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O Level Economics Tuition

Creating an exam-driven learning experience

Apart from the provision of A Level Economics tuition, Economics Focus also supports the learning development of secondary students, who are preparing for their GCE O Level or IGCSE examinations. Our tuition programmes have been created with the primary consideration of equipping students with the skillsets and knowledge to interpret economic data and explain the implication of economic issues.

By being part of this educational journey, you will discover the marvels of Economics, seen in terms of its applicability, like in the daily life context. Under the close guidance of the Economics tutors, you will learn how to think critically and write concisely, in order to meet the demands of the examinations.

About our Sec Economics Tuition Programme

What we do during O Level Economics tuition?

The O Level Economics tuition programme is organised into two main areas of study. First, students are taught the basics of Economics as structured by the syllabus content. The establishment of fundamentals is facilitated by the knowledge application to practice questions during our lessons.

Second, there is knowledge integration across chapters to synergise the understanding of Economic concepts and its applications with exam-type questions. The latter is of much importance as students may lack the experience to connect the dots and identify the areas of assessment.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Economics Tuition - Conceptual Understanding_1

Conceptual understanding of Economics

At the initial stage of learning, we will lay the groundwork for students by examining the basic concepts of Economics, such as the attainment of market equilibrium and contributing factors that affect the changes in price and output. These topical teaching lessons will help students to understand abstract concepts and issues.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Economics Tuition - Multiple Choice Questions

Thorough practice of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

As one of the three main question types for O Level Economics, the MCQ segment is the easiest to score for students. This means that our class practices will feature a vast pool of questions for students to practise. Also, the tutors will demonstrate exam-smart methods to answer MCQs, like the method of elimination.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Economics Tuition - Data Response Questions

Organized study of Data Response Questions (DRQs)

The second element of the examination involves the DRQs, which features unseen text and economic data. The tuition programme will aid students in their development of data extraction, interpretation and analytical skills. They will learn to organise their answers and develop the awareness on the suitable length of elaboration.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Economics Tuition - Structured Essay Questions

Knowledge application for Structured Essay Questions

The third aspect of the assessment relates to the structured essay questions, which contains parts from various chapters. During the economics tuition, students will learn how to identify the chapters tested and source of information to extract and answer the essay questions.

Economics Focus Singapore - SGEducators Secondary Economics Tuition - Cross Chapter Synthesis

Cross-chapter synthesis of economics knowledge for exam preparation

In preparation for the O Level Economics examination, students are taught to synergise what they have learnt from various chapters to answer exam questions. Cross-chapter knowledge integration is achieved by comprehending the relation of economic concepts and drawing the linkages with practice questions.

Class Schedule

When are the IGCSE and GCE O Level Economics tuition classes?

The classes are structured by separate terms to ensure that students can manage the pace of learning, while building up their knowledge and skills to ace the examinations. These lessons will commence with the coverage of topical content enrichment by examining specific chapters, followed by practice questions (Multiple Choice, Data Response and Essay Questions).

Why join our Economics Tuition?

Benefits of the Economics tuition

Students who join Economics Focus will gain from the experience tremendously as they not only acquire economics knowledge, but also exam techniques to tackle different questions. Our tutors have identified common learning setbacks, like the lack of practice that led to the inability to express the relevant points to answer the questions.

Become proficient in interpretation of economic trends and data

The study of Economics involves precise answering techniques, like data extraction and interpretation of economic issues. These skills are acquired and refined through numerous and consistent practice. Therefore, our lessons are instructional in facilitating this process of skills development.

Understand economic issues from multiple perspectives

Although O Level Economics do not require in-depth study of Economics and its implications as compared to A Level Economics, students taking the former are still expected to comprehend the significance of concepts and how they are applied in the decision-making processes of consumers, producers and governments.

Evaluate and analyse economic impacts systematically

The cultivation of evaluative and analytical skills requires thorough examination of economics issues in an organized manner. This means that our economics tuition classes are geared towards the training of analytical minds, whereby students are encouraged to speak their minds as they piece together the contributing factors.

GCE O Level / IGCSE Economics Syllabus (2281/2286/0455)

Know what is required for the examination

For those who are unaware, GCE O Level and IGCSE Economics are similar in nature and content of assessment, even though they have different subject codes. The examination format involves two papers, namely the Multiple Choice (Paper 1) and Structured Questions (Paper 2).

Our economics tuition will value-add the learning experience by going beyond the mere introduction of examination formats. Instead, tutors will interpret the recent trends and show students how to better prepare for their tests and final examination. Therefore, many students have benefited from this learning approach as they are prepared for the uncertainties adequately.

Develop economic acumen to explain abstract concepts

As the O Level Economics syllabus content involves Economic concepts that may seem unfamiliar and difficult to understand, our classes will break down the concepts and use easy-to-remember examples to facilitate the comprehension process. By understanding the key terms, students will develop the acumen to explain these concepts confidently and correctly.

Organise your answers to meet examination requirements

For students who aspire to ace the examinations, they must know how to organise their answers for the DRQs and essays. For instance, an organised essay question requires a clear introduction, main body with points in separate paragraphs and a conclusion. For the DRQs, the answer structure depends on the question type, like diagram illustration and factor identification.

Apply exam-smart strategies to apply economics knowledge effectively

The attainment of academic success at the Economics examination is made possible through the appropriate answering techniques. Students who join our programmes will be equipped with the knowledge and methods to tackle questions effectively. For example, students are taught to do outline setting and perspective development before they start to write the economics structured essays.

Hear from our Students

Realise your academic dreams

Our tutors are glad to share the successes of students who have benefited from our O Level Economics tuition programmes. It is through their dedication and utmost determination to overcome all odds that enabled such positive outcomes. We invite you to read through and gain a better understanding of their personal experiences to find out how our classes have proven to be effective for all students, regardless of their starting points.

Excel in your Economics examinations

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O Level Economics Tuition
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