. By doing so, you will develop the ability to arrange your ideas meticulously and develop persuasive answers that give you the much-desired grades at the examinations.  During these lessons, we conduct class discussions and class practices to reinforce your understanding of these historical developments. Call to enquire now!

About our JC History Tuition Programme

What we do during JC History tuition?

The study of A Level History involves thorough examination of past developments from multiple viewpoints and the formation of opinions to support your defining arguments that will answer the questions. In order to become perceptive towards historical developments, our JC History Tuition features class activities that promote spontaneous thinking and opinion development.

Once the fundamentals have been established, students will refine their answering skills to meet the rigorous demands of the examination by undergoing extensive class practices that will be reviewed by our experienced tutors.  As such, such a comprehensive learning curriculum will poise students for excellence.

Learn more about the intricacies of A Level History by examining different topics, like the Cold War, Political Stability and National Unity. We engage in reflective discussions that promote application-oriented answers and facilitate the development of essay writing and source-based case study answering techniques.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - Knowledge Enrichment

Knowledge Enrichment and Perspective Setting

Similar to the study of Economics, A Level History necessitates in-depth comprehension of past events, seen in terms of the interaction of different roles and contributing factors that influenced the subsequent developments. Students will examine major issues, like the origins of the Cold War which was shaped by the interactions between the two major powers. Over time, students will develop the ability to approach issues by forming logical arguments to answer questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - Essay Writing Skills Training

Essay Writing Skills

One of the two key elements of the A Level History examination is the essay writing, in which students are expected to complete two essays based on the selected Themes. Our JC History tuition programmes are geared towards the cultivation of effective writing techniques, like question analysis, outline setting, paragraph development and analysis of arguments. During the lessons, students will learn how to apply each writing skill to present their arguments clearly and persuasively.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - SBQ Answering Techniques

SBQ Answering Techniques Development

As for the other major aspect of the examination, students will attempt to answer several questions that relate to the Source Based Case Study (or SBQ, in short). In contrast to the essay writing segment, students will improve their answering techniques by gaining wide exposure to different sources that discuss topics relating to the given Theme, like the End of Bipolarity. Our lessons are instrumental to students as they learn how to extract key information and organise the answers.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - Comprehensive Exam Preparation Programme

Comprehensive Exam Preparation Programme

In addition to the thorough focus on the cultivation of essay writing and SBQ answering techniques, the JC History tuition also provides the much-needed practice sessions for students to apply their knowledge and assess their exam-readiness. During the intensive revision programme, which is usually conducted during the school holidays, students will re-assess and improve their writing abilities by undergoing class practices that are reviewed by the tutors.

Class Schedule

When are the JC History tuition classes?

The JC History Tuition programmes are based on the latest syllabus updates announced in the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), seen in terms of the H2 and H1 History subjects. During the tuition programmes, students will examine the topics, both old and new, by engaging in class discussions and attempting practice essays and Source-Based Case Study Questions (SBQs). Through the comprehensive learning curriculum, students will develop the awareness and competency to answer exam-type questions effectively.

JC1 History Tuition

For JC1 students, the lessons will commence with the introduction of major themes, like International History, seen in terms of the study of Cold War and the Global Economy. These major areas are examined in detail through active discussions to be held in class. Following the coverage of major topics, there will be revision lessons to prepare JC1 students for the common tests and Promotional examinations

JC2 History Tuition

For JC2 students, the classes will feature numerous class practices that cover both fundamental and complex questions that are likely to be tested in the examinations. During the History tuition, students will revise the topics learnt previously and review their answers with the tutors. Over time, they will learn to improve their thinking and writing approaches to raise the quality of answers, whilst in preparation for Preliminary (or Prelims, in short) and A Level History examinations.

Why join our JC History Tuition?

Benefits of the JC History tuition

What sets our tuition programme apart from others is the in-depth and wide-ranging coverage of both content and skills development. This means that students are taught to assimilate what they have learnt at school and synergise the historical knowledge to match different examination question requirements, namely the SBQs and essays.

The rationale behind this teaching method can be understood by the diagnosis of common errors that students make when preparing for A Level History. Contrary to conventional thinking, the mastery of History is not achieved through rote learning and regurgitation of knowledge. Instead, there is a need to apply specific skillsets to organise your thoughts and form logical arguments to present the points clearly. Hence, our JC History tuition classes will bridge that knowledge application gap and prepare students for the examinations thoroughly.

Develop an analytical mind to observe and reflect on historical issues
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - Develop an analytical mind
By joining our JC History tuition, you will learn to observe and reflect on historical development, both past and present. Such a skill is not only applicable to the examination, but also applicable to other aspects, like your study of Economics and personal development. The development of an analytical mind is of paramount importance when you are tasked to solve complex problems.
Acquire the writing skills to arrange ideas and arguments
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - Acquire writing skills
Learn how to structure your answers based on the question requirement by applying essential History writing skills, like the use of comparative statements, paragraph development and outline derivation. These skills are instrumental in the organisation of content and creation of compelling arguments for your essays and SBQs. Through our regular class practices and guidance from tutors, you will acquire these skills.
Verbalise your thoughts and arguments persuasively
Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators JC History Tuition - Verbalise your thoughts
The JC History Tuition is effective for your exam preparation as you are given many opportunities to express your views towards various topics tested for the A Level History examination. Our tutors will encourage you to form ideas and challenge the given perspectives as these interactions will facilitate opinion development. Hence, you can think spontaneously and form arguments easily for essay planning.

A Level History Syllabus (9752/8821)

Achieve exam-readiness by knowing what lies ahead

The syllabus structure and content are separated by two groups: H1 History (8821) and H2 History (9752). For H2 History, students must complete two papers, whereby Paper 1 involves the study of International History (1945-2000) and Paper 2 relates to Independent Southeast Asia (Independence-2000). For H1 History, students are only required to attempt Paper 1.

The format of assessment comprises of two key features, namely the Source Based Case Study Questions (SBQs) and essay questions. Students will complete two essays and one SBQ in a single setting for each Paper. Generally, it is crucial for students to be familiar with the examination structure and types of questions. On top of that, our JC History Tuition programmes will prepare students for the examination by analysing the examination trends and widen the scope of learning.

Recognise the key elements of an ideal History essay or SBQ
For students who aspire to ace the History examination, they must understand what constitutes quality essay and SBQ answers. The essential components vary according to the question type. For example, in the case of essay writing, students must state their stand clearly as it will inform the reader of the essay perspectives. For SBQ, students must derive the implication of evidence from the extracted parts.
Be familiar with the requirements to handle a History SBQ
For History SBQ, students must know how to read the given sources and extract the relevant information to answer the questions. Based on the latest syllabus requirements, students must compare two sources and do test assertion to complete the SBQ segment. Our class practices are instructional and guided, so students can learn effectively and acquire the important skillsets to ace the paper
Understand the significance of knowledge integration for exam application
In addition to knowledge and skills acquisition for A Level History, students must recognise the importance of integration between chapters to prepare well for the examination. Our classes, particularly during the school holiday period, will focus on skills development. The tutors will demonstrate how the knowledge from various issues are related and applied to answer exam-type questions.

Hear from our Students

Achieve your goals

Apart from Economics Focus, our related tuition centre, also known as, is glad to share the successes of former students who have achieved the seemingly-impossible of excelling at the A Level History examination. It is through their determination and resilience that enabled them to meet the exam requirements. We invite you to read more to get a preview of how our tuition programmes have prepared them for the challenges at the A Level.

Excel in your A Level History examinations

Join our JC History tuition.

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