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Economics Focus -
Internship Programme

Experience application-based learning to prepare for the future

Ever since 2016, Economics Focus conducts the Student Internship Programme to impart valuable essential skills and knowledge to the interns to prepare them for the challenges ahead in the future. Our interns go through a series of activities to enhance their ability to think creatively, innovatively and rationally so as to broaden their minds and allow them to gain key experience that would be relevant and applicable for their future career. Therefore, the programme aims to build up the future thinkers and problem solvers of Singapore by providing them with the necessary skillset to succeed in their future jobs.

Benefits of Internship Programme

Why join the Internship?

Our internship programme offers many benefits that will help interns be ready when they enter the workforce in the future. By going with an open mind and a willingness to learn and be pushed out of your comfort zone, interns will be provided with an invaluable and unforgettable experience that will allow them to grow immensely and develop useful relevant skills for the future.

Understand the importance of real world application

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Interns will get the opportunity to explore crucial industries in Singapore like education and renovation through client-related projects, helping them understand the significance of learning and how these skills can be applied in real world situations.

Develop essential real-life skills

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By attending our internship programme, interns will develop useful skills like writing and marketing research that will enhance their capability in the workforce. They will get the chance to hone these skills through writing blog articles for client-related projects to engage their target audience.

Conducive learning environment that encourages student engagement

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Over at our student internship programme, we provide a friendly and conducive learning environment for our interns to encourage participation, collaboration and team bonding. Under the guidance and mentorship of Mr Simon Ng, interns will be learning from the best and be given assistance when needed help. If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable internship programme, come join us to enjoy these benefits.

Learn to analyse problems and derive alternative solutions

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Encountering obstacles in your life is very common and can be very challenging to overcome. By going through our specially-prepared internship programme, interns will gain the ability to examine crucial problems and think creatively and critically to come up with innovative methods to solve them.

Develop effective interpersonal communication skills

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Our student internship programme will provide our interns with the chance to improve their interpersonal communication skills through presentations and project-related works. By doing this, our interns will be more well-versed in their art of communication which will be very useful for any future work interviews.

Programme Activities

What we do during the Internship

By joining our internship programme, interns will be able to learn and explore new areas of content that may not be covered in school. Interns will be trained on how to write blog articles proficiently and be exposed to concepts like search engine optimization. Through our specially-prepared activities, interns will definitely be given a holistic learning experience that will impart valuable knowledge and skills to them.

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Copywriting and Content Development

Interns will be taught on the skills of copywriting and how to write thought-provoking blog articles that is engaging and interesting to the target audience. Interns will be able to learn how to craft a series of articles from a series of existing ideas.

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Digital marketing planning and development

Our internship programme will provide students the opportunity to explore the digital marketing scene and allow them to understand how to efficiently plan and execute proper digital marketing to attract your target audience.

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Social media management

Interns will examine how to conduct effective social media campaigns that is visually appealing and concise for the target audience. For instance, learn how to develop Facebook marketing campaigns for clients and derive knowledge from the marketing responses.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Student Internship Programme - Search engine optimization- Icon

Search engine optimization

Learn the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to maximise the use of SEO to make your website more accessible to your target audience. Learn how to assess the site performance by referring to case study sites that have been successful in their campaigns.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Student Internship Programme - Market-oriented background research- Icon

Market-oriented background research

During our internship programme, interns will be carrying out market research on the relevant key industries in Singapore. By doing this, interns will be exposed to the latest news and trends in the current employment landscape.

Internship Application

How to join the Internship?

Students interested in applying for our internship programme can do so during the period of December to February every year. By joining our internship programme, students can be exposed to the various industries in Singapore, allowing them to gain the experience needed to stay relevant in the current workspace.

Internship Periods

Our internship period is usually conducted from May to July and December. Students will undergo an intensive training programme that will help them develop the essential skills needed to prepare them for their future careers.


The Student Internship Programme is open to students of Economics Focus and those in the tertiary institutions, like NUS. We encourage all students to adopt an inquisitive mindset to learn from professionals and fellow interns.


For NUS students

For NUS students, please login to the NUS TalentConnect with your student ID and password. Then, search for ‘SG Solutions Hub Pte Ltd’ to apply for the Internship Programme. We will contact you to arrange for an interview before we review and confirm your application.

For students of Economics Focus

Economics Focus invites students, who have attended the tuition programme and completed the A Level examinations, to apply for the Internship Programme. Contact Simon at 9689 0510 to get started in your application. You can start with the December programme which starts right after your A Levels.

Hear from our interns

Meet our interns

Want to know what our interns think about our internship programme? Read on to find out how these inquisitive and committed interns have benefited from the Internship Programme. Get a preview of the programme by browsing through their personal testimonials and feedback on the engaging activities. We hope that you will be inspired by their grit and tenacity, such that you will consider applying for this fun-filled and meaningful programme