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JC Tuition Singapore

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JC Tuition Singapore makes upon of our three level specific educational portals that bring together prominent tuition centres such as Economics Focus, into a single, centralised platform. Through this platform, students as well as parents will be able to sign up for tuition classes as well as find useful educational materials and E-learning programmes to supplement and enhance their learning abilities.

Tuition Portals

Shaping The Way We Learn

JC Tuition Singapore is part of our level specific education portal, and together with or region specific and subject specific portals, they form an extensive and integrated network of educational portals under SGEducators which strives to consolidate all things education under one portal. Students will find our learning portal especially helpful to them as it contains relevant and useful information for every student.

Education News

Economics Focus - JC Tuition Singapore - Education News_1

The education news feature on JC Tuition Singapore is a way for students to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings surrounding the JC education scene in Singapore. It also serves as an avenue for them to find out how such changes serve to affect them. News articles are contributed by tutors of Economics Focus as well as industry experts so as to provide students with varied perspectives.

Career and Academic Guidance

Economics Focus - JC Tuition Singapore - Career and Academic Guidance

JC Tuition Singapore is proud to offer students of Economics Focus career and academic guidance. Tutors of Economics Focus as well as our other tuition centres are trained to give students career advice so as to provide them with a sense of direction and meaning. We also strive to organise career fairs and talks to help students discover their interests.

Junior College Tuition

Pioneering Excellence In Tuition Programmes

JC Tuition Singapore offers plenty of tuition programmes covering a range of subjects and each programme is designed with the needs of the students in mind. Tuition programmes such as the ones from Economics Focus are structured in ways to help optimize and maximise the learning capabilities of students. Tuition Programmes are not confined within the classrooms, instead tutors are actively working together to hold workshops, seminars and many other activities on top of normal classroom lessons to broaden their horizons.

Economics Focus - JC Tuition Singapore - A level Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition

JC Tuition Singapore offers economics tuition programmes from Economics Focus for students taking the subject at the A levels. At Economics Focus, students will undergo specially designed classes to help them strengthen their core knowledge of economic concepts while at the same time developing their skills in essay writing and case study questions. All of these are done through regular class practice sessions where tutor will help students identify their weak areas so that they can improve upon it.

A Level Syllabus

Everything You Need to Know about A Levels

JC Tuition Singapore has a dedicated section explaining syllabus requirements, analysis and updates for A level subjects to students and parents in a concise and easily digestible manner so that they will be able to keep pace with what the syllabus requires of them. Students of Economics Focus can read up on the A Level Syllabus on this page so as to get a better understanding of its requirements.

Economics Focus - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Economics Syllabus

A Level Economics Syllabus

Economics Focus conducts H1 and H2 economics tuition classes to prepare JC1 and JC2 students well for the examinations. For H2 Economics, the examination will feature both essays and case study questions (also known as CSQs, in short). In contrast, H1 Economics will only feature CSQs. Given these differences in format, the lessons will be planned and conducted in ways to ensure that students can cover the important aspects of content and application skills based on the syllabus requirements.