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Economics Tutor Justin Ng

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Economics Focus Singapore - Top Economics Tutor Justin Ng

Justin Ng

Sec Economics, English and JC History Tutor

During his study as an undergraduate from National University of Singapore (NUS), Mr. Justin Ng began his teaching journey, seen in terms of the provision of O Level Economics, English and A Level History tuition. Along the way, Justin has developed effective teaching methods to help students to understand the topics better.

As a tutor of Economics Focus, Justin has supported the educational development of secondary and JC students through distinctive learning features, like concise revision notes and acquisition of exam-friendly answering methods. Under his consistent guidance, students have surpassed their perceived limitations and achieved academic excellence in their studies.

Teaching Approach

How Justin nurtures students to become inquisitive and smart learners

Throughout his teaching journey, Justin has developed exam-driven teaching methods to aid students in their study of Economics as they discover the intricacies of concepts and acquire the necessary skillsets to tackle questions. Over time, students will realise the effectiveness of these learning approaches and apply them to their own revision, such that they can realise their study aspirations.

Instructive and progressive learning

Given the diverse learning patterns and starting points of students at the secondary and JC levels, Justin employs a progressive teaching method to enable students to attain mastery of the subject(s). In particular, Justin’s lessons begin with the establishment of strong fundamentals in the concepts and theories.

Application-oriented class practices

In the process of studying a subject, Justin believes that students should adopt an application-driven approach, whereby class practices are emphasized extensively to provide students with the opportunities to ensure what they learnt is useful for examinations. Hence, there are regular practice sessions to achieve the main goal.

Conceptual clarifications and review of student answers

As the study of Economics and other related subjects can appear to be a challenging process for some students, Justin will help to clarify their doubts and misconceptions along the way. Students can seek guidance from Justin as they attempt practice questions and receive feedback on ways to improve their answering approaches.

Educational Development

How Justin supports the educational development of students

Justin advocates an application-based learning, whereby students should approach subjects with the purpose of using what they have learnt to answer exam-type questions. As the content of learning may differ based on the subjects taught, Justin employs varied teaching methods to match the syllabus requirements and ensure that students will attain a firm grasp of the subjects to score at the tests.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Economics Tutor Justin Ng - O Level Economics Tuition

O Level Economics Tuition

Justin will guide students through the study of O Level Economics via the use of past examination questions to help them familiarise with the specific requirements of each component, like Multiple Choice and Structured Questions. He will help students to analyse the Economics issues through case studies, so that they will remember well.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Economics Tutor Justin Ng - O Level English Tuition

O Level English Tuition

Aside from Economics, Justin teaches other subjects, which are focused on the cultivation of proficient writing techniques. In this case, Justin conducts O Level English tuition (1128) to prepare students for the differentiated demands of the examination, like Continuous Writing, Comprehension and Situational Writing.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Economics Tutor Justin Ng - A Level History Tuition

A Level History Tuition

Justin offers H1 History (8821) and H2 History (9752) tuition programmes for JC students who are keen to excel in their studies. During the lessons, Justin will use exam-smart methods to analyse historical developments and show students how to present their logical arguments persuasively and systematically.

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