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Cultivate Sensible Minds

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Apart from Economics Focus, also offers JC tuition for students, who are preparing for their A Level General Paper examination (8807). As a tuition centre affiliated to Economics Focus, students can optimise their revision efforts by enrolling in the GP tuition classes.

These lessons are instrumental in the academic development of students due to the wide-ranging and exam-oriented programmes, like content enrichment and skills mastery. In the process, students will acquire the essential knowledge and answering techniques to ace the school and national examinations.

Programme Features

How our GP tuition will help students to ace the examination has distinctive features that will support students in the study of A Level General Paper, such that they will be confident and competent to meet the upcoming challenges of the subject. During the GP tuition, students will have many opportunities to express themselves as they approach various GP issues, either in written or verbal forms.

By doing so, the lessons will promote opinionated thinking and facilitate the nurturing of Sensible Minds, which is the primary teaching methodology, employed by the GP tutors. As such, students can apply their knowledge and learning experience to examination questions effectively.

Engage in constructive discussions of GP topics

At the initial stage, students of are introduced to GP topics that cover a broad range of areas, like Education, Culture, Science & Technology, and Social Media. Tutors will conduct issue-based discussion with students to help them to understand the significant aspects of every issue. By doing so, students develop the keen observation skills to derive implications from the relevant issues that are mentioned either in Comprehension or Essay questions.

Refine your GP essay writing skills

In addition to the knowledge enrichment aspect, students who join the GP tuition will build up their essay writing skills, which are critical to the attainment of academic excellence for this subject. For the GP essay component, students will pick up positive writing habits and techniques, like introduction setting, paragraph development, perspective derivation, and appropriate usage of examples. The use of sample GP essay questions allows students to apply what they have learnt in class.

Acquire effective GP comprehension answering techniques

On the other hand, our GP tuition will impart students with the essential comprehension writing skills, such that they are adept in handling different short answer questions, summary and the application question (AQ, in short). Students will be exposed to various comprehension passages as they learn to extract relevant information. Also, students will cultivate important answering techniques, like method of inference, use of comparative statements, and the provision of evidence.

Attempt regular and numerous class practices to revise for the examinations

Following the acquisition of GP knowledge and skills, students must practice regularly to hone their abilities progressively. The GP tuition classes feature timed practices to familiarise students with the format of assessment and time constraints, so that they can cope with the stressful conditions of the examination later on. Also, we emphasize extensively on class practices as most students lack the time and commitment to complete adequate questions productively.

Our Tuition

Types of tuition programmes offered at our centre

While specializes in the conduct of GP tuition for JC students, we also offer other complementary subjects that focus on the cultivation of proficient reading, thinking and writing skills, like secondary English tuition. As such, both secondary and JC students can embark on an experiential journey together with our tutors to explore real world issues and develop the skills to tackle different examination questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GeneralPaper - A Level GP Tuition

JC GP Tuition offers JC GP tuition for students who aspire for excellence at the A Level General Paper examination (8807). Our classes are inclined towards the knowledge acquisition and skills development via the use of sample and modified past year practice questions. Through the use of an application-oriented teaching method, students will develop the familiarity and competency to answer GP essays and comprehension questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators - GeneralPaper - O Level English Tuition

Secondary English Tuition

Furthermore, also provides secondary English tuition for students who are gearing up for the O Level English examination (1128). During the lessons, students will build up their answering skills to tackle the written components of the papers, like Comprehension Questions, Continuous Writing, and Situational Writing. Given the complexity and variation of questions for each component, the English tuition programme will offer in-depth discussion and class practices.