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The following tables, Table 1 and Table 2, illustrate the economic indicators of two countries, USA and Japan. Analyse the economic data carefully before you answer the questions listed below. 

Economics Tuition - JC Economics CSQ - Real GDP - Table 1

Economics Tuition - JC Economics CSQ - Real GDP - Table 2


(a)(i) According to the data, which country has higher standard of living in 2003? Explain how you arrived at your answer. [2]

(a)(ii) What does the data suggest about the cost of living in Japan compared with n that of United States
from 2000 to 2003. [3]

(b) Using Table 1 and Table 2, how does the economic growth rate of United States differ from that of Japan from 2000 to 2003? [3]

(c) Does the information provided above explain that the standard of living is higher for US citizens? [6]

(d) Use the data provided to discuss the main economic concerns of the US government. [6]


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