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While Economics Focus offers economics tuition for JC students, we also feature A Level programmes, like GP tuition by In this case, the classes are geared towards the preparation of A Level General Paper examination (8807). For many, General Paper may be perceived as an abstract subject that requires the application of knowledge in the current affairs. As such, our GP tuition programmes will eradicate the frictions that students will experience in their journey. In the process, students will appreciate the value of learning General Paper and how its knowledge can be used for many purposes, including personal development.

About our GP Tuition Programme

What we do during our GP tuition?

The GP tuition classes are developed with wide-ranging features that promote inquisitive learning as students explore various GP issues with the tutors. These features, such as the acquisition of general knowledge from multiple perspectives, are beneficial to students as they are equipped with the essential information that is applicable to the examination. The teaching curriculum has been refined in response to the latest examination trends, such that students are in the advantageous position to stay ahead in the competition.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GP Tuition - Content Enrichment and Broadening Perspective

Content Enrichment and Broadening Perspectives

The mastery of A Level General Paper begins with the understanding of GP issues. During the GP tuition, students will engage in discussions with the tutor on various matters, contentious or not, such as the free speech debate, ethical concerns over eugenics, and the economic consequences of environmental degradation. By doing so, students can approach these topics from various viewpoints.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GP Tuition - Essay Writing Techniques

GP Essay Writing Techniques Development

Another crucial aspect of General Paper involves the development of proficient essay writing techniques. As the Paper 1 (GP Essay) component carries 50% of the overall grade, it is imperative for students to undergo extensive class practice to acquire the necessary skillsets to read, think and write well. Students will build up skills, like introduction setting, paragraph development and use of rebuttals.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GP Tuition - Comprehension Skills

GP Comprehension Writing Skills Development

For Paper 2 (GP Comprehension), students are expected to process information from the given passage(s), extract out the underlying ideas and arguments, then answer the short answer questions, summary and application question (AQ) within the given timeframe. Our GP tuition will impart students with skills, like method of inference, information extraction, word substitution and arrangement of points.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GP Tuition - Intensive Revision for exam

Intensive Revision for Exam

In preparation for the school common tests, promotional and final A Level General Paper examinations, JC1 and JC2 students can attend the intensive revision classes to identify areas of improvement, like time management and essay writing. These lessons are held during the school holidays so that students are immersed in the process of revision and practice, such that they become confident and competent.

Class Schedule

When are the GP tuition classes?

For JC1 and JC2 students who have enrolled in the GP tuition programme, the classes will feature a series of GP issues that serve as context for class discussion and practices. Some of these topics may have been tested in past examinations or newer areas of study to prepare for the complexities of the upcoming tests. By attending our instructional lessons, students will develop the proficiency to reflect and express themselves in verbal and written forms.

Why join our GP Tuition?

Benefits of the General Paper Tuition

Our GP tuition will nurture students to become proficient thinkers and writers, who can engage in in-depth and meaningful discussions on important issues. While we cannot ignore the importance of exam preparation for the A Level, it is also important to impart students with the skills to acquire and apply information effectively. We believe that students should develop a positive mindset, seen in terms of the resilience to deal with hardships. By doing so, the valuable experience gained in the process will be useful in their future endeavours, even after the A Level examinations.

Acquire knowledge on wide-ranging issues in exam-oriented ways

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GP Tuition - Acquire knowledge on wide ranging topics
Our GP tuition will introduce to students various issues that broaden their minds on important matters at the local and global levels. Throughout the learning experience, students will discover the applicability of knowledge in different aspects of the examination. For example, they will learn how to direct the discussion of issues to align with the stand for their GP essays.

Develop opinionated and reflective thinking

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GP Tuition - Opionated thinking
The GP tuition programmes will promote reflective thinking, which means that students will think about the implication of ideas being discussed in essay questions and comprehension passages. In addition, the GP tutor will facilitate this development by guiding the discussion of topics in class. Through consistent practice and participation, students will learn to form opinions quickly.

A Level General Paper Syllabus (8807)

Be familiar with the exam requirements

The introduction of General Paper as a compulsory A Level subject for most students represents a major shift from the previous education stage. In contrast to O Level English (1128), General Paper emphasizes on the discussion of issues and application of content knowledge to argumentative essay writing. Therefore, our GP tuition will guide students through the study of many issues, such that they will develop the awareness and familiarity to tackle exam-type questions.

Recognise the significance of General Paper as a knowledge enrichment subject
Students who study General Paper will develop the maturity of thought as they engage in in-depth discussion of issues that they are unlikely to do so at their own free time. The knowledge and skills acquired from General Paper are valuable as students will develop keen observation abilities to analyse issues from multiple perspectives.
Anticipate the shifts in examination trends
In view of the changes to the way examination questions are set, our GP tutors have refined the teaching content to remind students of the significant aspects, such as the integration of topics for GP essays. In particular, students are strongly discouraged from ‘spotting topics’ as these questions will require students to approach the issues from multiple angles.

Hear from our Students

Our success stories

Tutors of are glad to share the positive experiences of former students who have surmounted the obstacles and emerged victories at the A Level General Paper examinations. We acknowledge the hard work and determination of students as their efforts have paid off. More importantly, these students will continue to inspire others to strive for the best and overcome their weaknesses, so as to realise their goals. We extend our warm invitation to you as you embark on this enriching journey.

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