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Economics Focus offers ePublications and other forms of reading materials in the digital format. Students and parents can derive a better understanding of our economics tuition and GP tuition programmes, class activities and areas of concerns in the context of education. These ePublications can be found in many sources, such as the Education Guide in the Popular BookStore. As educators, we align ourselves with the shift towards the use of digital means to reach out to tech-savvy students, so as to engage and cultivate inquisitive learners of the 21st Century.

Features of the ePublications

What we provide in these reading materials?

In addition to the provision of learning resources for students who join our economics tuition classes, these ePublications will supplement the educational development of students as they try to understand the essentials of A Level Economics. The articles are written by prolific JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, who has tapped on his teaching experience and familiarity with past exam questions to share the knowledge with readers (both parents and students alike).

Pick up useful exam strategies

Economics focus Singapore - elearning publications and ebooks - Pickup useful exam strategies

Our publications cover the discussion of exam strategies, like essay writing and case study answering techniques. These methods are instrumental in the optimization of the revision process, so that students can study effectively and efficiently.

Understand subject requirements

Economics focus Singapore - elearning publications and ebooks - Understand study requirements

The occasional changes and updates to the A Level Economics syllabus, particularly for the H1 Economics (8823), may give rise to some uncertainties and confusion for students. As such, our publications will highlight the essentials of the subject.

Be updated on the latest education news

Economics focus Singapore - elearning publications and ebooks - be updated on the latest education news

Our publication content is not confined to the coverage of academic studies only. Rather, we will examine recent topics related to the education scene, which may be widely debated by educators, policymakers, parents and students.

Pop Guide: Art of Essay Writing for Economics

Develop effective essay writing skills Essentials for students to ace the A Level Economics As a Humanities subject, JC students are expected to utilise their reading and writing abilities to process economics-related information and express clear and coherent...

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Should I Go to JC or Poly?

If you are facing this dilemma whether you should further your study in junior college or polytechnics after receiving your O level result, I would like to congratulate you and your parents for the academic achievement you have attained at this stage of your academic...

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