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Gu Yahui Rose

National University of Singapore
Political Science, Masters
July 28, 2017

What did you learn from the Internship Programme?

Frankly speaking, I have benefited a lot from the three-month internship program, which equipped me with pivotal professional knowledge and skills. Above all, I initially learned how to conduct social media campaigns via SEO.

Moreover, I also attained opportunities to further hone my writing skills to engage readers through blog articles writing.

Furthermore, I explored the two crucial industries in Singapore–education and renovation industries by carrying out market research for the client-related projects.

Lastly, I developed content for the eLearning platform.

What did you enjoy about the Internship Programme?

For one thing, I feel really grateful that my boss has provided me with such a precious opportunity to work for SG Solutions Hub. Here, under the guidance of my boss and supervisor, I developed insights into education and renovation industries. My boss and supervisor are always willing to pass on their rich experience to us; whenever I have questions, they are ready to answer them with great patience; most importantly, they tolerate our errors, as long as we have learned from our past experience.

For another, it is indeed lucky for me to know my fellow interns. I will never forget the three months we spent together in the office, making discussions, exchanging ideas and striving towards the collective goal. I will never forget the relaxing and refreshing moments when we joked and laughed during the breaks. Needless to say, it is our team spirit and friendship which render my stay at SG Solutions Hub so valuable, that will definitely make me smile whenever I swim in the oceans of memories.

Any advice for students seeking internships?

make your decisions based on your interest and strengths. Spend some time to think what makes you excited, enthusiastic and distinguished from others.

On the one hand, make your decisions based on your interest and strengths. Spend some time to think what makes you excited, enthusiastic and distinguished from others.

On the other hand, grasp every opportunity to learn and improve. Don’t be shy to ask questions or making errors. Learn from your seniors and colleagues, whether their knowledge, professional skills or personalities. Take time to reflect on your job—what you did well enough, and what you can make progress in later.

Simon Ng

Founder, JC Economics & General Paper Tutor at Economics Focus
JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng of Economics Focus has been teaching A Level Economics and A Level General Paper since 2003. Simon set up Economics Focus to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence at the examination by providing economics tuition for H1 and H2 students. JC1 and JC2 students are inspired by Simon's clear teaching methods that enabled them to comprehend economics terms and concepts. Simon developed the Rational Thinking methodology to aid students to excel in their JC economics essays and CSQs.
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