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Examine the effectiveness of Economic measurements in determining SOL

The ultimate goal of all governments is to improve the general standard of living (SOL) of its population. Discuss the extent to which a government can assess that its goal to improve the general standard of living of its population has been achieved. [13]

Question Requirements

What you need to know to attempt this essay question?

This question touches on the different methods of SOL assessment and the extent of accuracy and reliability of such assessments. You will need to identify the quantitative assessments such as real GDP per capita and the qualitative assessments such as HDI and MEW before explaining the manner of which SOL is assessed. There is also a needed emphasis on the effectiveness of such assessments and the extent of failure in measuring SOL improvements.


  • National Income Accounting
  • Economic Indicators

Knowledge Application

How to apply the knowledge to your exam preparation?

With the video serving as a guide, you will comprehend the question requirements and have an outlook of the essay approach. You will then draft out your outline with regards to the one provided in the video and attempt to write an essay that follows your outline. Do take note that you should give yourself an allowance of 25 mins to complete the essay.

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