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Economics Focus Singapore, conducts secondary and JC tuition programmes that are exam-driven and effective for students to ace the O and A Level examinations respectively. In view of the stark differences in areas of learning and depth of study for O and A Level subjects, the tuition features specific class activities to meet the rigorous demands of the examinations. The lessons are instructional as students are guided by the tutors through the study of topics and practice sessions.

Junior College Tuition

Preparing JC students for real world challenges

The JC tuition classes feature different subjects, like Economics, General Paper and History. In general, the ability to think, reflect, and write is of paramount importance for students to excel at the examinations. The lessons will cover the development of writing techniques to improve the students’ expression of points progressively.

Throughout the JC tuition classes, students are guided by the tutors to explore abstract concepts, issues and topics to strengthen their knowledge comprehension. We also provide students with the opportunities to refine their thinking and answering skills via active class participation.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Tuition Programmes - H1 Economics Tuition

H1 Economics Tuition

For students taking H1 Economics (8823), the tuition pinpoints the cultivation of proficient case study answering skills, such as trend analysis, factor comparison and discussion of economic impacts. These skills are to be applied in the context of economics issues discussed in the given extracts and data.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Tuition Programmes - H2 Economics Tuition

H2 Economics Tuition

As for students who are taking H2 Economics (9757), the lessons will cover both the essay writing and case study answering techniques, which are crucial factors for the attainment of academic success at the examinations. Students will undergo topical re-teaching and knowledge application during class practices.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Tuition Programmes - A Level GP Tuition

GP Tuition

The A Level General Paper (8807) examination will assess a student’s ability to reflect on real world issues, like the social and economic impacts of technological advancement, and express arguments in cogent and clear ways. Students will engage in discussions with the tutors to apply their knowledge to exam questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Tuition Programmes - A Level History Tuition

History Tuition

For students taking either H1 History (8821) or H2 History (9752), the lessons will impart them with the skills to analyze unseen historical text and extract out essential ideas to interpret the information critically. Knowledge application is carried out through essay writing and source based case study questions.

Secondary Tuition

Nurturing inquisitive learners

The secondary tuition programmes, like Economics and English, will teach students to process information effectively by using proven study methods. The lessons feature class activities that broaden the students’ knowledge of what they have learnt at school and demonstrate the applicability of information to exam-type questions. Also, references to industrial applications in various professions and real world examples will prove useful in bridging the gap between ‘textbook-based’ knowledge and actual uses.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Tuition Programmes - O Level English Tuition

O Level English Tuition

The O Level English (1128) tuition will improve the student’s ability to process information from various types of visual and written text and express ideas in clear and appropriate styles of writing. Students will learn how to tackle different question types, like situational writing, visual text comprehension and continuous writing.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Hub - Tuition Programmes - O Level Economics Tuition

O Level or IGCSE Economics Tuition

The GCE O Level Economics (2281/2286) or IGCSE Economics (0455) tuition programmes will help students in Singapore and international schools to prepare for the examinations. The lessons feature topical enrichment and class practices for MCQs, Data Response Questions (DRQs) and Essay Questions.

Intensive Revision

Gearing up for the exams

When the examinations are just around the corner, students should adjust their pace and method of learning to be prepared adequately. For school-based common tests and year-end examinations (such as the JC1 Promotional and JC2 A Level exams), they are held after the week- or month-long school holidays.

As such, we strongly advise students to make full use of their time to correct their errors, revise concepts, and practise questions extensively. Our intensive revision programmes will address the key concerns of students and make their learning more productive, so that they have time to revise other subjects as well.

Essay Writing Skills

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Tuition Programmes - Essay Writing Skills Training

In preparation for the Economics examination, students will be trained to develop important essay writing skills, such as paragraph development, outline planning, dialectical thinking, and analysis of factors. Sample essays are featured in class to demonstrate how these skills are applied in step-by-step ways.

Case Study Skills

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Tuition Programmes - Economics Case Study

CSQ application involves the understanding of economic data and extracts as well as the interpretation and analysis of information. As such, the revision programmes are oriented towards the use of specific skillsets, like trend analysis, to different question types, based on the mark allocation.

Diagram Illustration

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Tuition Programmes - Economics Diagram Drawing

In the context of O and A Level Economics, students must learn how to draw economic diagrams and interpret them accordingly to answer the questions. During the revision classes, students will attempt to draw various diagrams and receive feedback on ways to improve their illustration and process explanation.

Topical Teaching

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Tuition Programmes - Topical Teaching

As students may have knowledge gaps and fragmentation of ideas, the topical re-teaching classes held during the revision phase are effective in addressing this setback. Every topical teaching class features a specific chapter, like International Trade, National Income Accounting, and Cost of Production.

Class Practices

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Tuition Programmes - Class Practices

Following the comprehensive coverage of content, students will attempt timed practices to assess their competency. These practices are emphasized extensively in our tuition programmes as many students do not allocate much time on individual practices to eradicate the frictions of knowledge application.


When are the classes held?

In view of the hectic schedule for secondary and JC students, Economics Focus has introduced tuition programmes with alternative time-slots to facilitate the ease of arrangement. It is important for students to be aware that the schedule may be subjected to changes, thus we advise all to refer to the attachments for the latest version.