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Mobile Applications

Acquire knowledge at your fingertips

Economics Focus supports the transition of learning from conventional to digitized means, whereby the feature of mobile applications is an essential way to retrieve information. In preparation for the Economics examination, students can undergo productive revision sessions with their smartphones or other digital devices. By harnessing the merits of technology, we can nurture students to become Smart Learners of the future.

Benefits of Smart Learning Apps

Why use mobile apps to learn?

In comparison to the use of physical notes, educational mobile applications provide the ease and convenience of information accessibility, such that students can clarify their doubts and remember important economic concepts efficiently.

Avoid the hassle of carrying bulky study materials
In a way, you can consider the apps as a digital version of your notes. These learning resources are encoded in the educational apps that are accessible from smartphones. Therefore, it is much easier to organise your materials.

Receive latest updates to your revision content
One distinctive weakness of physical notes is that it may be outdated over time. For mobile applications, you can retrieve the up-to-date information on any Economics topics and be in the loop of changes to the syllabus content and exam structure.

Apply your knowledge with practice questions
The mobile apps contain practice questions and sample answers for you to refer to during your revision. These questions have been prepared by our tutors to match the exam standards. By doing so, it provides a more realistic setting for your revision.

Our Featured Apps

Available on AppStore and GooglePlay

Get started in your revision for Economics by tapping on our learning resources. Also, we feature other useful apps, like SGEducators and GP Studies, which may pique your interest. As educators, we encourage you to maximise your time spent on learning.

Econs Studies

JC students who are seeking to attain mastery of their Economics knowledge can download the Econs Studies app to comprehend the different aspects of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The app is a handy learning tool for students to revisit important areas of learning whilst in preparation for the examination.

The study notes are organised into separate topics, like Demand and Supply, Market Structure, and Market Failures. In this way, you can direct your energies to the chapters that you need to spend more time on for revision

The mastery of A Level Economics requires a thorough understanding of knowledge application, seen in terms of essay writing. You can examine and read through the sample essays written by our tutors and emulate from their answering methods.

One useful way to conduct self-assessment on your proficiency is to apply the knowledge to multiple choice questions (MCQs). These questions will test your understanding of economic concepts and integration of knowledge.

GP Studies

Apart from A Level Economics, JC students can use the GP Studies app to develop familiarity towards the issues discussed and tested for General Paper. The app contains many useful resources to kickstart your revision productively.

The app features include Notes, which are separated into distinctive topics, like Science & Technology and Social Media. Within each topic, there are key terms that are used frequently in intellectual debates and are useful for your GP essay writing.

In view of the exam trends, A Level GP essays involve the integration of knowledge from various topics. As such, our sample essays, which are written by experienced GP tutors, will illustrate to you the essential areas of consideration for essay practice.

Although A Level General Paper does not feature MCQs in the examination, these questions are useful for students to assess their breadth and depth of knowledge on important GP issues. Answers are shown at the end of each attempt for learning.