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Economics Focus will clarify your doubts on our Economics Tuition Programme

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section was developed with the consideration of clearing your doubts on any issues relating to our tuition programme, such as the class activities and areas of learning. Should you require further clarification, please contact Simon at 9689 0510 to find out more about Economics Focus.

Do I need to pay for material fees?

No. Tuition fees are inclusive of teaching materials. However, foolscap paper and pens and calculator and other personal writing materials are not provided.

Is there any other fee that I need to pay during registration?

Yes, an administration fee of $20 is charged upon registration. No additional administration fee will be charged if you register for more subjects in future.

Is there any lessons on public holidays?

It will be decided by the tutor-in-charge. There may or may not have lessons during public holidays. Please check with your individual subject tutor for more details.

Are there extra lessons during the school holidays?

Workshops, revision classes will be conducted during school holidays to facilitate learning. Please refer to Intensive Revision for more details.

What can I do if I miss my scheduled lesson?

Please call up the tutor to find out when the make-up lesson can be conducted. Replacement lesson will be done within the discretion of the tutor’s available schedule.

Can I get a refund for the lesson that I have missed?

No refund will be given. Please attend the make-up lesson if you have missed a scheduled class.

I am a current student and I wish to withdraw from the centre, can I get a refund for my remaining lessons?

No refund will be given. We strongly recommend the student to complete all the paid lessons before withdrawing from the tuition centre.

I am doubtful of the learning experience the centre is offering. What can I do?

You can sit in for a trial lesson with us to have a feel of the dynamic learning experience we are offering. There will be no administration charge for a trial lesson. The lesson will be charged at a fee of one lesson for the respective level. If the student wishes to register as our centre student after the trial lesson, an administration fee of $20 applies.

What are the payment terms the centre is accepting?

We accept cash and cheque payment only. Please make payment to Economicsfocus if you are making payment by cheque.

How have your students fared in their past year examination?

For the past ten years since I have started conducting group tuition, the centre has averagely achieved a 90% grade A or grade B for JC Economics at both H1 and H2 level. As for General Paper, there is near 100% pass but the grade varied, depending on the level of language proficiency at enrollment of tuition and their stage of enrollment. Please do speak to Mr.Simon Ng @ 96890510 on this matter if you have more inquiries.

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