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Bishan Tuition Centres

Learning Made Simple

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Bishan Tuition Centres makes up one of our many regional learning portals and it serves to integrate select tuition centres from around the Bishan neighbourhood, into a single platform so parents and students will be able to find a suitable tuition centre with ease. Bishan Tuition Centres features renowned tuition centres like Economics Focus who strive to provide students with exceptional and affordable tuition classes. Also Bishan Tuition Centres offers educational materials online made available through our E-learning system so that students will be able to enhance their learning abilities.

Tuition Portals

Integrated Learning Tuition Portals

Bishan Tuition Centres forms a part of our highly integrated and extensive learning portal. Economics Focus can be found on our other portals such as Tampines Tuition Centres and Secondary Tuition Centres. Standing at the apex, is the SGEducators learning portal which seeks to integrate all learning at the various primary, secondary and jC levels into a single accessible platform creating a community, for a sustainable and reliable education ecosystem.


Revolutionising Learning

Bishan Tuition Centres makes use of E-learning programmes provided by MobileLearners to enhance the learning of students at Economics focus. The E-learning programmes are extensive and  include an array of tools such as online assessments, videos, notes etc. Included below are our  key E-Learning features.


Economics Focus Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - Education Videos

Gain access to online videos that allow students to gain deeper understanding into the world of economics. The online videos cover a variety of topics, all of which handpicked and crafted by economics tutors so as to provide students with varied perspectives to improve their economic knowledge. Also online videos and lectures by tutors of Economics Focus are made available to students so that they will be able to learn anywhere they go.


Economics Focus Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - Mobile Apps

Students of Economics Focus will also be able to make use of the Bishan Tuition Centres app to receive the latest updates and news regarding our JC tuition programmes offered. Students will also be able to use the app to access educational articles and materials. On top of this, the app gives students the ability to enrol in our featured tuition centres with ease.

Education News

Economics Focus Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - Education News

The education news section allows students of Economics Focus to stay updated with the latest happenings in the education scene and around the Bishan Neighbourhood. Students will also be able to find useful examination study tips and more to help aid them in their revision and preparation for their examinations.

Secondary Tuition

Receive a well-rounded education

Bishan Tuition Centres offers secondary tuition classes for subjects such as economics, conducted by Economics Focus. Our secondary tuition classes are conducted in ways that will help optimize learning for students. This is done through grouping students from the same school together as well as tailoring each lesson to suit the learning styles of every student as much as possible, so that they will be able to learn at a comfortable pace.

Economics Focus Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - O Level Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

Secondary school students can enrol in our secondary economics tuition conducted by Economics Focus which seeks to prepare them for their economics paper at the O levels. Here, our tutors will introduce students to basic economic concepts to help strengthen their foundations in the subject. Tutors also adopt an interactive teaching style which encourages students to ask questions and participate actively in class discussions.

Junior College Tuition

Receive a Holistic education that prepares you for A in economics

Bishan Tuition Centres offers JC tuition classes for students undergoing the A level syllabus at the JC level. Our tuition classes cover a wide range of subjects such as JC economics offered by Economics Focus which aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to effectively tackle their A level examinations. Our JC tutors are highly experienced and dedicated so students can be assured of receiving quality education and excellent results.

Economics Focus Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - A level Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition

JC1 and JC2 students can enrol in JC economics tuition conducted by Economics Focus. Helmed by established and renowned tutor Mr Simon Ng who has guided many students to distinctions in economics, students will undergo specially crafted economics tuition programmes designed to help them achieve A in economics at the A levels. On top of receiving comprehensive notes, students will undergo class practices, topical tests and intensive revision and content enrichment classes to help them improve their understanding of economics.