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Intensive Revision

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Economics Focus – Economics Tuition – Intensive Revision

Our intensive revision for economics tuition will be conducted during March holidays, June Holidays, July, August and October. The classes focus on quick revision of Economics principles and concepts to help JC Economics students consolidate their knowledge before examination. Our jc economics tuition will also place emphasis in giving our students many attempts on a great range of questions so as to enhance their adaption to examination and reduce their apprehension during examination. Exam techniques on application skills and thinking skills for JC Economics CSQ and JC Economics essays writing will be taught to help students reduce their errors and improve their proficiency during examination.

CALL Simon at 96890510 to sign up for JC Economics Intensive Revision. Lessons will be managed by the principal JC Economics tutor from Economics Focus and are held at our Economics Tuition centre.

Economics Focus – Economics Tuition – Skills Development Workshop

Please feel free to browse through our YouTube videos on Economics tuition for the skills development workshop held at SMU.