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Economics Tuition: Discuss the view that a large increase in national income is often but not always desirable Understand how national income can affect the economy Discuss the view that a large increase in national income is...
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Economics Tuition: How can Singapore overcome her economic constraints to achieve sustainable economic growth?

The measures adopted by the government has helped Singapore to achieve sustainable economic growth as it has raised actual production and expanded production...
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Economics Tuition: Explain why inflation can remain high despite a slowdown in economic growth in Singapore

Singapore experienced a quarterly growth rate of -0.7% from April to June 2012. However during the same period, inflation rate remained high at about 5%....
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Economic Growth

What Is Economic Growth?

Economic growth is defined as the increase in an economy’s capacity to produce more goods and services. It is often measured in terms of GNP (Gross National Product) or GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This topic usually requires students to understand the factors that give rise to economic growth in an economy as well as identify the repercussions of economic growth to an economy and its related entities.