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Overcoming Difficulties in Case Study Questions at Economics Focus – Kai Jie

I enjoyed the lessons that featured case studies on Economics issues that took place around the world. I learnt how to relate the impacts of these economic issues to Singapore.

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A Tutor, A Friend, A Mentor – Tuition Testimonial by Lester

As a mentor, Simon shares his wealth of knowledge, be it in the humanities or general matters. His guidance has helped to prepare me for what the working world has to offer in the near future.

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Developing Proficiency in Writing: Brandon Yeo

Mr Simon has guided me to become more aware of real life issues that I may encounter in the future, such as job-related challenges and the growing cost of living.

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Government Regulation

How can governments regulate price and output?

Governments play an integral role in the free market economy. It’s purpose lies in the regulation of price and output through implementing laws and regulations in order to prevent market failure, protect the environment and ensure that an economy is  sustainable. Examiners like to test students on how well they understand the roles and responsibilities a government has in the economy as well as on their ability to suggest and improve upon current regulations to better handle economic ills.

Price Discrimination

In our economics tuition, this jc economics note provides a good understanding on the concept of price discrimination and the three degrees of price discrimination. What is price discrimination? Examine price setting behaviour of firms In technical terms, price...

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