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JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng

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Economics Focus Singapore - Super Economics Tutor Simon Ng

Simon Ng Chin Sun

Founder and Economics Tutor of Economics Focus,

Founder and General Paper Tutor of

Over 20 years of Teaching Experience

9689 0510

Before Economics Focus was set up, Mr. Simon Ng began his teaching journey as a private tutor as an undergraduate from National University of Singapore (NUS), specialising in A Level Economics and General Paper (GP, in short). Over time, Simon has accumulated much experience in building up the skillset and knowledge of students, such that they can excel in their examination.

[read more=”+ Read More” less=”– Read less”]In particular, Simon has managed a wide range of learning obstacles that have impeded the progress of students, like time management, learning attitudes, and appropriate study methods. Simon has been focused on answering the questions of students, which enabled him to understand their mindsets and attitudes towards learning.

To fulfil his aspiration for teaching, Simon established Economics Focus,, and other related learning portals. These portals manifest his teaching approach, which will enrich the minds of students as they grasp the subject of Economics.


Teaching Approach

How Simon supports the academic and personal development of students

As the Principal JC Economics Tutor and founder of Economics Focus, Simon Ng has developed an effective teaching approach to guide students through the study of Economics and imbue in them the thinking and writing skills to approach various issues. Students who join the tuition programme will comprehend the significance of these learning methods as they analyse abstract-sounding economics concepts and relate to the real world case studies.

Rational Thinking Methodology
The Rational Thinking Methodology represents the guiding principle of Economics Focus, in which students will learn reflectively, apply effectively, and review critically. In this process, Simon imparts students with the essential thinking, writing and application skills to poise students for the rigours of the Economics examination.

Active tutor-student engagement
Simon is an engaging tutor, who motivates students to approach Economics positively, especially for those students who are weaker in the subject and lack the confidence to overcome their obstacles in learning. Simon acknowledges the frictional process of learning and provides step-by-step approaches to overcome it.

Be inspired to learn and explore Economics
Simon’s passion and determination for the mastery of Economics has influenced many students to do the same. He stresses the need to enrich the minds of students as the passion for learning is a pivotal factor that builds up mental resilience to surmount obstacles for educational and personal development.

Educational Contributions

How Simon prepares students for the future

As an educator, Simon believes that students should learn as much as they can throughout their lives. Starting from the initial stages, the study of Economics and other A Level subjects serve as opportunities to shape students to become resilient and critical thinkers.

Even after the A Level examinations have concluded, Simon creates pathways for students to learn and build up new skills as they prepare for tertiary education and beyond. In this process, many students have grown much as they are better prepared for the future challenges in the working world.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng - A level Economics Tuition

A Level Economics Tuition

As one of the pioneer Economics tutors, Simon has developed an exam-oriented teaching programme that benefited many students to excel at their studies. For the past 20 years, Simon’s role as a lecturer and tutor for A Level Economics has been instrumental in building up the knowledge and skills of students.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng - A Level GP Tuition

A Level GP Tuition

In addition to Economics Focus, Simon also conducts GP tuition for students who are in preparation for A Level General Paper. His teaching programme comprises of content enrichment, via issue-based discussion of GP topics, as well as skills-based development, which features GP essay writing and comprehension answering skills.

Economics Focus Singapore SGEducators - H1 Economics Tuition - Intensive Revision for exams

Student Internship Programme

During his teaching journey, Simon has conceived the idea of extending the learning pathways of former students as they gear up for career-specific challenges. As such, Simon has developed the Student Internship Programme with his related companies to educate students beyond classroom.

[read more=”+ Read More” less=”– Read less”]The Internship Programme serves as a useful platform for students to apply the thinking and writing skills gained from Simon’s tuition programmes, particularly in the conduct of business and commercial activities. In this process, Simon cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit of students as they are exposed to industry-specific challenges.

In view of the increasingly complex and globalized world, Simon advocates the development of three aspects: language, IT and problem-solving skills. During the Internship Programme, students will learn to build up these skills as they become professionals of a knowledge-based economy in the near future.


Hear from his Students

Find out how our students benefited from Simon’s guidance and teaching methods

Hear from former students who have studied under Simon as you find out more about his teaching approach and how they have gained from the programmes. We invite you to contact Simon directly at 9689 0510 to derive a better understanding of the tuition programme and other educational matters, so as to prepare you for your examinations.

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JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng
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