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Develop critical thinking skills to understand the past and present

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While Economics Focus teaches students to understand Economics issues and express the ideas in written form coherently, also imparts students with the knowledge and skills to form logical arguments for A Level History (8821/9752).

Given the complex challenges and requirements of this Humanities subject, students who join our tuition classes will learn to observe and reflect on historical developments, such that they can piece together the disparate information in meaningful ways to answer the essay and source based questions.

Programme Features

How students will benefit from our tuition programmes employs a multi-faceted teaching approach to help students to understand historical issues and apply their knowledge to match the context of questions. As A Level History requires students to think and write fast, students will be trained to approach questions in exam-driven ways.

Our tuition programmes places much emphasis on the development of thinking and writing skills, like perspective setting and knowledge categorization. By attending our tuition programmes, students will build up their confidence and abilities to tackle different question types and thus ace the examinations.

Explore historical developments to comprehend the significance of events

At the early stage of studying A Level History, our tuition classes will guide students through the analysis of past events and incidents to help them understand the complexity of History. In view of the updates to the A Level History syllabus for H2 and H1 students, our teaching content has been revised to match the changes. For example, students will examine the factors that led to the phenomenal growth of the ‘Asian Tigers’, namely Taiwan and South Korea for International History.

Learn to conduct source-based comparisons for Case Study Questions

Given that the A Level History examination features two specific question types, it is important for students to master the basics to ace the subject. One such question type is the Source Based Case Study Questions (or SBQ, in short), which features several historical extracts that students must analyse. Our history tuition classes will impart students with effective answering techniques, like information extraction and content organization, such that they will maximise the mark allocation to score well.

Develop proficient answering techniques for Essay Questions

The second question type relates to the JC History Essay Questions, which are focused on the assessment of argumentative writing and critical analysis of historical issues. Our history tuition will support students in the development of proficient writing methods through the use of skills, like paragraph development and idea conceptualization. To facilitate the development of such skills, we conduct class practices that feature past examination questions to hone their writing abilities.

Our Tuition

What types of history tuition programmes we offer to students, as the name suggests, focuses on the provision of history tuition classes to JC students. Similar to Economics Focus, which conducts A Level Economics tuition for H1 and H2 students, our tuition programmes cater to both H1 and H2 History students based on the varied requirements of the syllabus.  

Through our differentiated lessons, students will acquire the relevant skills and knowledge to approach History as a subject, such that they will also develop a keen sense of observation and reflective thinking skills. At the end of the educational journey with us, students can apply these skills and knowledge for their personal development as they advance to higher levels of education and in the working world.

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H1 History Tuition (8821)

For H1 History students, our tuition programme will delve into the study of International History (Paper 1), which is the main theme of the subject. During the classes, students will examine three main themes, like the organization of United Nations and the Cold War development in the 20th Century.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - JC History Tuition - A Level H2 History Tuition

H2 History Tuition (9752)

On the other hand, the H2 History students will study not only International History (Paper 1), but also History of Independent Southeast Asia (Paper 2). In addition to the three themes for Paper 1, H2 students will learn three themes for Paper 2, like Political Structures and Economic Development of Southeast Asian nations.