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Economics Tuition Singapore

How we teach economics tuition in Singapore

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We teach in an exam-oriented approach, by going through jc economics model essays. We use a structural approach as well, by sample model essays for emulations, CSQ practices and discussion with sample answer. We teach through reflective discussion, so that students are exposed to knowledge about economics knowledge are applied and learnt. We teach to induce thinking as we seek to nurture students in their application.

What We Focus

What are the main areas of learning in our economics tuition for JC students in Singapore

Joining our economics tuition by Economics Focus, JC students will be taught about the economics framework of Singapore, Asia economics, emerging economies, China and Western economies. Students will be exposed to learning in five main areas to raise competency for the GCE A level examination. In these lessons, students will be taught on the following five areas to ensure that they have necessary skills and knowledge to answer the questions effectively, correctly and quickly to excel for the GCE A level examination.

Economics Tuition Singapore - Economics Case Study Questions

Case Study Skills

Case study skills are very important for students because it has a high weightage in the school and national examinations. Thus we aim to teach our students how to understand, interpret, analyse and evaluate the different sources by going through our many class practices. Students will be taught on the proper and effective ways on how to apply information from the extracts and apply to the questions to score full marks for respective questions.

Economics Tuition Singapore - Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing Skills

The development of essay writing skills is essential as it is heavily tested in the economics paper. Here we do so by having students practice writing in class and by providing students with model essays so that they can emulate and learn from it to better their skills. Students will be taught on how to understand the requirements of the questions, develop structure for the essay, develop proper causation based on economics principles and illustrate proper graphs to satisfy the requirements of the question to excel for the Essay Paper for GCE A level examination.

Economics Tuition Singapore - Topical Teaching

Topical Teaching

Tutors focus on topical teaching to build up the knowledge of students in a step by step manner. Students will also learn at a speed that they will be comfortable with for better understanding and learning. This topical enrichment focuses on the understanding of economic principles and items and the application of these knowledge for the essay writing and case study papers. The teaching enlightening students’ capacity to see how respective chapters of knowledge are integrated to answer questions set in GCE A level examination.

Economics Tuition Singapore - Economics Diagram Illustration

Diagram Illustration

There is a need for students to be able to draw diagrams to better explain and substantiate their arguments. Thus our centre emphasises on the understanding and mastering of economic graphs and how to present them correctly. The illustration are taught in a way that students will know how to link the economic causation to diagram to support their answer in essay writing or case study questions.

Economics Tuition Singapore - Free Class Practices

Free Class Practices

Economics tuition classes are replete with class practices to ensure students are able to recall their concepts even under exam conditions. During this time, tutors will also evaluate students abilities and provide feedback to help students improve. This Free class test and practices aim to nurture students’ adaptation to examination and understand the frictions and problems in writing essays and doing case study questions.

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What our economics tuition will teach about the Singapore economy

It is important for JC students to understand the Singapore economy as this is part of knowledge that will be tested for essay writing and case study. In our economics tuition, we make efforts in educating our students on the features of Singapore’s economy on an empirical basis and its relation to examination. This background is of great importance in helping them to better answer their questions in examination, especially for CSQs.

Economic Performance - Economics Tuition Singapore

How we use economic indicators to understand the economic performance of the country

In our economics tuition, the meaning of the economic indicators and the ways how these economic indicators are used will be taught. Economics indicators that explain the economic performance of SIngapore in the areas like economic growth, unemployment rate, price stability and external equilibrium while other economic indicators can help to explain the competitiveness of the economy, the productivity of the economy and in areas like standard of living. Students will be taught how we can write an evaluation of the economy of Singapore when they have learnt more about the significance of these economics which are part of the teaching of JC Economics syllabus for GCE A level.

Economic Features - Economics Tuition Singapore

More understanding about the economic features of the Singapore economy

In our lessons, JC students will also have a comprehensive understanding of the economics features of Singapore through our lessons where the application will be seen in how you will answer the case study questions. The features will include how our economy is oriented towards the high-valued and accelerated technological development. We can observe how the country is highly dependent on the external aspect of economic development and its trade dependency and reliance. These insights will be achieved through discussion over the various videos and articles given to students for reading, reflection of essay and articles done by the JC students and insight intellectual reflection during our lessons.

Economic Policies - Economics Tuition Singapore

How economic policies are conducted to manage Singapore

Our Economics tuition also discusses the economics policies with the focus on the mechanism on how they will be conducted in Singapore and its effectiveness. Singapore has been focusing on the use of the exchange rate management policies as the pivotal policy due to its nature of reliance on external demand and high degree of reliance on trade for economic growth. In seeking to achieve sustained economic growth, there is also a greater emphasis on supply side management policy. For short term economic growth, the understanding on how monetary and fiscal policy are used and constrained by the nature of the economy enables JC students to have a comprehensive know on how Singapore government manages the economy. The knowledge about the various types of policies are critical in helps students understand how our policies are conducted to meet the global economic challenges.

Economics Tuition Singapore
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