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Diagram Illustration

Show the changes in economic conditions with diagrams

For many Economics essay, diagram illustration is a tried and true method to depict certain policies to readers. Such illustration transforms words to pictures, enabling readers to understand the economics mechanism through visual cues. Diagram illustrations are necessary to substantiate the economic impacts and policy evaluations by showing the intricate changes, such as the attainment of market equilibrium, otherwise difficult to explain in prose form.

Excel in Questions with Diagram Illustrations

Learn how to depict the economic conditions clearly for questions that require economic diagram illustrations.

Many students find themselves facing much difficulty in illustrating diagrams because of its complexities. This is true as a single economic diagram can be split into many parts, all of which students must have understanding in. Therefore, only with practice, can students condition themselves to draw economic models efficiently and effectively. An exposure to economic diagrams is also crucial because students become familiarised with the diagrams and adapted to draw them with ease.

    1. Know when an economic diagram is required to answer certain questions

      Foremost, you must be able to interpret the question requirements correctly. Some questions merely require economic causation and analysis while others require models to visualise examples of economic implications. Policies such as monetary and fiscal require the use of Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply diagram analysis to depict the movement of the country’s demand and supply when the policies are implemented.


    1. Draw your economic diagram systematically to minimise errors

      To start your diagram illustration, it is important that you draw the curves in organised ways. For example, for demand and supply analysis, you should draw the initial demand and supply curves first. Avoid drawing all the curves together. In addition, sketch your curves in pencil to allow the ease of modifications in your diagram illustration.

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