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GP Tuition Singapore was formed with the sole purpose of providing exceptional GP tuition classes for students who are taking the subject at the A levels. GP Tuition Singapore is one of our many subject specific tuition portals that consolidate all the essential GP E-learning materials into a single portal so students will be able to learn with greater convenience. It also features exceptional GP tuition centres as well as other tuition centres such as Economics Focus who teach other subjects.

GP Themes

Broaden Your Horizons

GP Tuition Singapore presents students with a wealth of content knowledge covering a wide spectrum of themes. Just like Economics Focus, tutors of GP Tuition Singapore provide students with varied perspectives relating to a specific theme so that students will be able to deepen their understanding on a specific issue/theme. Content presented on this portal are arranged according to themes so that students will be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Content is also updated and checked on a regular basis to ensure its reliability and relevance.


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Education

Education is referred to as one of the building blocks of a stable society because it empowers individuals and exposes them to various issues. The acquisition of Knowledge can be done through, reading, writing and listening, all of which happen all the time. Some argue that education is a key aspect of a strong society and sound economy while others say it only serves to perpetuate poverty and income inequality.

Science and Technology

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Science & Technology

Science and technology has changed the way we go about our daily lives. It has replaced more primitive methods and tools that were adopted previously leading to vast improvements in human development. The increased use of technology has lead to the move towards ‘smart-nation’ building which leading to an increase in quality of life, however skeptics have argued against its supposed benefits.

Social Media

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Social Media
Social media is no stranger to anyone living in our world today and it has formed a large part of our lives. Experts say, we spend an average of 1hour 40mins a day on social media platforms. Social media has changed the way we communicate socialise, however opponents have argued about the many negative repercussions resulting from its use.


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on

Marriage is a legally or formalized union of two people who are seen as partners in a personal, intimate relationship. Marriage, serves to promote the propagation of our species and the enhancement of societal values. As concepts of marriage evolve over the years due to redefinitions of gender and relationships, so does the foundations of a traditional family and the relevancy of marriage as an institution in our society today.


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Cultures

Culture signifies the ideas, customs and social behaviors of a particular people or society. It is what gives them an identity and a sense of belonging. As our borders become closer and less defined and more open to external influences, some have said it leads to the dilution of a national identity which could lead to more serious implications in future.


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Youths

The period between childhood and adulthood is often referred to as our youth, which represents a significant part of our lives. The adolescent years presents youths with plenty of opportunities to pursue their passions, however with greater responsibilities being placed on youths today coupled with the many influences from the world, it also creates its fair share of problems for youths.

Examination Skills

Developing The Skills You Need to Score in General Paper

The goal of GP Tuition Singapore is simple, we want to help students reach his/her fullest potential through the provision of a holistic learning environment. Tutors from our various GP tuition centres as well as tutors from other tuition centres like Economics Focus get together regularly to discuss ways and techniques in which they can help students improve and excel in their respective subjects. Through a good mix of class practices, class discussions and intensive revision classes students will be able to develop the necessary essay writing and comprehension skills needed to perform in the examination.

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essay Skills

Essay Writing Skills

Tutors at GP Tuition Singapore hone student’s essay writing skills through various methods. Class practices and topical tests are administered to give students opportunities to practice and for tutors to correct their mistakes. Also tutors use lessons and class discussions as avenues to impart knowledge to students so that they will be able to broaden their understanding of the various issues tested at the A levels.

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Comprehension Skills

Comprehension Skills

GP comprehension skills are also being emphasised on by tutors of GP Tuition Singapore. Comprehension requires students to have skills such as analytical, inference and summary skills. Tutors aims to develop these essential skills by giving students enough opportunities to practice under exam conditions so that they will have the confidence to tackle the GP paper during then A level examinations.

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Comprehension Skills

Intensive Revision

GP Tuition Singapore conducts regular intensive revision classes to reinforce learning. Intensive revision classes are usually conducted in the weeks leading up to examinations and they allow tutors to give students last minute examination tips for the subject. Also, students will be able to recap on key concepts they may have forgotten so that they will be able to gain greater confidence before the paper.

GP Resources

Comprehensive A Level General Paper Materials

GP Tuition Singapore offers students with a complete and extensive range of GP resources to aid them in their learning. The GP resources found on this portal are designed to enhance student’s learning of the subject. This is done through presenting the materials in a clear and concise manner just like educational materials found on Economics Focus.

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes

GP Notes

Students will be able to find comprehensive GP notes covering a wide range of issues and themes within the GP A level syllabus. Notes are written by tutors who have had years of experience in the industry so students can not only learn conveniently, but also confidently.

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays

GP Essays

GP Tuition Singapore also stocks up on GP model essays and articles written by tutors, industry experts and exceptional students. This allows students the opportunity to emulate and learn from these model essays so that they will be able to further improve upon their own essay writing techniques.