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Hear what our students say about Economicsfocus which have provided Economics tuition at our Bukit Timah and Bishan branches.

At Economicsfocus, we are proud of our students for their achievements in A Level Economics for the past years. We are pleased that our Economics Tuition have been effective in helping the students improve and excel. We thank them for their acknowledgements of our A Level Economics Tutors for the efforts and development that we have put in for our Economics Tuition Bishan centre. Join us and be part of this rewarding and educational experience, where consistent academic support is provided and ensured. Call Simon at 96890510 for more information on Economics Tuition at Bishan.

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Felicia Tan

JC Economics has always been a daunting subject for me so I decided to consult Simon to help pull up my grades. I felt that his Economics Tuition lessons were engaging and interesting as he made an effort to integrate real life examples into lessons which help perked my interest in Economics. Furthermore, the concise JC Economics Notes provided were effective in helping me grasp the content quickly. Thank you, JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng!

Felicia Tan Raffles Institution, 2015 A Level H2 Economics
Kim Jun Hyung

I joined Economicsfocus in June of my J2, where i was struggling with my economics. I felt that i was quite good with my concepts, but i just could not understand why i was not doing well in my exams. I joined Simon, where first he polished my concepts, and also showed and trained my application and thinking skills, which was the crucial part for my A levels. Under him, i managed to get hundreds of Economic Notes, and also tons of essay practice which brushed up my writing skills and also allowed me to get direct feedbacks and almost immediately clarifying my misconceptions or mistakes. Although i have only gotten a B, it is still a huge improvement for me during the few months. Thank you Simon for teaching me essential and practical skills of question approach and thinking skills, allowing me to secure a distinction for my H2 economics. Also, thank you Simon for giving us many insights about the world, which has really benefited me and making me more informed about the world, also making me more prepared for my future outside of just A level examinations. Guys, join now or regret!

Kim Jun HyungSerangoon JC, 2015 A Level H2 Economics
Maxcy Koh Yin Yin

I joined EconomicsFocus in J2 due to my horrendous Economics results since the start of my JC life. Even though I started late, I was able to grasp more concepts and understand more about the subject after the Intensive Revision with very concise and helpful notes. Simon has really taught me a lot, not only in terms of Economics content, but also in terms of expanding my knowledge about the world. This has really benefited me a lot in moulding my future which I have to sincerely thank him for. Thanks Simon!

Maxcy Koh Yin YinSerangoon JC, 2015 A Level H2 Economics
Lee Phin Seng

Simon is one of the most engaging tutors i have met in my schooling life. As he has taught tuition for a long time, he understands most of the problems faced by Economics students, and he tackles their questions readily. In a short span of 1 month, I jumped from a consistent U grade in school, to achieving an A for my A levels. I would highly recommend attending his lessons as it is enriching.

Lee Phin SengSerangoon JC, 2014 A Level H2 Economics
Joel Long

Personally, I felt Simon’s lessons were not only productive and fruitful, but were also highly engaging which enabled me to develop an interest in Economics at JC level. Each of his lessons were crafted with my interests in mind, and he manages to capture the essence of each economics topic in a clear and concise manner, helping me achieve an A in my GCE A level H2 Economics paper to get into the Uni course of my dreams.

Joel LongSerangoon JC, 2014 A Level H2 Economics
Amanda Ong, Chiew Wei Ling

Our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has guided us in our preparation for the A Level Economics examination. At Economicsfocus, his Economics Tuition classes were enriching, in which JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays were provided to help us build our confidence when taking examinations. His CSQ and Essay Writing intensive revision classes were most helpful as we could better understand the concepts and then apply it in exam questions.

Amanda Ong, Chiew Wei LingSerangoon Junior College, 2014 Examination
Xin Ying

Thank you, my JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, for all your efforts in helping me excel in my A Level Economics examination. In my opinion, joining Economicsfocus has been the right choice for me as I cleared my doubts and gained much confidence in taking this new subject in JC. One of the many problems i faced during my study was not being able to finish my essays on time. Fortunately, Simon has helped me tackle this problem with ease. During his Economics Tuition, Simon provided me with many opportunities to attempt in-class practices that seek to improve my time management skills. Also, using his JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays, i could answer the A Level Economics questions and achieve desirable grades.

Besides, Simon is an inspiring JC Economics Tutor, who is willing to clarify all my doubts, even after Economics Tuition classes. I am thankful for his dedication as a tutor. I am certain that other students who have experienced this journey at Economicsfocus would agree that they have benefited much and improved tremendously. Once again, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Simon.

