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Economics Focus advocates the progress of education, seen in terms of the utilization of digital features to conduct eLearning activities. Given the proliferation of technology, which shapes the way JC students access information, it is essential that we take a positive step towards the inclusion of online aspects to facilitate the process of knowledge acquisition. By tapping on these eLearning tools, JC students will be engaged to pursue education purposefully.

Online Learning Tools

How we can enhance and augment the current learning methods

Although we are introducing eLearning features that are interactive and effective, these features will not replace the conventional learning methods yet. Instead, we seek to support the current ways by introducing these features to intensify the efforts of students to understand abstract concepts and practise questions regularly.

Economics Focus Singapore - elearning portal and tools - Education Videos

One distinctive feature is our eLearning videos that discuss various economics issues that require the application of knowledge to practice questions. By watching these videos, students can absorb and retain the information well. In comparison to the physical notes, essays and CSQs, the use of videos utilises multiple senses, which translates to improved concentration and memory. Therefore, students will be appealed by the engaging aspect of videos and strive to apply their knowledge to questions.
Economics Focus Singapore - elearning portal and tools - ePublications and Books

We have introduced ePublications, eBooks and other writings in the digital format, so that students and parents can examine Economics issues and receive study tips to improve grades. Some of these ePublications are found in notable platforms, such as the Education Guide by Popular Bookstore, which is accessible to many students and parents at the various branches across Singapore. These publications cover the essentials of Economics and are written by our very own JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, who has vast teaching experience for the past two decades.
Economics Focus Singapore - elearning portal and tools - Mobile Apps_1

Given that many people rely on their smartphones to get information, it is likely that JC students will utilise mobile applications encoded in their handy devices for learning and other purposes. As such, Economics Focus has introduced mobile apps that are oriented towards the broadening of Economics knowledge, application of answering skills, and understanding of general issues. One example is the introduction of the ‘Econs Studies’ app, which focuses on supporting JC1 and JC2 students who are taking the A Level Economics examinations (H1/H2).

eLearning Network

Our interconnected network for education

Economics Focus is part of the a centralised education network, known as SGEducators, which connects different types of eLearning portals together, enabling students, parents and tutors to collaborate and engage amongst one another productively and actively.

Economics Focus - SGEducators Tuition Singapore Logo


SGEducators is the centrepiece of an integrated education network, which makes up of portals, seen in terms of region, level and subject. The portal serves as a digital platform to cultivate a collaborative community amongst students, parents and tutors.

Subject-Based Portals

Similar to Economics Focus, which focuses on the subject of Economics for O and A Level, we also feature other subject-specific portals, like GP Tuition Singapore. These portals offer a wide range of learning resources, like online notes, videos and practice questions for students to access, thus improving the efficiency of their revision.

Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore Logo

GP Tuition Singapore

GP Tuition Singapore was established as a subject-based portal for JC students who are preparing for the A Level General Paper examination (8807). It features GP issues, like Science & Technology, and other useful learning resources, like essays.

Region-Based Portals

Economics Focus is featured in region-specific portals, like Bishan Tuition Centres and Tampines Tuition Centres, which are developed to meet the specific needs of students who reside in these neighbourhoods. By having a regional education hub, students can enroll in these accessible tuition centres to attain a well-rounded learning.

Economics Focus - Secondary Tuition Singapore Logo

Bishan Tuition Centres

Bishan Tuition Centres was developed with the purpose of providing ease of access for students to supplement their learning at the featured education centres. A wide range of classes are available at the primary, secondary and JC levels.

Economics Focus Singapore - Bukit Timah Tuition Centres Logo

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres was set up to target students living in the Central region of Singapore. Parents can seek out suitable tuition programmes to enrol their children in. Also, we feature an education news column for students to be updated

Economics Focus - Tampines Tuition Centres Logo

Tampines Tuition Centres

Tampines Tuition Centres is a region-based portal that aids students in their study of primary, secondary and JC subjects via the provision of tuition programmes by the featured centres. Students can seek guidance from the tutors and ace the exams.

Level-Based Portals

Economics Focus is also listed in the level-specific portals, like Secondary Tuition Singapore and JC Tuition Singapore, which target students in particular groups based on the level requirements. Given the diverse set of subjects and nature of examination questions for O and A Level, these portals will serve as informative and learning-friendly digital platforms for students to access conveniently.

Economics Focus - Secondary Tuition Singapore Logo

Secondary Tuition Singapore

Secondary Tuition Singapore was developed to support students in their preparation for the O Level examinations. The portal features many tuition programmes that students can join, such as English, Physics, Economics and Mathematics.

Economics Focus - JC Tuition Singapore Logo

JC Tuition Singapore

JC Tuition Singapore was established with the central focus of preparing students for the A Level examinations. Students can sign up for the tuition classes with the featured centres, such as Economics Focus and