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Develop effective essay writing skills

Essentials for students to ace the A Level Economics As a Humanities subject, JC students are expected to utilise their reading and writing abilities to process economics-related information and express clear and coherent arguments to answer the questions. Although it may sound like an intuitive and easy process, JC students may bear the misconceptions that regular practice is not required. Instead, it is of utmost importance for students to reflect on their current writing proficiencies and identify the areas of improvement to raise the quality of answers. In this article, students will learn how to organise their thoughts and pen down their ideas persuasively.

Areas of Consideration

What should students take note of when writing essays? The art of writing can be mastered by JC students if they have the willingness to try. In the context of A Level Economics essay writing, there is a need for students to be familiar with the following points to be prepared adequately for the examination. It is inevitable that students will experience frictions in their efforts to hone their writing. Therefore, we remind students to persevere and seek guidance from experienced tutors.

  1. Explain your points

    One common error that students make is the lack of elaboration. Some students have the tendency to list their ideas without much concern for the explanation. Examiners look out for the details of points that are necessary to substantiate arguments.


  3. Present ideas coherently and clearly

    The skill of conceptualisation and utilization of keywords are important skills that students must acquire during their study of the subject. The congestion of ideas is useful for readers as they will pick up the main points without the need to second-guess what the writer is implying.


  5. Balance your arguments

    An economics essay is considered complete only if students can presents both sides of an argument. Typically, such questions require students to present their answers in response to a given perspective. As such, there is a need to develop the habitual process of looking at a question from varied angles.


  7. Convince the reader

    In contrast to conventional thinking, it is folly for students to list the key points in the arguments without the use of a persuasive tone of writing. The use of connectors and sign-posting are necessary to convince the examiner that your points are valid and logical.

Simon Ng

Founder, JC Economics & General Paper Tutor at Economics Focus
JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng of Economics Focus has been teaching A Level Economics and A Level General Paper since 2003. Simon set up Economics Focus to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence at the examination by providing economics tuition for H1 and H2 students. JC1 and JC2 students are inspired by Simon's clear teaching methods that enabled them to comprehend economics terms and concepts. Simon developed the Rational Thinking methodology to aid students to excel in their JC economics essays and CSQs.