Xin YingNanyang Junior College, 2014 Examination
Mah Yi Hui

Economicsfocus has helped me prepare for A Level Economics. During the Economics Tuition classes, our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng provides exam-oriented JC Economics Notes, JC Economics Essays and CSQs that aid me for revision. I enjoyed his economics intensive revision, especially the JC Economics Skills Development Workshop. Simon’s dedication as a JC Economics Tutor could be seen by his efforts in trying to guide every student in his study for the examination. He also went beyond the role as a tutor by providing advice on time management and exam preparation, so as to enhance our revision.  It has been an enriching and educational journey. Thank you, Simon!

Mah Yi HuiSerangoon Junior College, 2014 Examination
Rachel Loh, Lee Sing Ying, Foo Jia Ling

At Economicsfocus, our JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has provided us with exam-oriented JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays that aided us in our preparation for the A Level Economics examination. His economics tuition classes are enjoyable and enriching, such that we could understand the economics concepts that were difficult to grasp on our own. Under his guidance, we have done well for the examinations. Do join Economicsfocus, if you want to excel in JC Economics!

Rachel Loh, Lee Sing Ying, Foo Jia LingSerangoon Junior College, 2014 Examination
Joel Chung

Initially, i was unsure how to study for A Level Economics. After signing up for Economics Tuition at Economicsfocus, I could attempt the JC Economics Essays and CSQs confidently and excel in them. Thank you, my JC Economics tutor Simon Ng, for your guidance.

Joel ChungSerangoon Junior College, 2014 Examination

Learning Economics has never been easier after i joined Economicsfocus, which provides specialized Economics Tuition for students taking A Level Economics. It was a fantastic and enriching experience for me as I grapsed the concepts well through Simon’s timely usage of real-life examples to complement my learning of JC Economics at his Economics Tuition classes. In addition, my JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng organized various events, such as the CSQ Skills Development Workshop at SMU, which aided in my preparation for the year-end examination. He also provided JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays that were useful. You should consider joining Economicsfocus if you want to be inspired by his dedication as a JC Economics Tutor, whom always strives to unleash the potential in every student.

VincentSaint Andrew’s Junior College, 2013 Examination
Lee Ming Jun

Initially, I was unsure how to study for Economics. There was so much to remember and I faced difficulties grasping the concepts. Once I started attending JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng’s Economics Tuition classes at Economicsfocus, I was better equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to apply in the A Level Economics examination. His Economics Tuition classes were helpful as his exam-friendly JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays practice questions streamlined my June Economics Intensive Revision process, such that I no longer had to worry about spending too much time on a single subject. Furthermore, his explanation was easy to understand and the provision of real life examples supplemented my understanding in various Economics concepts. I am thankful for Simon’s constant reminder to study smart, which enabled me to score a B at the 2013 A Levels Economics Examination.

Lee Ming JunAnderson Junior College, B in H2 Economics for 2013 Examination
Reynard Tan

Attempting A Level Economics seemed like a daunting task, considering the fact that I did not take the Junior College route. However, after I started attending Simon’s Economics Tuition classes at Economicsfocus, scoring in the ‘A’ Level examinations was attainable. Although I started the Economics Final Intensive Revision classes only a month before the actual A Level Economics examination, I scored an A. This was no mere coincidence as my achievement was undoubtedly attributed to Simon’s exam-friendly materials and methodology. His Economics Tuition lessons were easy to understand and the pace was manageable. JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng also guided me in preparing for the examinations, in areas on how to study and how to plan my time well. Economicsfocus is the right place to go to for Economics Tuition, if you want to achieve sterling results in Economics. Thank you, JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng for being an inspirational guidance!

Reynard TanPrivate Candidate, Polytechnic Graduate, A in H2 Economics for 2013 Examination
Shuan Ler

I started attending Simon’s Economics Tuition classes only in JC2 when I realised how terrible my grasp of all the A Level Economic concepts I had to master truly were. Tutorials and lectures in school left me confused and I constantly felt lost when I studied in preparation for tests and examinations.

My JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng helped me tremendously after attending his June Intensive Economics Revision. His JC Economics Notes were always easy to understand and the practices he gave us were effective as well. He broke down the Economics concepts that were originally too difficult to absorb by relating them back to real world situations – something I really appreciated. In that manner, not only did I see the usefulness of the subject. During the June Intensive Economics Revision, I also picked up relevant examples that helped to boost the quality of my JC Economics essays and Economics CSQ answers greatly. Passing an A Level Economics paper was always considered to be a “miracle” for me and scoring an A at the 2013 A Level Economics simply seemed unattainable. But with Simon’s constant encouragement and guidance, what seemed unattainable became a goal within reach in the final weeks leading up to the As. With his years of valuable teaching experience, you can definitely trust Simon to help you attain the grade you desire through his Economics Tuition programme.

Shuan LerTemasek Junior College, 2013 Examination
Chew Xing Kai

Due to my poor command of language, my GP grades were atrocious; I received S for my first common test and E on the next. For Economics, the grade was decent, but I was still unable to consistently achieve even a B grade on my tests and exams. After joining Economics Tuition with Economicsfocus, Mr. Ng has helped me by providing a clear structure for writing essays for Economics and effective application skills in my CSQ examination for A Level Economics. As for GP, his GP skills development for comprehension and essay writing was very useful in improving my thinking and writing acumen. The notes for both subjects were also very exam-oriented and resourceful and outshone the notes provided by my school. My JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has been an amazing mentor. He did not hesitate to arrange extra lessons to teach us techniques to tackle all sorts of questions and often taught us things that were out of syllabus but useful for us to display our knowledge to the examiners. Simon was also really concerned for his students and called each of us up before our exams to resolve any last minute problems. Thanks to Economicsfocus, I achieved A in the 2013 A Level Economics and B in A Level General Paper.

Chew Xing KaiRaffles Institution, 4 Distinctions in 2013 Examination
See Kok Hong

I was quite weak when I enrolled for Economics tuition and GP Tuition with Economicsfocus but JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has given me many ideas and studying tips on how I should prepare for my studies for A Level Economics. In my two years of studies in Innova Junior College, he has made my studies for Economics easier and productive. His Economics Tuition lessons are done with clear explanation and extensive practices that enable me to better prepare for the A Level Economics examination. The JC Economics Notes given by him in his Economics Tuition are extensive and very useful in preparing for examination. I am also very grateful for his advice which has motivated me to overcome the difficulties in the two years of my studies and spurred me for further development. Thank you, Mr. Ng for your teaching and guidance.

See Kok HongInnova Junior College, has attained 4 Distinction in 2012 examination
Brandon Hoe

At the start, I was unsure how to prepare for A Level Economics. I felt that the concepts were difficult to grasp and there were many diagrams to remember. Fortunately, after joining Economics Tuition at Economicsfocus, I was more confident in preparing for Economics. JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng’s Economics Tuition classes were well-structured and he provided many useful exam-friendly notes. I was given many opportunities to practise my JC Economics essay writing skills and soon, I noticed my writing has improved. I could finish my essays on time. I am grateful for Simon’s advice. He was not only effective in making abstract Economics concepts simple to understand, but had also helped me improve my time management skills. Indeed his Economics Tuition was the cause for me to score A in H2 Economics.

Brandon HoeAnglo-Chinese Junior College, A in H2 Economics for 2012 Examination
Amanda Law and Mrs Law

Economics, being a new subject, felt foreign to me and I was struggling to grasp the concepts and techniques. Under Mr Ng’s guidance during his Economics Tuition classes, I was able to able better understand the requirements of the subject and hence more capable in tackling the questions. His Economics Tuition lessons are not only helpful but also enjoyable as he incorporates interesting pieces of current affairs or news that are relevant to Economics throughout the class. If you want great result, I would definitely recommend JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng at Economicsfocus

Amanda Law and Mrs LawRaffles Institution, 4 Distinctions in 2012 examination
Daniel Lim Si Yuan

JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has provided me a very structured and systematic learning experience in his Economics Tuition, enabling me to excel in my A level examination. His Economics Tuition lessons are interesting with ample examples to make the study of Economics a meaningful and less frictional experience. There are JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays to make me more prepared for the A Level Economics examination. The Economics Tuition provided by JC Economics Tutor, Mr. Simon Ng, has been a rewarding and fruitful experience.

Daniel Lim Si YuanRaffles Institution
Ambrose Lim, Belle Lim, Sheminder Dhillion

At Economicsfocus, we receive help and guidance to do well for our examination. JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng has also provided us with many valuable advices on our studies and personal development in his Economics Tuition classes. He has been an inspirational JC Economics tutor.

Ambrose Lim, Belle Lim, Sheminder DhillionTampines Junior College, 2012 examination